Reviews for Icha Icha go round!
Guest chapter 6 . 12/27/2012
KaKashiisWifey chapter 6 . 12/26/2012
lol that sounds exactly like kakashi!
Clove15 chapter 1 . 8/21/2011
This is going to be a fun story.
ShikamaraKibaKankoura chapter 4 . 5/10/2011
Orochimaru and Tsunade

Lycan91 chapter 6 . 12/21/2009
Awsome cant wait to see what the next chapters are like. YAY LEMONS! :)
meatballs in the impala chapter 6 . 7/21/2009
hell yes! I would definitely read Icha Icha if Kakashi was in them!
DarkHeartsUnleashed chapter 6 . 6/30/2009
Kakashi isn't Konoha's White Fang. That was his father. Kakashi is Konoha's Copy Ninja. KakaAnko is just so cute! I'm glad you included them as one of the couples... even if Jiraiya is having his 'imagination time' and putting them together... Wow.. imagine Kakashi's reaction when he sees the Jiraiya put him with Anko. Will he be angry, think perverted thoughts, look dumbly at Jiraiya, or none of the above! XD
DarkHeartsUnleashed chapter 4 . 6/30/2009
Good story. i like it. However, if it takes place during shippuden, then Akamaru wouldn't be on Kiba's head. Kiba would be riding Akamaru.
Kingkakashi chapter 6 . 3/5/2009
Interesting series of stories, and very well written. I hope you'll come back to updating it again. I'd like to see Naruto/Kurenai or Kakashi/Kurenai for the next chapter.
VampireDesire chapter 3 . 9/27/2008
lol, love it!


wouldn't mind if shika have read his story lol. ill so die to read/see his reaction including ino!

(gasp) imagine if they read it together and out loud?
alliwant chapter 2 . 4/21/2008
ahahahahaha! i loved the ending to this chapter! it was was so funny to imgaine neji being afraid of tenten. it was hilarious!
NinjaGirlRebecca chapter 6 . 4/11/2008
Thank you now I have even more dirty

Ideas for my book you are a grate writer.
Yuki Monotomo chapter 6 . 12/18/2007
Sorry I only have a hat. No fancy wheel.

The three it picked was...

ShizunexKakashi He's a lucky man

SaixIno Whatever

GaixTsunade Yes! Perfect! Tsunde has the power of youth.

And I lied. No hat. Just a pile.
PhantasmagoricBlade chapter 2 . 11/14/2007
OMG This story is genius.

I am a PERV GOD!
DeviousKid3 chapter 1 . 11/6/2007
yes, your story so far has been quiet satisfying, its pretty hard to fins fics with as much enthuisasim as you when you write. your over all pairing and selection is a pleaser to many of your viewers. i look forward to reading more of fics you have created.
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