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Goldenbassets chapter 13 . 12/22/2017
This was so original and so amazing! I had a big smile and happy tears through most of the last chapter. Seeing how Hyde and Jackie connected throughout each chapter was sweet and heartbreaking. Such a great fic!
AliInactive chapter 13 . 10/25/2017
this is like, so unique! i love reading fanfics with interesting conceptsespecially when a large chunk of fanfics for this show are all the same.
thank you for such a fresh take on everything. this was very refreshing to read!
Pmason chapter 13 . 6/4/2017
Ohhhhh my gooosh I love it ️️
beeboplee chapter 13 . 11/15/2016
Seriously one of my favorite fanfics! it's such an original idea and beautifully written!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/9/2014
i dont even have words that was just...amazing
thepurplecookiemonster chapter 13 . 7/15/2013
that was the sweetest thing... :)
thepurplecookiemonster chapter 6 . 7/15/2013
Gosh, you're gonna make me cry right nowwww! jksal;vinrguhoalsjklfd
awesome story! like really really really awesome! even though I'm kinda late for the party... ;)
chromeknickers chapter 13 . 1/18/2013
Haha! I knew Vetri was Hyde.

Wow, just wow. I absolutely LOVED the premise of this story. Extremely unique and a wonderful read. You are very talented, m'dear.
mrstrinamills chapter 13 . 2/28/2011
Wow, this story is based on a rather unique concept and I really enjoyed seeing it all unfold as Jackie slowly learned about her choices and damn, for a moment I was a little worried that there wasn't that third option to pick! Thankfully, she did have that choice and she went with it. Anyway, this was wonderfully written and I had a good time reading my way through the chapters until the very end. Good job!
MistyMountainHop chapter 13 . 2/27/2011
She poked him in the chest. "I thought you didn't love me, Steven!"


To forget he'd loved her. To forget that he'd realized that he always would.

AWWW! *love love*

Might as well give her an ultimatum. See how she liked it. See how she dealt with it.

LOL Can't wait to see this.

He's not running off to Vegas to marry a random stripper. She frowned, her brow furrowing. What in the hell kind of thought was that? Where had it come from?

Nice touch.

"Sometimes I think I chose you even before I was born. I just…I didn't wait for your answer because I was so scared." She looked down. "I love you so much that it really scares me sometimes, Steven."

LOVE this whole thing.

For the first time, he allowed himself to follow what he wanted instead of what the fear wanted.

Guh. How I love that. SO MUCH to LOVE. *lol*

Later on, they lay naked underneath the covers on the bed. Jackie gingerly held up the broken sunglasses and gave Steven a shy smile. "I uh…I think I fell on these."

Aww... I was wondering about the deeper purpose of him throwing his shades on the bed.

"Guess I probably couldn't get another you, though."

*dies* That's lovely.

He laughed, too hopped up on the afterglow of amazing sex and the relief of being with this goofy chick again to be angry with himself for being so Forman-like. "Jackie," he said, turning to her and taking her face in his hands. "God, just shut your piehole!"

LOL Aww, Hyde. You feel so much.

"There's, uh, there's something else I know. You know, beside the fact that I want you to come home with me."

She lifted up. "Yeah? What's that?"

He brushed a strand of black and silken hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ears. And he smiled. "I know that I love you."

GUH! More wonderful.

"Oh, Steven," she purred, lowering her lips to just above his. "You are gonna get SO much sex tonight!"


Vetri and Love, probably the two UBS he'd enjoyed guiding more than any other. Together because they'd chosen one another.

Oh... *skips merrily back to the first chapter...*

From the first chapter:

I turn around and find Vetri, another UBS – unborn soul – hovering behind me. Like me, and the others in line, V (as Vetri prefers to be called)

Tee-hee. I should have known. Seriously. Derrrrr... "Vetri" means "glass" in Italian. Does it stand for Hyde's shades? It would've been interesting to know the kinds of things Vetri saw while he was with Paul, unless it was much the same as what Love had seen.

I absolutely adore this story. Thank you so much for writing and sharing it.
MistyMountainHop chapter 12 . 2/27/2011
I lift my head and do my best to smile. Paul is looking at me as if he understands what I'm thinking and feeling, and I'm sure he does, though I'm not sure I do. All I know is that he told me that when we were done, I'd know what to do. And I don't. "I just…I don't know what's wrong. I feel... disappointed or something."

