Reviews for To Make Things Right
Anonymous chapter 5 . 1/25
Update please? So far the story is good :D
Ancantsia chapter 5 . 6/28/2012
Fantastic story so far I was really getting into it - I do hope you update and dont abandon this story as so many others seem to do.
Furionknight chapter 5 . 6/17/2011
It's kind of sad you've stopped just as it was getting into it :(
Sillvog chapter 5 . 6/15/2011
Well, thanks for trying on this. I'll still have it on alert for when you do update this fic. And if someone does take the story up, do you think you could post is in this fic so we'll be alerted to look for it?
Ie-maru chapter 4 . 5/14/2011
Nos chapter 4 . 4/23/2011
Um, any chance of an upsate soon; cause this is a REALLY good story despite being only 4 chapters
AnnAisu chapter 4 . 1/14/2011
Kakashi should take himself, Iruka, Hinata, and Sakura with him. I think you should go for taking them all.
dragonwitch250 chapter 4 . 10/31/2010
This is interesting. I hope that only Kakashi makes it back though. I think he really should be the one to make it up to Naruto. I can't wait to read more!
LunaStorm chapter 4 . 10/26/2010
I guess how many I would like to see going back depends on *when* they're going... before the Chuunin Exams? Before Mizuki? Before Naruto starts the Academy? If you're planning on sending at least Sakura along it probably isn't any further than that... I think Hinata would be an interesting choice, now that she's so different from her past self. Not sure about Iruka...
tez-chan chapter 4 . 9/30/2010
Just read your story, I like it and I hope you won't stop in the middle...

Good job and good luck for next chapter
CidsAngelTears chapter 4 . 7/23/2010
wowo i dont think i've ever seen a fic where kakashi goes back to the past without naruto or sasuke draging him. cant wait to see what you come up with next!
CrzyUgly chapter 4 . 4/28/2010
...Oh wow. Heh, so I take it the 4 of them will be going back in time? It'd be awesome.
...I cried, it was touching and sad.
Anyway, great story so far. I'll be waiting for the next installment.
t00Str0ng chapter 4 . 4/25/2010
not bad story just hope this isn't gonna be a romantic fic for naru/hinta cause all tim travel fics like literally have these 2 together its getting old but i like the idea with iruka and all good work!
Kakanarufan chapter 1 . 4/22/2010
Such a great start! made me start sobbing while reading it - the emotion kakashi felt -loved it
Weasel Fu chapter 4 . 4/22/2010
Nice buildup! You're doing a good job of building up the tension and not pushing the plot forward too fast in order to keep the suspense. I also think you're doing a good job of establishing the characters and demonstrating how they have changed from cannon so that they have a good platform to stand on for why they are acting differently from cannon. It makes sense that having Naruto die would have effected them a lot, so showing how the characters have changed makes them more three dimensional and dynamic. I really like how you have changed the characters, I think it makes sense given how they were up until that point.

I'm really looking forward to see what's coming next!
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