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Lady Asrai chapter 22 . 4/29/2016
Amazingly brilliant and perfect and beautiful.

I love to read this ship, but so many of my friends don't understand it. Next time they ask, I'll point them to this fic. Because this is exactly why I love it. You got everything perfect, their personalities, the story, the romance.

Thank you for this
Fox Loves Shinigami chapter 22 . 9/8/2013
This is an amazing fic. I don't read a whole lot of AUs but yours was most certainly worth it. I was hooked after the first chapter. I'm a little sad that it was never made public that Cathy sabotaged herself but I feel that Trowa going solo was hos way of saying he was through with her. Keep up the amazing work _ Ja.
Lunarius-Chibi chapter 22 . 8/27/2013
Oh my god. Where do I begin...? Well how about here: THAT WAS AMAZING SWEETIE! I started reading this and just couldn't stop. Which is rare cause I usually don't read Modern AU, but this is one of my favorite pairings in Gundam Wing. Honey, when I say I felt a dust bunny start taking form for this couple in a AU of my own...I am not kidding. Thank you for writing this and thank you for adding in those songs. You were beautiful in your descriptions...even if I had no idea of half the things being said...huggles
LoveCosmicLace chapter 22 . 8/13/2012
This makes me want to learn how to ice skate lolz.
LoveCosmicLace chapter 5 . 8/13/2012
Yay for t.A.t.U! _
LavenderSpice chapter 22 . 7/7/2012
Wow this totally made my day! It's cute, nice with a healthy dose of drama. Dang those two had some fights, but I love how you resolved them and how you showed the way they evolved/matured because of those struggles. Just all around great :)

TwlightMystery chapter 22 . 6/13/2012
Man I wish there was more it was so good! _
Jaguarsolaris chapter 22 . 3/22/2012
loved your story! breathtaking!
Cremello chapter 22 . 3/10/2011
Oh my gosh. Wow. I'm totally speechless. This story is amazingly cute, wonderfully written, and I really love it. I really like the way you ended with the beginning, the build-ups, not giving things away too early, but hinting plenty. I just about screamed in anticipation when I realized Heero was Trowa's cousin... You have a great writing style and I didn't notice any grammar/spelling mistakes. Thanks for writing!
Ensign Klutz chapter 22 . 2/15/2011
This was a very different story from all the other 3x4 stories I've read and my goodness! It was a doozie, it almost makes me glad I missed out on High School and was home schooled. But in a way, the interactions Trowa and Quatre had during their school time and at the skating rink were so priceless to them, that it makes me MISS something I never had. I'm sorry if that doesn't really make sense, but in an nut shell, you're story made me understand the craziness of high school and what can come from it.

Trowa and Quatre both had it rough, their problems and living situations; your telling of their lives was incredible. Their complicated lives you managed to simplify during the story and in that action, you made the muses see where they went wrong and they were able to mend their ways. It is brilliant and I wish I could write as well as you can.

So must detail, work, and effort went into this story and I could see it all. This story is really important to me; not because of the possible reconnection with high school, but for the fangirl in me. You gave me an idea of what their lives could have been if there was no war. It is enjoyable to see which are capable of catching the characters personalities and adding a "spice" that compliments the more. Although, Cathy was really... mean (for a lack of wanting to diss her). I mean, I understand that it was necessary, but still... Ow. I like her! But even then, I understand her... standing in life. Even the work you put into the antagonists are just as detailed as the protagonists. Thank you for that.

Overall, a wonderful story, which I would love to read again sometime. If not for all the drama and romance, for Dimitri. He is so adorable! Especially his interaction with Trowa, Quatre, and Petra. Awesome~!

Thank you for the great story and take care!
Kaerith chapter 22 . 12/18/2010
Interesting AU that really drew me in. It wasn't predictable, the pace was good, and you seem to have quite a grasp on both skating and ballet. Noticed a few typos, and you wrote "gave up the goat" instead of "gave up the ghost" that made me crack up, but just that phrase and a coupe of French ballet terms that got auto-corrected threw me off.

