Reviews for Real Monsters: Chapter One
ADDAMSFAMILYTREE chapter 5 . 9/2/2014
I remember the character of Steven R. Wainz very well. Too well to say the least. He caused Jill Danko to lose the very first child she had in her womb. Now if, mind you, if Wainz should get out (on the prescribed release date) in a future story, well, how about making it a crossover? Mike's nervous about making detective at the rank of inspector as he reconnects with an old buddy from his days in 'NAM, namely one B.J. (BILLIE JOE) McKAY of "B.J. & THE BEAR". So B.J. gets to know LT. Ryker, along with Terry, Chris, and Willie. However, Jill's also expecting again, which could make it more climatic. So with special help from certain sources, Angel Martin of "THE ROCKFORD FILES" keeps tabs on Wainz upon his release, as a favor to the DANKOS, anounoumously that is. Plus, B.J. manages to follow Wainz's bus as it leaves the front gate of the state prison, and he also manages to link up to some other fellows from 'NAM; the guys in question being BOSKO "B.A." BARACUS, TEMPLETON PECK aka FACEMEN, JOHN "HANNIBAL" SMITH, and H.M. "HOWLING MAD" MURDOCK of "THE A-TEAM" to supply top secret re-enforcing when he learns from Angel's sources that Wainz still wants to get the DANKOS, no exceptions. The objective of this, get Wainz to foul up, and either be imprisoned with a life sentence, or find himself being sent into the hands of INSPECTOR LEWIS ERSKINE of "THE FBI", unbeknownst to ERSKINE, naturally. At least, it's something to think about? Besides, I don't recall thinking ever hurting anyone, do you?!
louise1717 chapter 5 . 4/2/2007
hi,i enjoyed this fic about mike and i want to read tell me you plan tow rite more.