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allison chapter 10 . 9/8/2002
omg! i love this fic! its so great!
Peter Kim chapter 10 . 9/8/2002
Can we see the Tamers and their digimons make an apperance in this fic? Since Calamon is the Shining Eveulation and Kari is the Child of Light and what would happen after they met and does powers,etc mirror each other? You should make an sequal to the Outcast with the digimon tamers and their digimons in that fic and the main villan shpuld be Demon. This should be set after the Locomon and Parasectmon movie arc. Please write chapter 11 of The Outcast very quickly!
Roxie Faye chapter 10 . 8/28/2002
Wow. Brilliant chapter. I want to know what's happening to Kari! *pouts* I suppose I will, when ever you get the next chapter up, lol. Write, Silver, write!
JAy MAn chapter 10 . 8/27/2002
Yay! Almost to the end only two more chapters you can do it. This is really comming along great, I especially like how you don't fall into the same traps as some other Daikari's and have Tai be angry for an instant then accept it totally. Things seem to be reaching a key point now let the words keep flowing.
X-Tow-Naga chapter 10 . 8/27/2002
good chapter...i do have one questions though (more about the whole story then this chapter) where is daemon in all this? Since you seem to be using the 02 ending...he would be in the Dark Ocean world...he would also be stronger then Dragomon as Dragomon is an Ultamate level and Daemon is mega, so he would most likeley now be ruleing that relm, not Dragomon...
ucchan chapter 6 . 8/25/2002
Wow! I'm only on ch6, but I'm totally impressed. This is the MOST indepth Digimon story I have ever read. The crafting is perfected to fine art! The issues dealt with in this story lend itself to good writing as well, and every moment makes me want to read more and more. Your skill is far superior to most fanfic writers I know, and this story is a fine literary gem, true to character, true to series, but not a xerox. It's quite LITERALLY the best story I've ever had the pleasure of reading. And that's saying a lot. Please finish it soon as I'll be eating up the next few chapters! _
Dragon of Courage chapter 10 . 8/24/2002
Wow. That was breathtakin'...awesome...
Jinako-chan chapter 10 . 8/24/2002
Jeez, finally got through all this! I'm not sure if I can possibly articulate how many feelings reading this story brought...but I'll try! I really like your idea, first off. It's one of the most realistic post-02 endings I've seen. I love it - everything from Kari and Davis' relationship, to G.O.D., even Hitoshi himself at times. It's all just wonderful! I really like how you try to focus on all your characters, even the "bad guys" like Hitoshi and Muri. It's nice to see. I also thought one of my favorite scenes was when Gatomon showed off her scars - that was just amazing. Even though, as I started reading this, I really didn't care for Daikari, I think I like it a lot better now because of this fic. The way you've made their relationship progress was very smooth, subtle but like most relationships it just kind of struck into the fic like lightning. I...arrrgh, I can't possibly put myself into words! But just know if you don't finish this, I take it upon myself to force you to do so. It's that good. One of, if not, the best Digimon fic I've seen.
Water Mist chapter 10 . 8/24/2002
You can't leave it there! Please write more soon! "Think Gennai would give me a crest of miracles? I'm pretty good at those." That was my favorite part. Is that line forshadowing something? _ I hope so! Well write some more of this excellent story soon. Great job!
Silver Warrior chapter 10 . 8/23/2002
Wow. Incredible chapter. Absolutely incredible.
Chris chapter 10 . 8/23/2002
You recomend "Call of cathulu" me and my friend, who i will call C (for purposes of anonomity) have readily admitted our lack of sanity, but even we live in fear of those scary people who actually like the game "call of cathulu." I sincerely hope that the book is better than the game, and that i will not have to add you to my list of "corrupters of little children" I don't mean to sound critical, but those who i know who like this cathulu stuff are all sick minded individuals who are to be avioded by all beloow the age of 14 at all costs. Don't join that group.
The TurquoiseCow chapter 10 . 8/22/2002
Wow, definite drama in this part, glad to see the story is (finally) moving towards a close! It's been slow getting out, but I for one must say the waits have definitely been worth it. Great job, can't wait for more!
Davyfan1 chapter 10 . 8/22/2002
This story is awesome! I hope the next chapter is up SOON!
Anthony1 chapter 10 . 8/21/2002
I'm so glad that chapter 10 is finally on . And since my birthday is tomorrow, I can kind of consider this as a bonus birthday present. I really enjoy reading this entire. The DaiKari were all good.

Things though are seemingly going to heat up in the last two chapters of this story. I can hardly wait to see what happens in chapters 11 and 12.

I know that you are going to try to put up the next chapter as soon as possible. But don't rush it. I think I speak for everyone who is a fan of this story by saying take all the time you need so you can have another great chapter for this terrific story.
Joe ghet chapter 10 . 8/21/2002
i'd like to start of this review by saying... could there possibly be a better fanfic on ? i mean seriously... i've read bestsellers... i'm talking about the big books that were less interesting and well-developed as this. You have a serious talent here man! In all seriousness this fic kicks some serious ass! Hell i don't even remember digimon season 02 but i still keep coming back to the digimon section of just because of fantastic fics like this! I'd say that your writing is getting better and smoother with each chapter. You comment about how you spent nearly a year on this fic... and the results are clearly shown in your abilities to write a story. For even more proof looking at this fic in comparison to walkabout shows true difference and growth in your abilities to write a story. And seeing the improvements you have made... i'm in gleeful shock to think about what kind of masterpeice you will make after this fic, even through seeing the standards you set for yourself in this fic... it's gonna be hard to beat! Anyway i can't wait to read the next chapter in this fanfic... i can't believe that there are only 2 more chapters, makes be want to cry. I could always hope for a sequel heh heh heh... yea now i'm rambeling... hope to write a review for chapter 11 soon and i also hope that college life doesn't bog you down from writing great fanfics!
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