I'm so giddy with anticipation, but I trust Love (that can be taken two ways, I think). D And I'm completely sympathizing with Love at this moment.

I thought love was supposed to make a person better. Challenge and magnify.

LOVE this.

"I think you do know what's wrong but are too afraid to say anything."

Just like Jackie and Hyde were in those two choices... which is what kept them from being together. This is one of Love's lessons...

"He just loves her. And he can't even say it, because it's so much it scares him."


I look at Paul. "She loves him, too." I turn, then turn back, glaring at him. "Why isn't he a choice? They love each other!"

Hooray that she says this.

He smiles gently and approaches me. "You have a third choice, Love."

Thank effing God. *LOL*

Paul smiled and nodded. "I can tell you that, and it is Steven." He raises an eyebrow. "I can't tell you how you get together, or even if you last. If you go through pain, if he hurts you or if you hurt him. I can't tell you anything more."

Relief... that's what my Zennie heart feels on Love's behalf. Pain can be worth it if leads to greater joy.

"If you want to choose him, you're going to have to take a risk."

D D But far better to take a risk with the *possibility* of happiness than to be trapped in the certainty of safe misery.

And somehow, I know, I know, what I have to do. Because the feeling in my chest, where Paul had touched me before this journey, is echoing Steven's name over and over again. I know.

All I can do is smile at this. D

"Just be happy, Love, and enjoy earth. That's all I want for you."

Thank you.

As I drift off, the blanket of rest wrapping around me, I smile. I'm heading towards my maybe not so perfect, but true love.

MistyMountainHop chapter 11 . 2/27/2011
So Jackie took Kelso back again... Not unlikely, but not completely expected in this choice, either.

Jackie rolled her eyes. "No, he was hitting you because you are an idiot, Michael, and kept making fun of him for not having a girlfriend." She looked tense, and scooted away from Michael. "God, do you have to be all over me? I can't breathe, Michael!"

Subtext, anyone? *lol* Jackie's clearly not fully happy with her choice to take Kelso back. And unhappy that Hyde's gone. And Hyde, of course, would be hurt and angry as hell after this last time of comforting Jackie, reconnecting with her, only to be rejected and abandoned by her once again.

Hyde's eyes locked onto Jackie's, even as the others gasped and murmured their surprise. "A stripper," he confirmed. "And also…even better…she's my wife."

Y'know, in *this* reality, makes more sense Hyde might do this.

"I tried to do better, Jackie," he said quietly, his voice low and thick. "Better didn't want me."

Aww! And what a way to say it: "Better didn't want me." Awesomely sad.

"You can do better too, Jackie." He smiled, sadly, with a slight shake of his head and a disdainful quirk of his lips. "But you won't."

D D So Glad Hyde says this to her. Too many women find themselves in this situation.

"You're my better, too," she whispered, her voice cracking. "I just didn't think…didn't think you…oh god…"

Aw, no... ( This is so sad.

"Yeah, but at least when she's shopping she buys me stuff." Kelso gently eased his foot onto the gas pedal as the light in front of him changed to green. "And I need some stuff, Eric! God!"


You've been so..."

Fez interrupted. "Bitchy."

LOL Oh, Fez.

It could be because Steven, despite his scruffiness, was darn hot, especially when he was brooding.


incredibly manageable hair.


Two choices.

One decision.

And none of them would be Steven Hyde.

Gah. Trapped... Or maybe not. *clutches her Zennie heart*
MistyMountainHop chapter 10 . 2/27/2011
Jackie wants to go, but can't, because of a cheerleading obligation.

And that suits Kelso just fine…

Oh-ho, the plot thickens.

"My cheerleading lock in was canceled, so I thought I'd surprise Michael and come with you guys to Chicago."

A twist on the events of "Vanstock". Awesome.

"Why don't you surprise him right now, Jackie?" Hyde said, smirking, but in a somewhat muted manner. "He's in the van."

Jackie grinned and again clapped her hands. "Good idea!"

But when she opened the door of the fan, and found her boyfriend on top of Eric's slutty sister Laurie, his hand on one of her exposed breasts, her smile fell.

Love the change that Jackie actually catches Laurie and Kelso fooling around thanks to Hyde's suggestion.

"Jackie! Oh…god, just wait. This isn't what…I was just…I was doing CPR on her! She was choking!"


