phantomslove01 chapter 50 . 11/23/2014
Wynni chapter 31 . 11/15/2014
Thank you, I think this is the very first fic I've read, in which Philippe de Chagny was not an utter waste of space.

nicely done
Wynni chapter 24 . 11/15/2014
"that is the reaction I'm going for"
well honey bunny, you've succeeded
LizzySalander chapter 50 . 7/25/2013
Oh my god... This story is absolutely fantastic! I brought me to tears several times. Bravo, absolutely wonderful job. You have excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation on top of an outstanding plot and richly developed characters.

I'm off to read your other stories now. :-)
Diving in chapter 1 . 9/7/2012
The correct translation for shadows would be ombres.
Angela S. Carvalho chapter 50 . 11/6/2011
This was delightful! After finally watching POTO (Gerard Butler-Emily Rossum) some weeks ago, I got obssessed with it. So I started to search fanfic to read, to quench my thirst for Erik's happiness. When I was watching the scene in which she comes back and gives his ring back, I was "Noooooo! You silly girl, don't! Do over! AAAAAArgh!" And I feel so bad for him... That's how I found your story, and fell in love with it. You not only gave a wonderful background to it, filling some gaps from the movie, but also made totally believable characters, while keeping the originals true to the story. This past week I went through my house chores at twice the speed so I could sit and read it. Congratulations!
mommaduckjudy chapter 50 . 1/17/2010
This was a wonderfully romantic and entertaining story of what

happened to Erik after the Opera House burned. I liked the way

the earlier events were resolved and the fact that you went with

Erik's perception of his scarred face when it really was not such

a terrible sight. This story had me throwing my arms up in the

air exclaiming, "YES," more than once. A really nice story.
Oreal770 chapter 50 . 9/1/2009
*little smile*

another brilliant one! Uve had me grinning, laughing, practically in tears... WOW! emotional rollercoaster!

Lavanya sounds georgeous, aww poor Erik at the end! and i love the way they got together, and she worked on him. The idea about the 'games' is good, and kinda horrible...

Aww his kid sounds so sweet! and the way he birthed Christine's was great!

Pity you didnt bring Lavanya's brother into it for even a moment, and I would have liked to see where his nephew's gonna go. Cool, he's got a sister! and i like the way the characters interact.

LOVE tarrah, she's so sweet and Raoul's brother... kinda funni. Although he IS quite a bit old for her...

Aww poor lil Erik wants his wife back at the end, his baby knows exactly when to interfere! Lol.

Great story! Loving it again! I get lost in these worlds! They're really realistic!

Hot4Gerry chapter 1 . 7/11/2009
I just rediscovered this little gem. I will be copying it for reading plesure at my leisure. I loved it the first time around. I am not a fan of Christine and find it hard to picture her as anything but nasty.

I don't know why. I loved her in the movie although none of the characters were well developed.

My objections I suppose are because she left her Angel of Music with nothing but memories. I don't think she deserves second chances and find it hard to write them. As hard as I try to be fare with her when I right most times she ends up a b*tch.

Glad to see others can write what I can't, an innocent, likeable Christine.
LePhantomessa chapter 50 . 1/4/2009
This story was absolutely captivating, and wonderfully written. I applaud you on that, and for many other reasons; primarily being that of getting a rather diehard EC fan to favorite and praise an ErikOC story. I loved how you wrote Erik's character, as well as Lavanya's, and I must admit that his past, albeit rather strange and different for one so used to a Kay interpretation, was incredibly well scripted and thought up. You added a depth to just about every character mentioned, no matter how brief, and kept the story twisting in so many ways that a reader would have no choice but to succomb to their desires of reading just what happens next. The characters' thoughts and personalities as you took control of were undeniably true to who they were as depicted by the original Four writers and creators of the Phantom's tale and the only ones who can lay claim to ownership of such a lovely tale to begin with. And while there were a few spelling mistakes, they were not too serious or common - after all, people do make mistakes in typing occasionally, for it is to be expected - and I am sure that some dividing of certain parts in the story that switched over from one place to another would've been helpful; but for all I know, at the time, you were not able to put the divider line into use, as often has problems with getting that particular button to operate. But I digress.

All-in-all, I must declare this a most splendid of reads. And the sex scenes were much appreciated -wink-. ;) It is now that I must depart; I hope sincerely to see more of your work on the site in the future. So I wish you a thousand Erik-esque muses to further inspire you for plot ideas in Phanfiction, and the tedious writing process that often accompanies them.

I remain utterly sincere (and a little awed at my willing acceptance of an OC pairing with Erik),

xorie5 chapter 50 . 6/2/2008
Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I do believe that I will add this fic to my favorites list. Very well done. I do realize that you took artistic license and changed the story/character a bit, but then again, it works very well, and we all get to see the Erik that we all hoped and knew that he was.

Very well done all around. I am very impressed.
xorie5 chapter 34 . 6/2/2008


you killed his horse! How could you! ...sorry. I'm an avid horse lover (work at an equine rescue) and couldn't bear it!

Moving on however, I do very much enjoy your story. You have a great grasp on good dialouge and description. I am very impressed and must say that your story is much better than most. I plan to finish it and write a final review on it. Great job! However, I must stop now so that i can continue reading.
Songorita chapter 50 . 2/29/2008
Another great story.
Bloody Phantom chapter 50 . 2/18/2008
this... was... a... WONDERFUL STORY! I LOVED IT! i couldnt stop reading it once i started! u did a really good job on it.
DeviousLeo chapter 37 . 12/4/2007
I have a gift for your story and I hope to be able to create more within due time. I love your story and your words, you have quite the imagination and how you word it, it's just beautiful and I absolutely adore it. You make me want to write more often and create more fascinating pieces of artwork. I shall give you the picture soon. - Thanx, your quite the inspiration, and most of the time I can not write nor draw without inspiration.
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