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Meti chapter 7 . 4/14
I don't know what it is about this story that hits me but I always come back to read it once a year at least. It's spun together masterfully and I truly enjoy your vocabulary that you so effortlessly take advantage of when writing. This is the best Vader/Palpatine story that was clothed in Alexis/Palpatine shroud. But I enjoyed both pairs and their dance immensely and find myself in envy of your skills. I really wish I could write like this and inspire this much emotion in someone. Good job. I'd really like to see more SW stories featuring Palpatine and Vader from you.

lightpoint chapter 7 . 6/22/2016
Everything ionwaterfall said - this is amazing. :D Also, ignore the haters.
gaarasgrl19 chapter 7 . 1/20/2016
Wow my face is soaked in tears and my nose is stuffy. Please continue if you can.
ionwaterfall chapter 7 . 12/12/2014
Finished this awhile ago...I haven't commented again because holy kriffing Sith hells I can't find words to do this justice. But I'll try. The ending was shattering. The ending was perfect. Alexis' POV as his consciousness degrades to the point where the only act of free will left to him was...Yeah, this is the only way this story could have ended. Thank you for bringing this into the world.
Random comments:
Vader felt in this story. I found the fact that he remembered Alexis as a child both surprising and touching, for lack of a better word. And the hints of Palpakin? It so works. This is how I see post-Mustafar Palpakin. YES.
The assassination sub-plot, foregone conclusion or not, worked, and at the end I found myself wondering if Lady Pestage had acquired a 'pet' of her own...
And, of course, .love for Alexis himself.
Ok, yeah, I'm done. And this is AWESOME. :D
ionwaterfall chapter 1 . 11/15/2014
I found you! I went via unlimited power on lj to your old FF account...And through a winding road of google and various other fics, found your new screen name. And now I get to finish Alexis. It's like Christmas just came early!
The Fox Familiar chapter 1 . 1/25/2014
“None of the Emperor’s advisors in Revenge of the Sith were human” – Mostly because he was dealing with the Separatists. During the Galactic Empire, many had fled its repressive institutions.

You won’t have the Emperor have concubines, yet you’ll have him with a twenty-year-old homosexual. Yes, that perfectly makes sense, honey. And not only that, he has sex with plenty of lithe, attractive young men, just like a pervert would. I’m not sure what goes on in that head of yours, but either way, you’re still a sick bastard. You won’t have women, but you’ll have young men, because women are icky. I’m not even sure you understand Palpatine’s character at all. He’s a twisted villain; he is not a horny grandfather. Yet it seems that every fangirl wants to add their touch of faggotry into every fandom, showing her splerg and all that jazz as an example of her headcanon.

Well, good for you: you just make yourself look even more like a retard.

“He (Darth Vader) would not make an effort to master the Dark Side of the Force...” – What? Dude, in ROTS Palpatine states that Anakin would make a powerful Sith lord. He’s a quick learner, so why wouldn’t he master it? He joined it in the first place! And what do you mean, he can’t “discipline as he did Maul?” Palpatine was an effective and ruthless teacher. He counselled Dooku, who decided to join him because they shared the same ideas. What’s this now?

“Count Dooku (was) too steeped in the ways of the Jedi” - ...No, he wasn’t. He disagreed with their ideals because he found them hypocritical, hence why he decided to confide in Palpatine. Had you known your canon this mistake wouldn’t happen. Dooku was a powerful Sith lord and Palpatine was proud of it. Why he’s forgetting all of Dooku’s confessions and loyalty is quite stupid, if you ask me.

“It was a sad truth the ideal apprentice did not exist” – Foreshadowing, folks, of the epic space buttsex. Featuring Aryans!

So Palpatine meets this fresh, young, beautiful face and already is getting a boner from it. The Sith had pretty concrete ideals, and sodomy isn’t one of them. Plus, Palpatine has an Empire to run and power to exert, so he really doesn’t have time for this bullshit. One of the things you ladies forget is attention to detail and facts: as I’m point these out to you, your story is already falling apart and it hasn’t even begun yet. Your head-canon obviously sucks...cocks.

“It had been a long time since Palpatine interacted with common citizens” – Kinda odd, given that he’s a senator. I think in TPM he talked with a few common folk here and there. And young Anakin was a commoner before he became a Jedi, so there. And why would he forget their worship? He’s emperor! He knows people worship him, and those who don’t he sends stormtroopers after them. He’s not a fool and he doesn’t forget these things. But you did, obviously.

How come Palpatine smoked that droid? That was quite random.

You also make the story sound worse when you keep describing your male OC as a boy. All you’re doing is making Palpatine a bigger sick fucker. Plus, this dude acts like a woman, for Christ’s sake. He stutters, he blushes, and he does all this female shit that is ever, and do I mean ever, so typical of a yaoifag fic. It’s like you just don’t know how to write men. What’s so important about this guy, anyways? You failed to make him have a purpose.
Not sure why the Emperor wouldn’t remember this guy. All traitors had records and were reported to the Emperor, so why the son of a traitor is there in the first place while acting like an effeminate faggot I haven’t a clue.