She hit him in the shoulder. "I didn't mean she should be led to it like a lamb to the slaughter, dillhole!"

Perfect way to characterize what just happened.

Hyde shrugged, his smile falling, his eyes trailing after Jackie's flight path. "I was just sick of his shit, you know?" He shook his head and closed his eyes. "Just sick of it."

Aww... He loves her. D

Pam nodded. "True, but if I hadn't forgiven your father, you wouldn't be here right now, Jackie."

Interesting parallel.

Ugh. Pam's advice... but spot-on Pam.

Love frowned. "That sounds like what Point Place Jackie's mom would say. This mom was supposed to be better!"

She turned accusing eyes at Paul. "I think you're mixing things up."

Paul shook his head. "No. Remember, I told you that some things would be the same in both choices."

Makes sense.

He looked like a puppy, a lost puppy who missed his leash and the person who guided him.

LOL Nice image. "Put the short leash back on me!" indeed.

"What is she looking at? That t-shirt hanging over the chair?"

Paul nodded. "But don't ask me to explain it to you, or who gave it to her, because I'm not going to."

Hyde's shirt means more to her - and was a more genuine gesture, perhaps, (coming from a more genuine man).

"Oh, I am, Jackie, I am. I mean, I love it when you get all bossy with me, so feel free."


She nodded and smiled, looking tired. "Okay."

Her voice was so small.


And his was so large.


Great character detail about the "size" of their voices.


Love had the oddest sensation, like she'd been here before, like Jackie had been here before. She looked at Paul.

"It's called déjà vu. The feeling of having experienced something before."

"But when have I experienced this before?"

So intriguing! D (I really hate that word right now *lol*).

A year later, Jackie and Kelso have been going strong, or at least, that's what she and everyone else thought. And then one day a very lovely young woman, Brooke, comes to the basement with news. She's pregnant with Kelso's child.

Oh, boy. Yup. Kelso knows how to keep his promises... and his plomises.

"Get me pregnant, Steven."

Oh, my God! *eek* First, I feel for Hyde that he keeps being Jackie's comfort over Kelso. He's really letting himself get screwed over here. Second, Jackie's using him, taking him for granted... not nice. But not out of character. Especially in this reality.

She tried to kiss his lips, but he avoided her. "No, you don't! You'd only be doing it to get back at Kelso!"

Derr... Glad Hyde recognizes that. *lol*

Did he feel so much for her that even though he knew Jackie was basically using him, he'd give in?

So glad Love knows Jackie's (basically) using him.

And was she really using him? It seemed so, and yet, it also seemed not so. Something in her eyes as they joined with his. Something in the way her fingers trailed his sideburns, his stubbly cheeks.

Hmm... D D

Love's toes curled as the couple's kiss deepened and sped. They pressed so close and tight against each other she shivered. A weird and tingling, slightly aching pleasure built in her middle.

Oh, I love that Love has this visceral response to seeing/experiencing Hyde and Jackie being physically intimate/connecting.

"Paul, what the hel…heck?"

LOL Cute.

"What if I want to watch, huh?"

"No. It's something you should experience rather than watch," Paul said.

"Unless you're Fez in Choice One," Love pointed out.

LOL and aww and LOL

Love sighed. She supposed she'd have to wait to see what sex was like. Unless…She glanced at Paul. He wasn't bad looking at all. And, as he began to walk away from her, she noticed that his backside was rather nice.

"I know what you're thinking, and while I'm flattered, no."

Love rolled her eyes. Figured.

LMAO Oh, gosh... but adorable.
MistyMountainHop chapter 9 . 2/27/2011
Eric has started dating a new girl. Fez has taken a job at a new candy store, and in his spare time is pursuing his quota of "pool boob". And Jackie and Hyde…well…are keeping each other occupied.

Interesting (Eric), LOL (Fez), and LOL-yay (Jackie/Hyde).

Kelso raised an eyebrow. "A fling? A fling where they do it all the time? A fling like the one I had with D..."

Yup. I knew it. D

Paul nodded. "He's not a good liar at all."


Love smiled for a moment, then frowned. "I'm not supposed to be cheering for Hyde, am I? "

Aww... (and yes, you are *lol*)

"A fling is just a fling. Yeah…so Jackie and Hyde aren't really together together. They're just messing around." He grinned. "Alright!"

