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Tristin chapter 22 . 6/14
A good ending to a good story, I could ask for nothing more.
WraithoftheNight chapter 22 . 3/4/2016
Definitely an intereating fic loving the story and development so far cant wait to see how the Transit evolves as the story goes on and the strategy and battles go with it in play. Also the devolopment between Amelia and Shakespear is nice even with them only having brief encounters. Plus i like the poetry you put in there if you could make it a bigger part of the story like him sharing them from his notebook or saying those that come to mind every now and then making it a bigger part of him then just something he does to settle his mind.
Heatwave222 chapter 21 . 2/7/2016
Just got out of Basic training and finally read about Holmes. It was pretty intense mainly because you allowed me to bring the idea of Holmes as my own little character in the story in the beginning. I never thought I'd see the character grow in this story as he did, and see him end in such a fashion. It was amazing too be apart of that in a small way. Either way, I'll keep reading because the story just keeps getting better and better. Keep it up!
cannonfodder43 chapter 22 . 12/26/2015
Well... I am not sure how I missed this one but I have just read it now. Well it will take some time for Shakespeare to recover from losing Reach and probably his family. Overall this was a great story and I am happy to see it completed after all this time. Will be looking forward to Ten Days in Mombasa and have a great New Year. I expect that 2016 will bring great things for all of us.
125 chapter 22 . 12/22/2015
Hey! Here we are, buddy!

Alone 1.5 has been a solid buildup piece. It took a finished story and suddenly made everything broader. In a way it was an elegy to Gunny Smith, the state of things now that he's gone, and a lot of it benefited from being so muted and solemn. I personally liked a lot of the quiet moments on Thermisticles. That feeling of having no control, being somewhat manipulated by a tightlipped ship captain, all the while being trapped within the confines of the ship, really came through.

Amy's relationship with Blunt is interesting. Love that Penn has dreams of him haha. I'd definitely like to see, perhaps in Ten Days, this dynamic b/t the sergeant and the Spartan explored a little more. Can't say for certain but it seemed to me like Amy is trying to reach Blunt for reasons more than simply following orders. If Blunt and Smith were, maybe, two sides of the same coin, then Amy might feel a connection stronger to him than anyone else on the ship. The more-than-grizzled vets compared to, say, Rios or Penn. There could be a cool little story arc here... Let me know if we're on the same page!

Haze's conversation with Penn at the funeral was punchy and nice. Penn I thought would have lost his cool, but that's usually how these confrontations go I guess. What Haze was saying makes sense but it has to be a punch in the gut, from someone you considered a friend. Penn sorta shrugs it off. Not sure if you're going to revisit this again in Ten Days, but there's still unresolved tension that demands some kinda cathartic release!

There's a fantastic moment in the scene right after with Penn and Lawson, where Lawson can't make it to the service despite Penn's hinting that it'd mean a lot to the men. That's also another reality I could see Penn figuring out for himself... Lawson has little connection to his men but that's the way it needs to be. The captain is setting an example that Penn can't or is hesitant to follow. I still find Penn a little aloof with Haze (if Haze represents the lowly enlisted man in the unit) and I find that fascinating. Penn hardly if ever shows a desire to return to his enlisted status nor does he slag off Lawson's questionable demeanor to get "in" with the guys. Weird position to be in, and I'm wondering if that'll see a little introspection in the days to come (Ten Days I hope will be rife with moral dilemmas, and it may very well come down to Lawson vs Penn!)

I've hardly thought of Rosetta as a full AI before. I'd like to see more of her for sure! (She could be her own story arc, given the way things turn out in Halo 5. We aren't afraid of a little foreshadowing, right?) We'll see.

Seeing Red Flag mentioned was super cool. It would be a mission worthy of Lima. I'm a bit confused on the timeline though. They receive a completely declassified briefing but upon arriving find Reach in a state of seemingly total destruction? Is it because they are traveling through slipspace and didn't get the memo? I liked when Lawson came over the intercom though. Great shift in tone.

Well that's it, eh? Finally call it done (again). I'm pumped for sure. All these little pieces falling into place. Thanks for the updates and hours of entertainment, pal. See you in the next one! Take a breather and happy holidays!
lynda.key1 chapter 21 . 12/19/2015
I knew it! I knew she was Amelia! So many twists and turns. Holmes lost, was sure Haze was going to pull a Boromir on Penn. You kept me engaged throughout the story!
cannonfodder43 chapter 21 . 12/17/2015
This was an excellent chapter. Full of promise that is oh so quickly dashed as well as emotional self-reflection on the part of Pennington and Amy. I loved the parts with Haze telling Penn upfront why Lima is rather nervous at Penn being their leader. But especially loved the part with Amy and Penn at the end with them remembering their first meeting on Reach and their realization about how they are now on the same page. BTW you misspelled "attention"

