Reviews for Broken
Bronze Eagle chapter 1 . 1/20/2003
T.T That was ... SO SAD! WAHHHHHHH! I like Jyoushiro, though. But still ... ::sniff:: Poor Kou-chan. Poor Jyou-chan. At first I thought it was Kensuke (the other genius, you know), but by the end I had the pairing figured out. ; ::starts to sob once again:: It was kawaii, too. Dunno why, but it was kawaii. ;;; Maybe my sense of kawaii-ness is messed up. Yes, that must be it. Ja ne!
K.B Aleo chapter 1 . 1/1/2003
Almost too sad to review, I warn all who decide to read this, while it is good, it is despressing.
Cheyenne-chan chapter 1 . 2/26/2002
WWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA! *Sniff* You know I want non-depressing stuff! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!

Davis: Never mind she wrote it a while ago.

Amiasha: Shut up. Really, this was a really great story. Don't be surprised if I'm depressed for a while now. *Sniff* This was really well done. I like it a lot.
Mariel chapter 1 . 12/27/2001
You know, though this is 01, I'd like a side fic. I mean, WHO captured him(though thats not so important), just what happened, and HOW he was captured. If you write it I will be aternally(?) grateful!
Renn Ireigh chapter 1 . 10/5/2001
This was excellent.
Ktara chapter 1 . 7/5/2001
I actually did cry reading this. . . and now I'm depressed. . . meaning I'm adding it to my favorites! I love fics that make me cry, it means they're written really well!
Ragamuffin chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
::Dear PM:: Now, it depends...plastic or metal? *people groan* Oh, stop bothering me! The fifth time you've killed off poor poor Jou-kun? Tsk-tsk, if you keep this up I'll have to force feed you poison. *picks up strangely bright-colored bottle* Daisuke poison, that is! Yes, the patented 'cheer-up-author' poison! Daisuke took a little too much of this after writing a fic where Taichi died, and, well, look at him now! *pulls out shield to block flying tomatoes from Daisuke fans* Hey! HEY! I like Daisuke, it's just he got a little carried away with the medication! Stop it! STOP THROWING THOSE TOMATOES! *starts running* Okay, before they get me *turns around* EEP! *turns back* I want to tell you that it was a great fic, sad that it was, and that maybe if you kill Koushirou off once, Jou won't be ~as~ mad. *tomatoe hits her* ARGH! I'm down! Mercy! Mercy! No, not the goggles! Anything but the goggles! NOOO! ::dragonfire::
Child of the Faeries chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
::sniff:: why oh WHY must you make your fics so sad? at least you didn't kill yama this time... _. poor koushiro! and jyou! _~ later dayz, ~kaci wynne
Penknife chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
Butter knives... hurt, if you come at people hard enough with them. I swear, you amaze me sometimes. For a half insane person, you can write extremely well. Capture a different sort of insanity, though. Corny moral? umm... geeze... well, I guess it's kinda like you can't ever let go of someone you love, and that somehow, they'll always be there in a half crazy insane way, umm... I don't really like romance, but this was incredibly impressive. Chemistry is too depressing for me, so I think I can understand your objectives in writing this. I don't know what happened at the end nor the beginning. at least this was a vignette, so what happens doesn't really matter; it's not like it's a story about a half-crazy scientist who loses her friends, in that case, a plot does matter. But I hope you're not getting into the habit of writing vinettes, it certainly seems that way, vignettes aren't bad until you end up with a book like The House on Mango Street, of course, yours are a lot better than that, but still, I think you spent too much time reading that book, studied too hard for your English final, something along those lines. heck, well, I'm off to depress myself by doing some more thermochemistry problems. I hate Hess's Law, but anyways, yeah. It's a good fic. But do I ever say something you write isn't? Keep up the good work, as always. G' luck in chemistry, maybe we can find some more time to write someday. Speaking of writing, I almost forgot the most important part of my review: the flaming, well, here goes. *Fireballs consume laptop, Jyou's spirit rises up in smoky flames, and Koushiro feels the warmth of his breath dancing across his cheek...* fire is nice for classic artistic concepts like that. and spitting fireballs is always great.
Rachel Lynn too lazy to sign in chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
Ooooh! That was ~good~! I have to admit though that I was thinking Taishiro right up until I read that last really had me going with the sun imagery (which is still pretty frickin' awesome, you did a great job with that!) it just reminded me of Tai(I always associate the sun with Tai or Daisuke cause of the crest of courage. That and they just both have up beat, sunny dispositions. But it was fun to see Jyou described that way too...). -;;; Still! You killed Jyou! ;_; But you did it sooo well, and you wrote Koushiro incredibly well too. Awesome fic!
Cynthia2 chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
musouka chapter 1 . 7/3/2001
Hey, pikachu-san! Nice work, as always! Man, how do you do this so's not FAAAAIR! I don't think I could write a Jyoushirou to save my life...and certainly not one as good as this one! Put the butter knife away please... ::cowers:: You're so awesome!