Reviews for Muggle Summer, Wizard's Fall
NarutoVixin chapter 69 . 5/6
I Love this story I keep coming back and rereading it every few weeks I hope to see the rest of this tale posted soon
WannaBQueen chapter 69 . 5/5
Alas, you've appeared to have abandoned this good story.
We are displeased.
Bond James Bond chapter 52 . 5/3
I can just imagine James turning to Lily, saying, "My son's bloody James Bond! James Bond, Lily!"
Guest chapter 69 . 4/24
This is a wonderful story please think about finishing it up from your authors note it sounded like you had it just about finished
bkasavan chapter 69 . 4/17
Wait... this isn't complete? :(

This is possibly one of my favorite stories. I hope you take up writing it again.
jon08 chapter 69 . 4/7
Please where's the conclusion.
According to the stat's at the start of every chapter its been six years...
Guest chapter 69 . 4/7
I've looked on other websites that you have mentioned in Authors Notes and can't find anymore to this story anywhere, please tell me where I can find the ending. I do hope it has not been abandoned. i really want to finish this off. its been a most enjoyable read over the last two days and I would welcome the finish.
I hope its not been abandoned, if you've put the remaining chapters under a fidelius or something similar, please tell and I give my wizards oath on my life and magic not to give it to another being, magical/ muggle/ sentient or otherwise.
One again brilliant piece of fiction...
Guest chapter 43 . 4/7
Loved the 'Hitch Hikers Guide' reference, but what was really missing from that scene was an appearance by Moody (Marvin) The Paranoid Auror...
Just need to take a shower after that and change my trousers...
jon08 chapter 63 . 4/7
I'm really enjoying this. Noticed on your profile pages you had a community about smart muggles, there is a very good story I once read by an author called TangerineAlert called Sorcery, UNITed, Independence, Space, it’s a Dr Who spinoff involving UNIT- Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart/ Harry Potter etc.; The Doctor doesn't appear in this particular fic, just his 'human' earthbound colleagues. Synopsis- UNIT knows about magic and recruits Harry Potter to help defeat Voldemort. The story I read was about 50 odd chapters long with a lot of muggle and magical OC's. Unfortunately the author has removed the original an re-posted cutting it down to 15 chapters and losing a lot of OC's that gave the original such 'flavour' and depth, but there are several 'follow-ups' after Harry has defeated Voldemort, being crossovers with NCIS, Stargate SG1, and Dr Who (with an actual appearance by the Doctor), and these in my opinion really show how muggle/magic people can and do get along in the 'real world.'
Thanx again for the good read so far, 42 hrs after staring, but who's counting...
jon08 chapter 49 . 4/6
I've always thought from my own reading of canon that the trip would be mental, rather than physical into a pensieve. The 'stick your face in' or 'jump in' mentality of wizardkind is the same kind of 'innocence' in terms of how things work in much the same way that had people in the early twentieth century wondering how those small people appeared in their televisions.
jon08 chapter 40 . 4/5
I am currently reading and enjoying this story immensely, some of your chapters so far have had me in stitches, this has got to be one of the best muggle interactive fics I have read so far.
I would like to ask if I could use your idea of MI-5 in a story of my own, at this point in my story the need for this type of organisation has not come up, but I know from the way that the fic is going and that I want it to go, there will need to be some muggle way of monitoring wizards and your 'name' for this branch of the secret service just appealed to my quirky sense of humour. I would of course credit you with the idea and let my readers know of this story and others on this site.
In Anticipation.
jon08 chapter 6 . 4/5
The Queen, should be addressed as 'Your Majesty'.
TLJ110166 chapter 2 . 3/27
This is a really good story. Is there any chance of you finishing it any time soon?
aalens chapter 15 . 3/23
I like the way you have explained all the details of who knows what and why — that must have taken quite a while for you to work out!
BTW A trivial Brit pick — we Brits do not say that we 'shake' our heads to indicate 'yes', we only say 'shake' when it is the side to side shake indicating 'no' - when we shake our heads up and down to indicate 'yes' we call it nodding, we do not call it shaking.
wolf-master321 chapter 69 . 3/17
it's a great story just please don't take forever updating like ROSSWROCK -Harry Potter and the power of time. been waiting on that one forever
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