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soundoftragedy chapter 15 . 11/26/2017
Marlowe97 chapter 12 . 8/25/2009
I have to write this review even before I finish reading - it is just such an awesome fic! (Hope it still is when it's finished...)

Wow, the brothers are SO well-writen, so in character and the plot is just fantastic.

And Bobby - sorry, I had to giggle aloud for this entence :

“Nah, it’s Bobby. You’ll ring up and he’ll be all ‘Ah, so Dean stopped breathing? That can happen sometimes.’ And then he’ll rattle off his next suggestion. One time me and Dad tracked down this really weird critter, looked like the lovechild of Cthulhu and a werewolf. Anyway, I strode into Bobby’s place, crowing about what we’d hunted and he didn’t bat an eyelid, just looked straight at me and said ‘Hmm, those things still around?’ and cracked open a beer.”

That was just so funny! I could hear Bobby saying just that ;-)

And now you punched me :-(

Reading Sams answer to the question if he would visit - man, I really felt the blow. That was just too cruel, even if it might be true. Sam, you bastard! (though probably not - seeing his resemblence to John he is a Winchester for sure...)

I'm through and it was great. I still think though that in the next season Dean should go and shoot Sam with rock-salt or something. Prissy little princess was really powerfull with words during the first season, wasn't he?

I enjoyed your little comments at the end of each chapter nearly as much as the fic, made me smile

Thank you for the read

L5472 chapter 15 . 7/26/2008
Aww loved this story ]

Had to admit I got all upset when Sammy said he'd leave and wouldn't visit Deanny LOL ..I cry too much these days haha
JenBurch chapter 8 . 2/12/2008
Nice to have a little bit of Bobby, though never enough for me. He's my fav non-Winchester too! I have to admit, though, I like Bobby more than I like John! That's probably not a popular statement to make huh? hehehe

I just watched an ep from season 2 last night - Tall Tales? The Trickster episode. Lotsa Bobby in that one and he makes some good comments. My friend (whose fairly new to SPN) was saying "Gotta love Bobby! He's cool!" hehehe Doesn't take much huh?

I'd love to see you write another Bobby fic!

Anyway, you got me too curious about the next chapter to be able to write more! lol Gotta go!
JenBurch chapter 7 . 2/12/2008
Yay! Bobby's coming! I love Bobby stories :)

I loved the line about the cuddle - "If I knew this was an excuse for a cuddle..." hehehe Always like that sort of thing, like Dean teasing Sam about being soft and stuff. Always fun :) And the line about Sam making someone a good 'little' wife someday! lol

Wanna see Bobby, so this is real short and sweet :)
JenBurch chapter 6 . 2/12/2008
I have to say, I loved the image of Dean running on the spot and whingeing about how boring it was! He really doesnt have the patience or the attention span to do that huh? hehehehe And the story about when they were kids was good, too. I particularly liked Dean grinning over the women in lycra - regardless of their shape or size! lol Mind you if he'd been surrounded by 50 old fat chicks he might have more to say on the subject! lol

This was a great little chapter, had a good dose of humour and brotherly banter in it - plus Sam clocked Dean! hehehe
JenBurch chapter 5 . 2/12/2008
hehehehe Finally Dean tells Sam that he hadn't been sleeping! lol I'm happy now :)

You know, it never occurred to me to google the title - but I'm gonna now! hehehe
JenBurch chapter 4 . 2/12/2008
hehehe Funny, it's been a few days since I picked up a story :) Seems like ages!

I always liked Dean's reaction to the rubbing from the gravestone, and especially the line about the beer and metallica song backwards :) Gotta love sarcasm!

It would be easier if Dean would just say 'You know, I haven't slept since we got here' because really, that's a big deal and a big clue! Still, Dean's ever-so-stubborn - which is all part of the fun :)
JenBurch chapter 3 . 2/6/2008
Sleepwalker Dean was so... I dont know, I wanted to say creepy but it wasn't creepy exactly, it was disturbing. The thought of him like that when he's normally so together and strong was just unsettling! I was so relieved when he came out of it.

