Reviews for Visions of Truth
supernova01 chapter 36 . 4/11
I read this whole thing in two days. I couldn't put it down. Some of it was hard to read but I think necessary for the story. I could see Anakin very easily acting that way. I loved your strong Padme and passionate Obi-Wan. The plot was really good and the sex scenes were great. Thanks for writing this.
starboy454 chapter 36 . 3/9
I hope he killed him
starboy454 chapter 20 . 3/9
some one really needs to kill Anakin in this story
Big Fan chapter 36 . 7/30/2014
This story was absolutely perfect. Well written, great imagery, just a great great story. I loved it.
ionwaterfall chapter 36 . 7/10/2014
This is my new favorite Obidala fic. Like previous reviewers have said, normally the end twist would bug me a bit, but the way you handled it here was PERFECT. Lovelovelovelove! Mad kudos.
Ladysexycat chapter 1 . 5/21/2013
That was the best star wars story that I have read ever. That was totaly epic. I really enjoyed it very much. On a side note I hated how you end the story, I was angry I want more. Lol. Overall I really loved this story.
Starhunter79 chapter 36 . 5/5/2013
Great story. I loved the ending, which is surprising because I don't usually like 'it was all a dream' endings. I hope Obi Wan straightens out Anakin. But then will Obi Wan and Padme get together? Do they only come together because of Anakin's actions? If you change the past how does it affect the future? Time will tell, but the Force gave him those visions for a reason. and the Force must know that things will work out in the end. You can only hope.

I was surprised by the last chapter, I thought things where going to turn out differently. I thought that there was a secret regarding Padme's twins and a reason Palpatine wanted Leia killed and not trained. Which Yoda would have figured out and told Obi Wan & Padme. I believed that while Leia was Anakin's child that Luke was Obi Wan's. for many reasons. First because Obi Wan was surprised to learn that Padme was having twins. The second reason was because of the description of the clef in Luke's chin and the different temperaments of Luke & Leia. Leia seems more like Anakin, I know you compared her to Padme but I saw Anakin in her behavior. While Luke is more like Obi Wan. The third reason was that Luke was born after his sister and that birth was more complicated and painful, maybe because he was a little premature? Another reason was that Palpatine wanted Leia killed, so I thought he saw Leia as a threat to Anakin's locality. Where as Obi Wan's son would help keep Anakin entrenched in the dark because it was a constant reminder of Obi Wan & Padme's 'betrayal.' And my last reason was that only Luke called Obi Wan "Da-Da" when he awoke upon Obi Wan and Padme's return to Tatonnie. But I could just be reading more into the story and you didn't take it into that direction.

Thank you for this wonderful story. I'm off to read the next one :)
sobjack chapter 36 . 3/19/2013
You know this is the best Obidala I've ever read right? And I've read quite a fair lot. How can this not have much more reviews?
J.E.P 1996 chapter 36 . 6/18/2012
What the fuck?
Kate Poem chapter 36 . 9/8/2011
I want know is Anakin better than "old" Anakin, did Obi Wan "lightsaber" him some brain in his head etc. etc. etc.

I hope answer will be "yes".

You should write sequel. Please. It's great.

I am not friend of Obidala, but... here Ani is disgusting, abusive husband and hypocryte. Bueeeh.

Make yourself better, Anakin!
kyjori chapter 35 . 8/17/2011
Any chance of a sequel for this? Round 2 with the force visions? It could be interesting to see how Anakin responds to confrontation of their relationship. Obi is still in love with Padme... how will he respond since currently Padme is infatuated with Anakin... Would Anakin leave the order? Will Palpatine be confronted? So much potential )

I think I've read every single one of your stories and 99% of them are brilliant. Hope you continue to write.
kyjori chapter 36 . 8/1/2011
How does such a good story have so few reviews? I have read stories that are like 100000x worse with 200 times more reviews. Holy crap, another amazing story. I am steadily making it through every piece of fiction you have written and I believe kudos even late are better than never. Please write firefly/SW crossover for me you amazing author )
BlueSkies08 chapter 36 . 10/4/2010
A shame that you don't have more reviews for this story is very well written and put together. Overall the story's plot was great, the lemons were very good (explicit without being over the top smut), and the ending was a great twist that doesn't too much stray away from the main star wars universe plot (not that it matters since it is fan fiction anyway lol ;-)). However at the end of the day great job on the story and I'll definitely be checking on your account for more!
shocked chapter 1 . 7/10/2010
Wow, a little warning would have been appreciated.

I know you have this story rated M, but even an Author's Note would have been appropriate before dousing your unsuspecting readers in XXX. There was nothing in the title, summary, or anything beyond the M rating to indicate that there might be some explicit subject matter at the very beginning - nay, the FIRST SENTENCE - of this story. This is the first story of yours I clicked on, and I must say I'm hesitant now to try any of the others.

Please, some warning. An M rating may be the bare level of sufficiency, but it's really not enough. That rating could have been for violence, gore, anything.
Enchanter chapter 36 . 5/22/2010
Wait...what? It was all a dream? So Padme never loved Obi-wan (as far as we know)?

Well, this is a fantastic story! I love it entirely. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your account, and I'm going to be up all night reading your stories!
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