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StarrySkies89 chapter 2 . 2/8/2017
Hope you don't mind me reviewing this story even though it's been awhile since you published it. But about the story! You have a way with words, I can tell you have a vast vocabulary and it shows in your story. I'm not usually a fan of original characters but you do a good job of interweaving them into the story along with the canon characters like Selphie that doesn't make them seem like props or Mary Sues on either extremes.
StarrySkies89 chapter 1 . 2/8/2017
Short and sweet prologue that leaves you wanting more. I'm curious to see what direction you'll take this story since it's an AU. Looking forward to continue reading :)
bellatrixD chapter 65 . 8/30/2015
Not fluffy yet filled with heartwarming moments. A romance of healing without the sugary cliches and overt gestures. This fan fiction is bitterly pragmatic. And I love it.
I stormed through this entire story as fast as I could (two days of my life well spent) and I'm not sure whether to laugh and jump or cry under my blankets. This was a beautifully written piece of art and I'm so in awe of how different and yet comprehensible the idea is. The consistency was a delight to read; so many times I found myself trying to guess what happens next in cliched and overly angst/dramatic thoughts but you surprised me almost every time by keeping the characters true to themselves and not fighting over the stupidest of things. The amount of times I would guess Squall would have enough of Rinoa's prying and just snap but he never did. I loved that. Predictable writing is dead boring. Yours is fantastic.

Thinking that the lack of original FFVII characters would impact on the story was a thought from myself. Yes, Selphie made a small appearance, Zell was mentioned, Quistis was there and Seifer had his rivalry with Squall, and yet they were not heavily involved, and it made no difference to what I would have thought. Your original characters are so cleverly thought out and realistic in their own ways that it surprises me they weren't original characters. Your take on Squall and Rinoa, the challenges they'd experienced and their reactions was so consuming that a lot of the time I forgot they were even characters from a game. While reading this you owned them, moulded them into these complex, damaged and genuine people. It honestly felt like I was reading a published book. Your writing is beautiful.
Honestly, I'm so glad I've read after you have finished it - I don't think I'd be sane waiting for chapters. So addicting!

Squall's I did guess that he fathered a child when it was first mentioned - the numerous doubts kind of led me think the other way even when he rejected them. My heart wept. Such horror to happen to an eighteen year old. Well, seventeen at the time. My brain would always frazzle whenever Ivy was brought up in front of him, thinking he would implode sooner or later. But there you go surprising me. And Rinoa was so understanding and caring about the entire thing. I commend you for making them like that. I don't know what I would have done if either of them would have given up at the smallest of incidents due to stereotypical rampaging teenage hormones and mood swings.

And then comes Rinoa and her past of anorexia. Your presentation of her having gone through it and her coping in a completely new environment seemed so real - I was wondering (if it's not too much ask) whether you understood it from someone close to you? Because it was very spot on. Rinoa wanting to better herself herself but forgetting a lot, being so accustomed to her old ways that she knew when she was battling herself and forcing herself to eat. I almost expected (here I go again with my assumptions) that Squall would have ordered to eat something, closer towards the end with the incident with her parents (knew it from when Squall mentioned an accident, yet still as heartbreaking as if I hadn't of guessed at all). I'm glad he didn't though, knowing it was something she needed to deal with herself.

You ended it perfectly. A sequel is most tempting on how Squall and Rinoa progress, but when is a story ever really finished? When everyone dies I suppose, and a sequel would only spoil this I reckon.
I could ramble and go one and praise you with every synonym of brilliant I know (I conveniently also have a dictionary/thesaurus beside me to find more) but I'm sure you get the picture by now. I love this story and would favourite it a millions times over if I could. Thank you writing this and sharing it. I'm only sorry that it has taken me this long to find it and review. Better late than never!
x Euphoria chapter 65 . 7/26/2014
You ended the story with my most favorite Our Lady Peace song. Perfect.

Ok. So wow. I'm so happy that Rinoa admitted herself back into Obel Lake. Or at least I think it was Obel lake. I honestly did not think she would be able to survive in Delling without Squall if she didn't.

It seemed very much like Squall to track her down instead of driving his family crazy by pacing around for the rest of his life.

I can't thank you enough for the joy you gave me when I took a couple of days to read this story. It was wonderful 3.
x Euphoria chapter 64 . 7/26/2014
I'm going to Adrienne and Ivy :\. At least Rinoa got all her secrets off her chest and told her two friends. I understand what you mean that there was a lot of things to wrap up but you covered a lot here I think.
x Euphoria chapter 63 . 7/26/2014
UGHHHH My heart really really hurts. This is so sad. I can't believe the story is going to end soon either. It's just been so wonderful devoting my time to reading things. I loved every minute of it.
x Euphoria chapter 62 . 7/25/2014
I'm so sad. She's going to have to go with her Uncle and leave Squall :[. I don't think either of them will be able to handle that. On the plus side though her birthday would only be about 2-3 weeks away but still it won't be so easy to get back there... ughh my heart hurts because they are in pain.
x Euphoria chapter 61 . 7/25/2014
Aw Brother Sister bonding was really sweet. I'm glad Squall's family realizes what a positive influence Rinoa has on Squall.
x Euphoria chapter 60 . 7/25/2014
Wow I'm surprised Rob called but I'm glad Rinoa told him off. It's good that she got that off of her chest. It's nice to see Squall caring and opening up to her.
x Euphoria chapter 59 . 7/25/2014
Yay more Our Lady Peace. I swear your song choices for these chapters are really great. I've been listening to them and reading at the same time so it sets a mood.

UGHHH Only 6 chapters left. :[
x Euphoria chapter 58 . 7/25/2014
I'm relieved Laguna and Squall had a talk. They really needed it.
x Euphoria chapter 57 . 7/25/2014
I love reading Squall chapters. So so so much. I liked that he sneaked away to call Ellone for advice. Squall is incredibly sweet for trying to make sure he doesn't ruin Rinoa's life. He just wants to make sure he goes about things the right way that it's adorable.
x Euphoria chapter 56 . 7/25/2014
I'm so proud of Squall he has come a long way. He did the right thing by telling her no. It would have been the simple solution but that doesn't mean it was the best one for her.
x Euphoria chapter 55 . 7/25/2014
I love reading Squall chapters. It's nice seeing inside his head.

As weird as this may sound in a review I can totally understand and relate to why Rinoa wants to fill her emotional pain with something more physical. I can't blame her.
x Euphoria chapter 54 . 7/25/2014
That was heartbreaking. I'm really impressed with your ability to write great romance and tragedy. It's insane how good of a writer you are. I'm glad that Laguna and Raine offered Rinoa their place I figured they would. I noticed a few stuff from the game like I'll be waiting for you here and Julia's ring. It was a some nice touches that you added to this chapter. RIP Julia and Fury Caraway :[
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