I thought it was interesting that the only thing he could say was that he wasn't asleep - which, of course, Sam dismissed - and that he was trying to get outside because it made sense. Very cryptic, kinda spooky but gave Sam enough to realise that things were not normal, that something strange was going on.

Typical that they would find trouble when they were stopping on their way to a hunt huh? lol

"I'm not impaired, geek boy." - that made me feel so much better because it means that he's himself still.

I loved that Sam started tossing m'ms at Dean! It was like things were going to be more normal for a while, that as bad as things were they were still the brothers and things weren't going to change no matter what... now, of course, I know that's not entirely true but I was allowed my moment of peace :)
JenBurch chapter 2 . 2/6/2008
I'm actually a few chapters ahead of this one - couldn't review because of the ever-cuddly puppy dog that insisted on having my arm around her :) Such a hard life when you're so loved! hehehe

Okay, but I'm catching up! You know I've read this before, but I just have to read it again because it was one of my favourite stories. I always remembered it, but I couldn't find it again because I didn't know who'd written it and couldn't remember what it was called... go figure that you'd be on my fav authors list and hunting through your stuff would be how I found it again! lol

I always liked the chapter, with Dean all pitiful and helpless, having to lie then when Sam got him undressed and warm with blankets. I always thought it would be funny to see something like this on the show, to see Jensen's face when Sam tried to get Dean undressed! hehehehe Cant you just picture the look? lol

Oh, and this chapter gave me such a craving for hot chocolate! hehehe I got one finally a chapter or two ahead :)
JenBurch chapter 1 . 2/1/2008
hehe I'm pretty sure that this was one of the first ever fics I read when I found this site - and discovered what reviews were all about! LoL How ironic that that was all writing, I didn't know!

Anyway, I'm gonna be reading it anyway, I really liked it before so I'll be happily revisiting it like having a nice coffee with an old friend.

Meanwhile, two questions: One, what is it with Dean throwing m'ms at Sam? Poor guy, my brother would've been flat on his back if that were me! Sam's definitely got more patience that I can lay claim to!

And two, how do you manage to come up with lines like "Thought you might be hungry?" That was great, and I could see Dean's face and hear his voice when he said it! Beautiful!
HAMUCHA chapter 15 . 12/7/2007
It's terrific!

Up until Sam said he wouldn't visit.

I don’t get it. Why Sam said he wouldn’t visit? And why Dean was okay with that? And why would he think his father would blame him? Blame him for what?
HAMUCHA chapter 1 . 11/25/2007
I've speed fast reading this until chapter 2, and I LOVE IT! It looks promising. I can't read it when I get home.
girlfan1979 chapter 15 . 7/31/2007
"It was only a few moments before he felt something plink off his forehead. For a brief, terrifying moment he had a flashback to Jessica's death but his mind rationally pointed out that whatever hit him was considerably harder than blood and the fact it had bounced off."

OMG, what a beautiful piece of characterisation.

"Sam didn't look back as he opened the door out of the crappy motel room they were staying in, he didn't need to as he knew exactly what the expression on his brother's face would be as he said, "Yes Dean, I could.""

That too. *Nods*

"At Dean’s startled ‘werp?’"

Even with hypothermia he's adorable. Aww!

"It might just be that I’m finally going crazy. There is only so long you can walk around in the dark killing monsters before you begin to lose your mind. All that look into the abyss and the abyss looking into you stuff”"

Sammy, dude. Sam, Sam, Sammy. Dean's quoting Nietzsche and you don't comment? You're giving up good ammo there, my man.

""Of course," Dean said, "Do you realise just how many naked women there are? Selkies, get the skin, naked! Swan girls, get the feather coat, naked! Fairies, dancing in mushroom rings, naked! I tried to persuade Dad to organise a trip over there."

“Upstairs brain, Dean.” Sam chided"

Dean's right, Sam. Naked supernatural chicks? Two a penny over here.

"“What makes you think I’ve gotten into a mess?” Sam asked defensively, barely suppressing the little boy whine from his voice.

“Because, unless you went the whole hog and changed it, your surname is still Winchester.”

