Reviews for Mythos
MalasLaBro chapter 4 . 11/29/2015
Thank you
I feel my day brighten up a few notes
FlyingBlueSnow chapter 1 . 8/30/2015
This is awesome! I died laughing when Yuki ordered the drink using Kyon's voice. XD
The Dark Imperial chapter 4 . 3/4/2015
screw you! for ending it like that! god may not hate you as much as Kyon but i hope he hates you enough to have terrorists threaten you for an update! you damn bastard!
bobatasaurus chapter 4 . 1/25/2015
Holy shit. that was the best ending to any fic i have ever read. Congratufuckinglation.
vetty123 chapter 1 . 11/11/2014
I'm reading your story, and I'm loving it so far. However, as an grammar otaku ('Nazi' is so outdated, neh?), I feel obliged to tell you that while Aristotle may have provided a list of all the other emotions Yuki spouted, the term 'limerence', or 'completely, obsessively infatuated love' was only coined in 1979 by pschologist Dorothy Tennov for a book of hers. Pointless observation, I know. Sorry about that.
ApocryphaFreeze chapter 3 . 8/18/2014
Nagato and Asakura are not Data Thought Entities themselves. They are interfaces created by a/the Data Thought Entity to observe our world, as well as Suzumiya Haruhi.
JohnPeacekeeper chapter 4 . 8/1/2014

Great ending right there xD

Kinda wish for a sequel now :P

Loved every bit of the story from beginning to end. Kyon's narrative was top notch and consistent, and the characters really felt like themselves. Besides al the sweetness, I also found myself quite intrigued regarding the nature of human emotions. Kudos to such a good tale
The Writing Prokaryote chapter 2 . 9/26/2013
Rendered an alien immobile via lip I know what to do if an alien attack ever comes.
The Writing Prokaryote chapter 1 . 9/26/2013
Lol... That must have been quite a big wound on mikuru's feelings...ouch... Saying that she HATES it so bluntly...
artilyon-rand chapter 4 . 8/19/2013
artilyon-rand chapter 3 . 8/19/2013
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww they do¬°
artilyon-rand chapter 2 . 8/19/2013
HUH? Xdddddd
artilyon-rand chapter 1 . 8/19/2013
PerryGirl110 chapter 4 . 5/19/2013
LOL I seriously LOVE this! So well written and really funny. I also love the paring of Kyon/Yuki. This is just TOO awesome :D
ArvisJaggamar chapter 4 . 5/6/2013
This was, of course, very cute and entertaining. :)

Your conflict was especially inspired, I thought, and very true to the spirit of the source material.
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