You write so much about this kid’s eyes it reminds me of Twilight. It goes from light blue, to dark blue, to blue, to bright blue, and blue...yeah, we KNOW what his eyes are like, idiot. You wrote it already.
Good God, I wonder how the buttsex is going to be written. When it comes to stories like these, the authors honestly believe they have created some deep shit. But all they’ve done is step deep into it.

“How is this simple flattery affecting me so?” – I don’t know, because the real Emperor would be Force-Lighting the hell out of that dude. They just met, and already he’s getting a wonder boner at a guy who stutters more than Forrest Gump.’ve never seen Palpatine’s eyes, have you? They’re creepy and not at all loving. They’re yellow mixed with red. But clearly, that’s all beautiful sunshine and flowers here. I have no idea why the Emperor is showing him his flowers. I’d expect the Emperor to have violent pets that dwell in the prisons and show Mr. Gay how he feeds them. And how come his sister is straight, but not him? I guess his dead mommy had something to do with it.

I think anybody with sense would know that Palpatine is ruthless and effective, and not at all loving. Even Wilhuff Tarkin says as much. So not only is Palpatine this OOC weirdo, you have this weak, effeminate Aryan sweet boy who’s going to work him hand and foot – literally. Plus he wears all black, like that isn’t gothic or anything. The thing is, Alexis is just a stupid and useless character that I cannot stand him for more than five minutes. He has nothing to offer, aside from sexual pleasure at your behest. You sat there and wrote this story and posted it for all to see, so don’t use the “don’t like, don’t read” card.

“The boy’s beauty stunned the Emperor anew” – Sick fuck. Yes, because boys with grandpas make awesome pairings, am I right?

I have no idea why the Emperor’s even hanging out with this fuckwit. He’s incompetent and looks more like a guy who got raped in the shower or something. Who is he, again? I don’t know; you just shoe-horned him in there.
Wait, Palpatine is dismissing the idea that the stolen plans may be recovered? What the fuck? He’d be telling the people to get off their asses and go find it, not just say “Go away and stop pestering me”! Jesus, did you just forget the films, you idiot?!

And...there’s a sex scene in the first chapter. That’s not typical. Well, Alexis is pretty much a whore, anyways. But honestly? Who gets off to this? The Emperor’s penis would be all shriveled and he’d probably have no sex drive. But clearly, when pretty boy Aryan comes along, he gets boners galore. How’d Alexis get turned on? Palpatine is all shriveled and ugly. But then again, a woman wrote this for her sick desires, so of course we have no logic.

So Alexis is horrified and doesn’t want to do it, yet seconds later he does. What, does he have bipolar syndrome or goes from rape to not rape? Because you have raped my mind, honey.

So this fag tosses away his military career (admit it, he probably sucked some dick to get in, anyways) and now he’s going to be the Emperor’s concubine, which doesn’t make sense and would tarnish his entire career. But no, you twisted canon and just made everyone go with it; made the Emperor some kind of confused sick fuck who gets off to young boys – that totally isn’t a homosexual stereotype – and you still continued with it! So there we go, we have a disrespect and ignorance of canon, coupled with a sick fuck’s paradise.

If you want young boys going with older men, maybe book a trip to the Middle East and visit a brothel.
Marzannar chapter 7 . 10/22/2013
This was beautifully crafted. I enjoyed every word and chapter and each one left me craving for more. You were a success as an author. I truly hope that perhaps you will one day write a sequel or something as enjoyable as this with Palpatine and Lord Vader.
darth chunky chapter 7 . 2/12/2013
that was... sad... :(
masterdisk chapter 7 . 2/2/2013
that story really impressed me...
well written!
Me chapter 7 . 1/28/2013
I... you... this... this is a wonderful fanfiction. You dont see many male ocs... Alexis was done to perfection. His life and death tragic... so... so ridiculously PLAUSIBLE... god... I am in awe of this and wish someday I can write something this dark and moving. My god. So good. All the impressed feelings. Right now.
Nangijala chapter 7 . 1/28/2013
A beautiful end for this story.
LL chapter 5 . 12/8/2012
You never finished it?

Seto-fan1 chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
How much longer before an update?
DarkJediJade chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
I read this story not honestly expecting to like it. As a rule OC/canon parings bug me, but I was entrigued... So I read it. You do very well with the characterization of the various members of Imperial court- especially Mara! While I think your relationship progressed maybe a little too fast, it was still extremely well written. Kudos! I can see this hasn't been updated in ages, but I do hope some day you will come back and finish this.
Kaylen Cooper chapter 5 . 7/28/2011
So glad to see this updated! Awesome chapter, as always. Can't wait for more! :)
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