Reviews for In Your Dreams
Evestra87 chapter 32 . 6/18
I really enjoyed this.
ieatyourmuffins chapter 32 . 6/8
Loved it! Thanks!
thankstotheauthors chapter 29 . 5/12
After re-reading this for the umpteenth time (it's one of my favorite stories ever) I started to get confused about something. Was the vampire attack on St. Mungo's part of the plan, and was Neville part of the plan, as a way to get Hermione out of the way? Or was it unplanned and did they just improvise to their advantage at the last minute?
mak5258 chapter 32 . 4/28
This was excellent. I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I just couldn't set it aside!
Thank you for a wonderful story
mak5258 chapter 19 . 4/28
I love your Severus! He's properly slippery, and closed-off enough to go right up Hermione's nose. This is great fun to read
meg chapter 19 . 4/21
Not liking whiney, teary Hermione. I'm totally empathizing with Severus at this point.

(I read your explanation a ways back and, to be fair, I didn't like Hermione when she was whiney and teary in canon, either.)
SaiyaCat chapter 32 . 4/8
That was Awsome!
SaiyaCat chapter 5 . 4/7
Lisanna14 chapter 32 . 3/26
That was amazing! :D
Saissa chapter 9 . 3/14
I do wish Ron would also STFU - cant anyone see how biased and prejudiced ALL those gingers bimbos are against Snape. He is way smarter than them - all of them. Blame Molly - she is the worst of them all.

Snape and Hermione go well together - they both are freaky intelligent and wicked smart.
Saissa chapter 5 . 3/14
Re your a/N - Since the Letter is an "invitation" it stands to reason that not everyone chooses to accept - so it stands to reason that there must be other schools available for those student to go to.
Saissa chapter 4 . 3/14
You know, Hermione - you could have just told the fat nosy ginger bitch that Molly is not Hermiones mother so Molly does NOT get any say in what Hermione does with her life - so Molly has to STFU!
Hopeful-z chapter 32 . 2/17
Apart from the beginning, which was highly unlikely and somewhat arbitrary (thanks for drawing our attention to the title :-) ), your story was a great read.

Thank you
Guest chapter 22 . 2/17
I'm confused, I don't understand what Lucious is asking about or what Draco has told him.
Guest chapter 19 . 2/16
What a bitch, sorry to malign your Hermione character, but I can't imagine you expect us to think much differently when she is so trying (exhausting) with Severus.
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