Reviews for Draco: Phoenix Rising
A Slytherin girl chapter 12 . 8/10
You're so creative! Your fic is incredibly awesome! I love every single detail! Your story take me to a whole new adventure with the Harry Potter. Thanks a lot whoever you are :), love from a Viet Nam by the way
Mistress DragonFlame chapter 51 . 7/30
Interesting take on the final book. From hindsight, a lot of things were well guessed!
zauza chapter 4 . 7/25
Hm, I very much doubt that Draco or anyone else for that matter would simply call the snake face, Voldemort. Any Death Eater or associate would refer to him as Dark Lord, My Lord or Master when addressing him. The only ones that did that were Dumbledore, Harry and at times Hermione. Actually it is one of the most important things in the whole series and referred to in every book more than once. So the last thing that Draco would do at this point would be to call him that specially when talking to other death Eaters.
But I do like this story so far. :)
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 51 . 7/1
Absolutely loved the progression of this story! What a beautiful work of art!
Rankin chapter 51 . 6/30
Ah, so this was made before the last book was published!

Well, no wonder Snape was pushed aside so easily and that Potter isn't a hocrux.

Well, all in all, the finale was... Okay. Actually, the build up for it was terrible. It just felt like "oops! The dark lord is here already!" It felt very underwhelming compared to all the other great scenes the story pulled before like Wormtail suddenly wisking Draco away.

Actually, the start also felt like that. Like, Draco hadn't really fully committed himself to betraying Voldemort but he suddenly found himself in front of Luna and he was okay with that, and wasn't panicking or trying to fix the situation.

The twist and turns, the banter, are all top notch with the action scenes being 4/5. The real weak point of this fic was just the build up of big events. Everything else was just freaking great and I would love to read this story again!

Shame your a fujoshi though. Else I would have read more of your fics.
Rankin chapter 49 . 6/30



Oh my God that was unbelievable! Damn, I have no words! I had a feeling Regulus was alive by the way you wrote it, but I didn't expect him to be under such a disguise!

But what about Harry!? The unintended hocrux!? What now!?
Rankin chapter 44 . 6/30
I'm sad this is going to be over soon and the vast majority of the Author's work is turbo fujoshi.
Rankin chapter 33 . 6/30
Damn, those three last chapters were intense and had appropriate tension! And Draco wasn't portrayed as some damsel in distress
Rankin chapter 28 . 6/30
Ughhhhh, I can't hate the Weasel any more right now.
Rankin chapter 26 . 6/30
Huh... Never thought I'd see the day when someone would write Draco winning against Ron in chess. Often, they just leave that for Ron...
Guest chapter 23 . 6/30
The ending was great and Draco was downright diabolical!

I freaking love it!
4fanci chapter 34 . 6/21
This banter between Harry and Draco and Hermione is fabulous, one that I'm sure Rowling herself regrets not pursuing. Love this chapter!
Guest in Europe chapter 51 . 6/3
I've now read this for the third time... and it's still utterly brilliant.
Thank you.
shadowjames7 chapter 1 . 5/8
is this a Draco harry gay love thing cause I don't read them so I wanna know before I read it not that I have anything against gay fanfic pls teaply
Dulce Muerte chapter 51 . 4/7
interesting twist, loved how the remarks that were usually venomous for Draco became playful
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