Reviews for Dauntless Pluck
the ticking clock chapter 8 . 11/27/2011
please...please update...this story is so captivating, beautiful, and such a joy to read. I've been looking for a long time for fanfiction for Snow Walker, and this is the best fic I ever found. it is simple, haunting, funny, sweet and so beautifully written.
the ticking clock chapter 6 . 11/27/2011
again, another beautiful display of Brochael and Kari's relationship. such a joy to read
the ticking clock chapter 5 . 11/27/2011
so haunting and beautifully have talent!
the ticking clock chapter 3 . 11/27/2011
this was so really shows the relationship between Kari and Brochael. amazing job
the ticking clock chapter 2 . 11/27/2011
you captured Kari with amazing clarity...I'm impressed.
the ticking clock chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
beautiful :) very well written. this is one of my fave books, and you capture one of the best characters perfectly
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 8 . 7/31/2011
Oh, that's so sad. It would be nice if she did really think like that. You've given me a whole lot of reasons to like her suddenly.
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 7 . 7/31/2011
Aw, he must be very lonely... I must say, this chapter is my favourite by far. I think, in my own way, I understand his positions. I can never express this kind of situation correctly, and you've done it so well!

Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 6 . 7/31/2011
Haha, poor Kari, being teased like that. Your writing makes me feel sorry for Brochael.
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 5 . 7/31/2011
Oh, that's so sad and depressing... It's wonderful and beautiful and it stands out.

I was wondering if I could put this story in my community Love and Stuff. Your one-shots really stand out, and some are intensely moving.
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 4 . 7/31/2011
Aww, that's utterly adorable! Well, maybe they're a bit old to be considered 'adorable', but still...
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 3 . 7/31/2011
That was so nice and meaningful. It's sweet too, and so well written.
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 2 . 7/31/2011
Aw, that's so sweet... Although, the reason why she was going is a bit confusing. I can't quite understand it. Oh well, it's a pity that it detracts from the enjoyment of this little one-shot.
Little Pisces Dreaming chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
That was nice. I'm glad he got his kantele back. Very well written.
solosinger1 chapter 8 . 2/8/2010
I absolutely love this story and this book called Snow-Walker which everyone should know what it is. It is an awesome book! I also love J/K they are so cute together. You've read Interlude right? It is awesome too. Keep this up.
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