Reviews for Harry Potter and the Enemy Within
Guest chapter 19 . 6/15
good story
Schattenjagd chapter 19 . 6/9
Very nice fanfiction you wrote there, my friend! I really enjoyed it. Sorry for leaving so few and rubbish reviews, I am just really bad at that. I do attempt to write something most of the time but somehow never manage to take the time to review each chapter with more than just a sentence or two ... well, anyway, well done, I really enjoyed this. Was a very nice read :)
One thing you might be careful about: I have no idea how often I read something along the lines 'the next few weeks were ...'. Considering how often you wrote that, I would have thought the year was over about half-way through the story ;)
Schattenjagd chapter 18 . 6/9
Nice one :)
Schattenjagd chapter 16 . 6/8
Ah, yeah, I guess I am going to like the last few chapters :) Well done
Schattenjagd chapter 15 . 6/8
Nice to see Harry saved Snape :) Looking forward to see Snape's reaction at their next meeting. I hope Harry makes use of his celebrity status to tell the real story and to give that pembrooke dude a taste of his own effing medicine!
Schattenjagd chapter 12 . 6/8
I must admit, I always love it when people mistake Snape for Harry's dad xD Great chapter once more, the funeral was really nicely done
Schattenjagd chapter 5 . 6/7
Laughed so hard at the letters exchanged! Loved this chapter!
Schattenjagd chapter 1 . 6/7
I love how you had Mrs Weasley step by. I think you manage to show how much she cares with that simple action. ANd I hope there is going to be more Tonks!
archival chapter 19 . 5/30
This story is really good. The characters stay pretty much in-character. Dumbledore remains part of the story. There's enough room in the story for McGonagall, Lupin, and other adults. Harry's friendships proceed apace. Ryan's character is interesting, and kept things a bit unpredictable. I'll even forgive you for killing Molly.

The teaching/mentorship/whatever encouraged development of skills and autonomy on Harry's part, rather than reducing him to a dependent child. It included boundaries (missing from some of these tales). It focused on teaching a mental magic and managing the complications of that from his common understandings (which were therapeutic), but did not devolve into Snape-as-experienced-therapist. Your story also reflects on values and choices, as well as contrasting how Harry vs. Snape approach these with their own worldviews. Well-written.
Nisprior246 chapter 19 . 5/18
I loved your story and I'm about to read the sequel now!
ArgentNoelle chapter 1 . 5/17
I just finished this, and it was just as good as I remembered it being the first time I'd read it! The plot is so engaging, the story is really intense, I love the way you built up the rapport between Harry and Snape while keeping them both in character and not glossing over the fact that half of the time they can't stand each other and get into terrible arguments. I loved the way you brought in other plot points too,and the incorporation of the other characters - this really feels like an alternate HP book, style, characterization and everything. It was honestly so fun to read & I can't wait to re-read the sequel next! :)
Guest chapter 19 . 5/14
Simply stunning
laura chapter 19 . 5/2
This was the best thing I've ever read. It roused so many emotions out of me! I literally cried at a few parts too. I don't know who you are Theo, but I was thinking you could have been J.K herself in disguise. Thank you for writing such a wonderful fic! Really, really beautifully done!

I think I'm going to read it again. Honestly, I want to print it out and bind it and put it up on my shelf beside my HP series. You have a gift! Thanks for the father/son thing you got going on, and for not making it a slash fix. A beautiful story of forgiveness and grace!
MotekElm chapter 1 . 3/18
interesting AU 6th year. no romances and no swearing, so I let my tween son read it too and he's loving it.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/7
Awesome story! Loved it! Thanks for writing and posting.
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