Reviews for Code Xana Episode 25: Cult
Aelita Stones1 chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
Lyokoluva chapter 1 . 2/22/2007
another interesting one, with another retro attack

Ever Faithful

James the Lesser chapter 1 . 2/21/2007
Frozen, things will probably get worse between Skitz, Ark, and Mira. And things between Sanne and Krieger? There will still be a love triangle but... You'll have to wait and see!

Zeriam, it was a great idea in my opinion. Use humans that even after the Tower is deactivated would still be on the attack. And of course the activate, deactivate, was part of the attack. Get the new Lyoko Warriors on edge then wait for the right moment to set forth the attack. Between Mira and Skitz, well, keep reading to see more. And I liked the scene with Jim, have to keep him in there! Skulls? Like the Skulls and Bones? The orginization that the Current President, his Father, Reagan, and every other Republican is a part of?
Transfigurator chapter 1 . 2/21/2007
Hi. So now also CX will land on one pile, huh? I can't tell is it good or bad so I'll just make a rev.

So... Xana try his old trick on a new warriors... And it seemed it worked well. Activating and deactivating towers during whole week was so destructive for the team's nerves that it could be attack itself. And when the attack finnaly appeared the team was parted.

And attack itself was... strange... seemed almost unreal. Nothing strange that people was sure it's just a film.

Xana created a cult. Fanatic army created from Xana's play with human's weakneses, fears and hopes. (But in comparision with cyber-cult named "Order" Xana's followers was just a band of imbeciles. Shame on you Xana! Now I'll have something to laugh at! :) )Even without power to control humans he is still master of lies and manipulations. The effect of the tower was just a slight push, and human's nature done the rest. (However Sanakan is more devoted to me. She serve me without any promises or manipulations from me. It's good to have her on my side *sniff*)

And what is happening between Skitz and Mira really worry me... It can bring a divide in the group and that wouldn't be wise from their side... Xana would satisfied...

And again Jim maked me laugh. “I finally have something I’d want to talk about and no one is here.” So Jim tried to get into fraternity? Why everytime I hear that I think about "Skulls"?

Ok. That was good chapter with strange attack (Boo! Xana, Boo!) and something that maked me worry about team. Anyway I'll be waiting for the next chapter like the vulture for someone's death. :)

See ya.
frozen-tundra88 chapter 1 . 2/20/2007

Putting all the chapters under one file is an excellent idea in my opinion.

Now for the chapter review.

I see that things are heating up between Ark, Skitz, and Mira. (or just Skitz and Mira; I can't really tell.) I choose to offer this as a response; YIKES! (Yes, it shocked me that much.)

At the end, Sanne seemed to be hinting that she had feelings for Krieger. I almost forgot about the conflicting emotions following Dante's possession by Xana. Without him, the love triangle's not in balance. (but it's not gone either.) This is getting more and more interesting. Keep up the good work.

I guess any further CX reviews will be posted in the compilation of chapters as with the CL reviews. I'll be there.

Until next time...