Overall this was an excellent story. A pleasant read that I am happy to finally see finished. Now it is on to waiting on you and Mr. 125 to get to work on Ten Days in Mombasa. I am expecting great things from you two.

lynda.key1 chapter 5 . 12/14/2015
Decided to re-read your story when your latest update came out. This had been one of my favorite and still is. This battle was amazing in the detail and emotion, and one that came to mind but I couldn't remember what it was from. Still just as good as the first time.
125 chapter 20 . 11/29/2015
This one was packed full of good stuff. The dynamic between Pennington and Lawson is great and it's good to see them getting so much screentime. First, I wonder where Adrian's off to, and I see this all comes with more red tape. Love it. I'd actually like to see Lawson fight for Amy in front of a panel or whatever. With all the shenanigans Lima gets up to, it is easy to forget that a Spartan may be useful out in the proper frontlines (and the larger war outside), but I'm counting on Lima's next assignment to prove that this is really her place.

With this info about the Transit you're hinting at something huge I think (I won't pretend I understood the science, but I appreciate that there's some kind of explanation and the way they really get into it has me convinced that Lawson and Pennington have just come to an intriguing realization and that itself is exciting) and I can't begin to fathom where the story might take us.

I can feel that Haze friction in every scene. Loved Blunt's words about that too. If he's gonna pick up on anything it has to be that, which I find funny. Out of the frying pan... I can just imagine him holed up in his quarters, quietly arming himself and just waiting for "the inevitable" as he feels it. There is an apocalyptic quality to him (in his mannerisms and speech) you put in that I dig, and he is like the harbinger. Pennington gave Haze a pass today, but I'm pretty certain we're all saying in our heads that's a bad move, LT. Haze'll just keep on taking. But what can you do, right? The struggles of command are starting to pop up, and it's time to start panicking.

Holmes had a hell of a death. Loved the tension just before the action scene too. When Osman gave her warning that made me sit up. Maybe it was just the nature of the science-y portion at the end, but it seemed to forget what just happened to Holmes. Maybe it'll crop up again (does Pennington feel guilt? Is this his first friend he's lost under his command?) but other than the quiet moment at the end of the rescue scene, I would have thought the feeling of loss might bleed into the next section... now is when Penn's self-doubt should be pretty crippling. Tonally, I just felt like Lawson's vague line didn't connect with the parts of the chapter (Penn becoming a leader and Holmes) that stood out to me the most.

See you next time!
cannonfodder43 chapter 20 . 11/28/2015
Another excellent chapter from you Jeff. I absolutely loved it, the wait was very well worth it. Nice to see what happened to Blunt and the others in Lima after their foray to Sigma Octanus Two. Haze is fraying and Blunt is still in limbo. A very well done and unique action scene you set up there on Troy with how they defeated the Elites. It is a shame that Holmes had to go unfortunately. And now the Transit has changed. I loved the technical talk between Lawson and Pennington regarding space-time, transportation and how that relates to the Transit. Loved it all.

Will be waiting for more and to see how this develops. :D
Ghost-InA-Gundam chapter 19 . 8/10/2015
Man, it's great to see another chapter up after these years and it's nice to see my character Holmes still up and kicking.
125 chapter 19 . 8/4/2015
Read through this one lounged in the backyard, a cold one next to me. Just really excellent summertime reading, man. I've missed this!

I really liked the meeting between the higher ups. Really emphasized the fact that the military is just one big bureaucracy, and Lima doesn't operate in a void. There are still top men to please, and this crazy plan might be hamstrung by costs. I like that there's a general who won't sign off on this because he'd never heard of Lawson's avengers (SWORD) until today-I'd like to see more of that guy later on, please!-because these top-secret/elite units shouldn't all get a free pass, right? And Lima is definitely not infallible.

Liked seeing your take on SO-II as well. Man it takes me back. Things were appropriately tense and weird. Can't wait to see more interactions between Blunt and Lima now for sure.

And Haze is getting pretty mouthy, eh? He's all up in Penn's face, which is fun to see. Can't wait to see that manifest throughout the rest of this.

That ending, as well. Lima survived this one but I'm not sure what you have in mind regarding Lawson's combat trials. I'm suddenly getting nervous.

Cheers for the update!
cannonfodder43 chapter 17 . 8/5/2015
I loved the dream section on Blake and Amy's encounter from long ago. It was very well done.
cannonfodder43 chapter 15 . 8/5/2015
So good, touching and inspiring.
cannonfodder43 chapter 14 . 8/4/2015
Well I have reread everything back up to this point again and I have to say that this new version of the story is MUCH better than the original version. It flows so much better.
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