Reviews for Shampoo
Carling chapter 10 . 5/26/2013
Ahh, this is so much more satisfying somehow! And oddly makes a helluva lot more sense than making the fate of the world hinge on a clumsy teenager.
Nichalia chapter 10 . 3/30/2013
Now we know what happens when Fanfiction authors take drugs.
miel04 chapter 10 . 12/3/2012
this was awesome! cant stop laughing. :D
Rimefrost chapter 10 . 11/21/2012
I... This... What... I... ?
VioletMarauder chapter 8 . 10/20/2012
I should NOT have taken a sip of coffee just as Shape was announcing his new career plans!
HeirofSomebodyImportant chapter 10 . 8/8/2012
Priceless xD 3
Guest chapter 10 . 7/27/2012
I am never going to be able to read another of your fanfictions again without imagining them as these sorts of characters. Thanks for making me look like an idiot, laughing my head off.

On a lighter note, brilliant storyline and the quotes that could come from it are just amazing. I love your work!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/26/2012
Snape? More attractive than Sirius Black? BLASPHEMY.
Heksy chapter 10 . 4/24/2012
*giggle* bengal tigers? hahaha
Milirin chapter 10 . 4/12/2012
Yes, you were utterly and incurably insane when you wrote this, but my god! it's the damn funniest thing I've ever read! bloody fantastic!
ASkyie chapter 10 . 12/29/2011
*Blinks* So much randomness... *Blinks*
aryllia chapter 10 . 12/18/2011
You know, usually when I come across so completely random fics like this one, they start out good and then sort of deteriorate into some vague plotless mush.

I have to say that I'm quite impressed by how this DIDN'T turn out that way. Snape is quite badass when he's going solo. Maybe if he had started a third fraction in canon the whole series would have ended earlier and less messy? (or it would have turned everything into an even more complicated Celtic knot than it already was)

Either way, I the last three chapters were, IMHO, the best. Though for some reason, Snape turning into a dark-ish version of Lockman turned out to be High Octane Nightmare Fuel to me *shudder*. I can't even begin to imagine the man in cream coloured robes.

"Look at me! I'm a pretty pony!"

... Yes. Like Draco said "Harry makes a pretty good pony."
aryllia chapter 1 . 12/18/2011
The scary part? A great deal of the female professors are old enough to be his mother.
Quite generously chapter 10 . 12/18/2011
This is a parody of everything beautiful and you just made everything more beautiful. I congratulate you generously.
Miravisu chapter 10 . 11/2/2011
LOL! If only it had gone down like this in the movies ;D
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