Reviews for Where'd all the Demons go
Tolling chapter 1 . 3/5/2007
lets see...You continue, I keep reading, you make more chapters, and I submit character. Sound like our normal routine?Because it IS!

Name:Peridot Firaga

age:demonly, she's , times that by 10 for human years.

demon type:phoenix

hair:light brown

eyes:peridot green(duh)


healthy in weight

Likes:music(and making it with a piano and a flute),art,science(she is a scientist),reading,children, and discovering a new plant or animal(she'd go nuts in demon Japan)

dislikes:perverts,monkey demons,pranks,discrimination, and having to defend herself with her powers.

History:She was a scientist in the human world, but she really came from the lived there until she felt she could get away with her age, and moved to once had a boyfriend,but he was killed by her jealous clan leader. Now he, a few others in the mountains, and her are the only phoenix demons left. She and 3 other felames remane, compared to the 7 males they refuse to mate with any of , they all ran to human world, with one of the leaders 4 became a newspaper editor,a artist, a scientist(her), and a ?Lemme know.