Reviews for Snapshot
Radon65 chapter 1 . 4/29/2009
That was very, very, well written. The description was excellent and the concept was great.
eccentricrabbit chapter 1 . 2/23/2007
I liked this, though I don't like Wilson... the way you wrote him here was good. :) It actually made me warm to him a little more. (But he wasn't out of character.)

I also very much dislike Stacy, a little like I dislike Diana Fowley on the x-files (if you've seen the x-files...) I don't like the mens ex-lovers, but I can handle the womens ex-lovers? It's strange.

But as much as it hurts to think... House really was looking to have a relationship like the one he had with Stacy. And he'll never have that with Cameron. (That's how I've always thought of it anyway)

Good job.
Duckie Nicks chapter 1 . 2/23/2007
*sigh* I absolutely love, love, LOVE this fic. As always your characterization is perfect. This is an odd moment for House, I think, and certainly the whole picture scene on the show was a special, if telling, moment. And I love how you take from the canon and build on it in such a way where we do get some insight.

And at the same time, I love how things aren't wrapped up with a nice, pretty bow. In the end, Wilson isn't able to penetrate the "prison" and House isn't ready to talk about his date. Just perfect and believable.

I'm not a Wilson fan, as you know, but this piece captures everything that I love about the Wilson/House friendship - the teasing is there, but there's also a great...awareness of when it's okay to push and when to leave the subject alone.

The only thing better than the actual plot and the characters is just your writing. I LOVED how you incorporated the fantasy theme, but managed to keep it in a style that is familiar and is still your own.

The idea of being in a personal prison isn't new, necessarily, but it really works here, and you kept bringing it back and reiterating it, which really enhanced the whole fic. And your description of the pictures is lovely.

Your sentences are the kind I wish I could write, and the fact that they come so naturally to you is just a testament to how great a writer you really are. Fantastic job!