Reviews for Living For The Dead
FlitShadowflame chapter 1 . 2/20/2007
I have three things to say.

1: (this one is the least important) Claire's remains were never found, as Mac tells her son by another relationship (don't remember the name) in the episode with the Kings and Shadows cult-thing and absinthe.

2: (this is just a bit of friendly grammatical advice) when you have pronouns in a series (like "she and I" or "he and the team") remember that if you plug in just one of the pronouns and leave the rest of the series out of the sentence, you can usually figure out what case to use. So, instead of "Him and his team of CSI's had spent days..." (i.e. "Him had spent days") it would be "HE and his team..."

3: (this just made me go, "huh?") how exactly does one curdle an ear? Curdling brings to mind milk going bad. Milk is a liquid. Ears are typically solid, albeit slightly squishy. I've heard of "blood curdling" and "ear piercing"...never "ear curdling."