Sam sighed, “Well, there’s a small town in North Dakota with a harpy problem.” Sam decided to start at the beginning.

“Dean’s been kidnapped by the harpies?” Bobby asked wearily.

Sam shook his head and then realised the pointlessness of that gesture, “No.”

“Dean’s willingly gone off with the harpies and this is a wedding invite?” Bobby joked.

Sam snorted, “No..”

Bobby cut in again, “You’ve been kidnapped by the harpies and you’ve forgotten your brother’s phone number.”"

I love Bobby Singer - you have a particularly good voice for him.

It's probably been mentioned before, but some of your slang, like "bloody", isn't typically used by Americans. Not so much a suggestion to correct as a heads up for fics you might write in the future. It does tend to through the reader out of the story a bit. - Ah, indeed. You have a note at the end. Hope you found your beta.

"“If he has, he hasn’t told me. But then given this is Dean, he probably wouldn’t tell me until he needed to say ‘Sorry Sammy, gotta nip off and turn into a seal for a few hours. Back in a bit.’” Sam bit back an inappropriate laugh."

True. Dean is kinda shady. But so are you, Sammy-boy.

"Sam was glad to hear his brother almost sounding like himself, if a hoarse muted version. “I always suspected it was on purpose, especially when Dad refused to buy me a new one.”

“Nah, we were just skint that month. The phony credit card got turned down. Apparently they cottoned on that Ozzy Mandias was unlikely to be a real person. I told Dad we should've gone with Ozzy Osbourne instead. Me and Dad had to take it in turns to eat that month.”

Sam gaped at his brother, “You never told me that.” He could recall now that he hadn’t seen his brother and his Dad eating with him at the same time that month, at the time it had just seemed like they were both too busy.

“You were twelve.” Dean said as if it was the most simple thing in the world, “Growing boy and all that. Though if it’d known how much you were going to grow, I might’ve let you starve with us once or twice.”

Sam resisted the urge to pace. It always seemed there were two versions of his childhood: his version and the real one where brothers got clawed and starved and fathers didn’t always get there in time. It always made him feel guilty about how protected he had been, “Come on, lets get out to the car.” He said a little sharper than he meant to, offering a hand to haul Dean up."

Sad a beautiful and real. I really loved this part.

If you end up trying into the founders' story, I may even do a happy dance in front of my PC.

"“Sammy, we’ve had this debate. I remember Dad making you stand in a corner and recite ‘You can’t break a curse’ a hundred times.”

“I only said it ninety nine.”

“You rebel!”

“Look, Dean, I agree that curses are strong but this isn’t righteous vengeance of a First Nations chieftain or the intricate voodoo of a third generation Haitian priestess. This is the dying anger of a scared little brother with too much power. He probably regrets it.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I know what it’s like to be a little brother, to say things you don’t really mean and to hurt the one person who never deserved it.”

Sammy looked so miserable that Dean relented, “Fine, little brother but if you don’t find something soon then I’m taking on the protection gig and giving up on beauty sleep. I can’t deal with this,” He gestured down at himself, "much longer.""

Double love! One for the humour, and the second for the angst.

"“He said we should get out of here as quickly as possible.”

Dean choked back a laugh, “Wow. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of Bobby getting something wrong. I feel like my world is turning upside down.”

“I should probably have rung him back,” Sam admitted, “I kinda promised we would be there in a day, he’s probably wondering where we got to.”

“Nah, it’s Bobby. You’ll ring up and he’ll be all ‘Ah, so Dean stopped breathing? That can happen sometimes.’"

I LOL'd so hard at that.
Sarah chapter 15 . 6/23/2007
"so they both continued to ignore the giant pink elephant shitting on the carpet." Wonderful mental image there, dude. It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Somehow I managed to loose track of this story after reading the first two chapters and it took me forever to find it again. It was well worth the wait though, as you had time to finish it while I was fumbling around in cyberspace. It turns out that I am a sucker of gigonormous propotions when it comes to Hurt!Dean and Protective!Sam and you write them very well. I added your story to my favorites and will make sure not to loose track of your writing in the future.
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