I like how Kelso's trying to convince himself of this.

The angel nodded. "True. But sometimes, how one person feels simply doesn't matter to fate."


She was startled; for some reason, her heart wasn't racing the way it used to when he approached her.

Jackie felt a little tingle at the base of her spine. Michael was looking at her in a way she'd always dreamed he would, and she couldn't help herself from enjoying it. And now her heart was starting to beat faster, her breath catching on it as it did so. Instinctively, she tossed her hair – beautifully styled, as always – over her shoulder. "Of course I am," she said. She glanced at him. Oh yeah, he looked good. A football jersey that made his shoulders look about a million miles wide, and tight jeans that enjoyed his backside. "You are, too."

I LOVE that you have Jackie react this way to Kelso... first not being affected, but after a little "appreciation" from him, her old feelings kicking in. Realistic and unpredictable at the same time. Totally believe it. Totally appreciate the layers you put into this story.

"It's easy as hell to get out of there without paying!"


I adore the scene between Jackie and Hyde in the basement when she wants to "break things off".

He looked at her. "You want to go."

She lifted her eyes to him, but because of his glasses, couldn't see him, couldn't read him. And his voice was so dull she couldn't interpret it.

The detail of Hyde's voice being "dull"... we can really hear it. And get the emotions underneath.

"Look, there's nothing to break off, so it's fine by me."

Jackie nodded, though his answer didn't exactly fill her with the relief she'd been hoping for. "Good." She stood up. No need to sit here in awkward silence. "Well…I mean…"

He shook his head. "You don't need to thank me or say some mushy goodbye, okay? It's fine. We're done fooling around. Whatever."

Gosh, I love this. It's so in-character. And Jackie's conflict... delicious.

She nodded. "Okay." She started to walk towards the basement door, but stopped. Tears filled her eyes, and a feeling that was brutally intense spread through her body until she began shaking. She turned back to him and stumbled a bit towards him. "Steven, I just…when Michael ran off to California, I felt horrible. I mean, really, really horrible. And you…" She smiled, a tear limping slowly off the lashes beneath each of her eyes. "You made me feel so much better. I had so much fun with you."

"Yeah. So much fun you'd rather be with Kelso."

GAH! More to love. The "feeling that was brutally intense spread[ing] through [Jackie's] body until she began shaking" - realistic. And Hyde's reaction... note-perfect.

She looked up, reached up and touched his cheek. "I'm really glad that you were my first." She smiled shakily. "It was so amazing, and I'm never gonna forget it."

Helloooo... D'uh! Didn't even think of that. What a freakin' original take. And how could that be "just a fling" to Jackie Burkhart? And I'm sure being the one Jackie trusted enough to be with the first time meant a lot to Hyde.

"Well, maybe something in Hyde scares Jackie."


He shrugged. "Sure. Glad I could entertain you."

Jackie looked confused, hurt, ashamed

Oy! Terrific reactions from both of them.

"Yeah. I uh…I need to cancel a reservation. Yeah. Hyde. H-Y-D-E. Friday at 7. Yeah. No, just…something came up.

Yeah. Thanks."

AWW! He'd made reservations their first date! That's so touchingly sad.

She linked her arm through his, and he smiled sweetly down at her. She returned it. He'd brought her flowers when he picked her up, impressing her mother, and he'd given her father a strong handshake, impressing him. Her parents' approval meant everything to her; they'd met Steven once, and hadn't liked him at all. She'd been lectured for a good while on how she should stay away from him.

Interesting. Shows Jackie's conflict. Great details.

"Is that the reason she broke up with Steven? Love asked the angel.

Paul shrugged. "Part of it. Shhh. Focus on Jackie and Kelso."

I love (yes, I'm using that word in abudance... 'cause I love this dang story) that Love is so focused on Jackie and Hyde, which, of course, speaks to Hyde being her *true* love.

I mean, you know how hot I am. I've got girls all over me. I didn't wanna give that up.

LOL Kelso's real humble.

"I do want that, Michael," she said, with a hint of hesitation. She cleared her throat, hoping he hadn't noticed. "I really want that. I always have."

Jackie's conflict(ed). D

Paul nodded. "And you realize what he was scared of? She made him want to settle down. That's why he ran. He wasn't ready. But doesn't that say a lot about how he feels about her?"