If you ever need someone to beta read, PM me. I've enjoyed what I've read of your work, am really good with grammar, and am unemployed with a lot of free time. :)
Cinnamon Selkie chapter 22 . 8/1/2010
~Plus, Quatre got his revenge on Cathy and Jason at the same time—it was all over the school that Jeff and Jason were caught fooling around at a party, and the rumor mill just kept churning out new theories about the supposed love triangle. Quatre denied having anything to do with starting the rumor, but Trowa could tell he was lying. He always smirked a little when he claimed innocence.~

Brilliant, *evil* Quatre. I wouldn't want him for an enemy.

Your description of Quatre and Trowa's skating routine was beautiful. I could actually see it happening.

And Quatre's feet are better! He can dance again!

Happy endings all around, it seems.

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful story :) Cinnamon.
Cinnamon Selkie chapter 21 . 8/1/2010
~It worked like a charm, and Quatre smiled softly, laughing just a little as he nodded, "Yep. My father said that I got my stubbornness from Heero, and Heero's parents think that he got his stubbornness from me. Naturally, neither my father nor Heero's parents are willing to change their minds on the subject. They're both quite stubborn."~

*Giggles* Great line :) And it's wonderful that Trowa finally seems like he's actually going to try and fix things, without freaking out and making things worse.

~"Wow." Quatre gasped, finding his voice again, panting into Trowa's neck as they relaxed on the bed, "If I knew I'd get that sort of treatment every time I agreed to date you, I'd break up with you way more often."~

*Snorts with laughter* Can't say that I blame him...Apparently, make up sex wins the day :D

~After stumbling around a little, he found a box of Corn Flakes. Success! His next mission was to find the milk. He opened the fridge... But it wasn't there… Where was the milk? It was way too early to be problem solving!~

Hmm. Not a morning person then. Poor baby.

I'm glad that Heero and Trowa have sorted out their differences. I'm a sucker for a happy ending :) Cinnamon.
Cinnamon Selkie chapter 20 . 7/31/2010
~"Fuck YOU Jeff. You're one sick little fuck! You and Cathy are meant for each other. If you ever threaten my boyfriend again, or his friends, I'm going to kick your ass so hard you're going to fucking ENJOY it!" he hissed, turning on his heel and moving past the swarm of girls. After seeing how easily Trowa had laid Jeff flat on his ass, they cleared like the red sea!~

Woo! Trowa to the rescue! That was probably an excellent way for him to work of any remaining steam-and Jeff definitely deserved it! Cinnamon.
Cinnamon Selkie chapter 18 . 7/31/2010
~Duo, sensing weakness, pounced immediately. "Well, yeah. The guy was texting him all day. He kept thinking it was you, but nope, Purple-Dude it was. I don't really like him, but at least he's better than you. Quatre must think so too. They seemed pretty cozy."~

*Sighs* Duo's evil. And he's going to be in SO much trouble when Quatre finds out.

~Quatre grabbed the bag of popcorn and up-ended it over Jason's spike purple hair, emptying the whole bag with one fell swoop. He cocked a hip out, glaring, "There's your fucking signal and the only one I've EVER given you, Asshole! Fuck off and leave me alone! I'm NOT fucking interested. I'm GLAD my boyfriend gave you a black eye. I don't care if you never speak to me again. I don't want your friendship. I don't want anything to do with you, or your friends, Ever. Again. And if you ever try to talk to me again? I'll kick you in the balls. You got it?"~

*Cheers* Go Quatre! That was absolutely brilliant! And about time, too.

~ "He's not that violent. I would have done the same thing. He came over with flowers, and Duo told him you were out with Jason. He didn't take it well. I don't think he meant to hurt Duo with the flowers"

"He meant to kill me!" Duo protested, "I'm lucky I wasn't fatally maimed!"~

*Is skeptical* With a bunch of lilies? Duo's a drama queen. It was decent of Heero to defend Trowa in his absence, though.

And I'm glad that Trowa's considering moving into singles. He doesn't need Cathy holding him back. Cinnamon.
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