The angel raised his eyebrow. "Just remember his sweet side. I'm afraid we're going to have to go see a…well, a less than sweet side."

I can't wait to see it. *lol*

The worst thing about this story is that I know it'll be over in a few chapters... D
MistyMountainHop chapter 8 . 2/27/2011
"Well, gee, Forman, that could be because you dumped her," Hyde said. He made a face and grabbed the beer out of Eric's hand. "Gimme that. You don't deserve beer."

That is so Hyde. And I'm really curious about Eric's dumping of Donna...

Fez stood behind them, and he nodded. "Yes, Eric, you are a dumbass. You gave up a woman who would actually have sex with you." He crossed his arms and looked away. "Idiot."


Love raised an eyebrow. She could see through Hyde's sunglasses, and the look in his eyes as he stared at Jackie and the Chip guy was downright nasty. "Well, Kelso's not the only jealous one," she commented, suppressing a giggle. She looked at the Paul. "Are you sure that Jackie ends up with Kelso and not Hyde? He sure does like her."

I love this whole thing. D I love that Love can see through Hyde's shades and know (mostly) what he's feeling.

Eric lifted his eyebrows. "Well, I guess Hyde isn't in a good mood today."

Kelso waved his hand at the space Hyde had just occupied. "Whatever." He turned back at again stared at Jackie and Chip. His eyes darkened. "I'm not jealous."

Eric and Fez exchanged glances, and spoke together. "Whatever, Kelso."

Great scene.

Kelso sighed. He should have known. Quarterbacks were never up to any good. "You might wanna rethink that, man. I mean, she's really young, she's never had a boyfriend before."

Interesting that Kelso's actually got the potential to be protective like this.

Kelso backed up, pressing Jackie away from him with a light touch of his hands to her shoulders. His heart was racing, yet the prospect of kissing Jackie panicked him. "Yeah, just…go away! Forget this ever happened, okay?"

Love the variation... you make Kelso react like *Kelso* even though he's feeling the same things Hyde felt in the episode.

Paul nodded. "He's scared of Jackie."

"Scared? Of her? She's tiny. And he's…well, he's built well. Why is he scared of her?"

Paul smiled. "He's scared of something else about her. Which you'll understand in good time. Now come along, my dear."

Just like Hyde was scared of Jackie in choice 1.

She stopped and turned to him, smiling up at him as flirtatiously as she could, though she knew he could hardly see her.

Great characterizing detail.

"You're not as bad as some. At least you don't argue. For instance, Hy…" Paul stopped and cleared its throat. "Hyanthia, a girl I mentored a few days ago, was much worse."

YAY! I mean, er... intriguing. *lol* I'm sick of writing that word, but that fits this story perfectly.

"I told my girlfriend here that it would be cool to break into school and do it." He grinned cockily. "And since I'm so hot, you know, she said yes."

LOL And awesome way to bring in "Moon Over Point Place" - without rehashing it. Original thinking.

She looked down at the ground, her cheeks suddenly warm from the thought of doing that with Michael


"But we didn't break, and we sure as hell didn't enter!"


Kelso didn't look at her. "I know." His eyes widened. "Can you imagine what would have happened to me in jail? I mean, god, those guys are always just waiting for some hot dude to come along." He shook his head, his brow furrowing. "I'd have been somebody's bitch, man!"

LOL And I love that you didn't have Kelso be arrested, just willing to take the fall.

Not so bright, and kind of spazzy


"I was gonna be her rebound from her rebound."

Great way to put it.

Love frowned. "Why did he go to California? He was supposed to go out with Jackie."

Jackie looked at Hyde, who was gazing at her, sans sunglasses, cautiously. "Did he go to get out of going on a date with me?"

Seriously? Is he that much of a wimp in this choice? I'm suspicious... (which is awesome. I love a story that makes me wonder).

She nodded, her eyes dropping to the floor. She studied it, the cold concrete, and thought she was just like it; seemingly solid, seemingly strong, but riddled with tiny cracks easily hidden by paint or carpet. In her case, hidden by beautiful clothes and perfect make up.

Great detail and metaphor.

"But what about Hyde? He's so nice to her, and she doesn't even notice him."

He lifted one shoulder. "Maybe. Maybe not."

Love blinked slowly at the cryptic answer. "What does that mean?"

"It means, you'll see. Come on."

GAH. *lol* I am so so so so so so enjoying this story.
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