Reviews for Drunken Experiences
nericearren chapter 1 . 2/12/2014
Dying. Of. Laughter. Really good job! Though the use of some of the Japanese words was confusing . . . eh, it's your story. Tell it how you want. I liked it.
LazyHaru chapter 1 . 10/27/2013
More! I want more!
Ayuhime -or Ame-chan chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
FUNNY ONE-SHOT! i really laughed when momo called hitsugaya as "tousen" (while they was going to bed) GOOD JOB,AND FORGET DAMN GRAMMAR WRONGS,BECAUSE THEY AREN'T ─░MPORTANT FOR ME!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/15/2012
Lol i luv dis one cuz it didn't have tragedy and all the things that leads to sad
serenity095 chapter 1 . 7/31/2010
lol, hitsugaya slamming his head on the desk repeatedly...
Nanannacyy chapter 1 . 4/17/2010
rofl tousen-sama xD haha hinamori drunk lol but kinda ewwy that azien cough um cough yeah but thanks to him hitsugaya was able to make the pill go down ;DD woot! hahha
MissDoeEyes chapter 1 . 1/24/2010
Lol, that was very cute and funny!
K.i.r.a chapter 1 . 12/13/2009
This story is so funny. Hehe. *Thumbs Up*
unformidable trust chapter 1 . 11/12/2008
lol, i love matsumoto she's so funni

great story
Affinitive chapter 1 . 9/6/2008
Hinamori drunk is just gold!
IzzyDizzyLi chapter 1 . 8/10/2008
lolz so funny yet so kawaii! Great job!
auburn-haired-sadist-XD chapter 1 . 6/20/2008
*laughs like crazy* Absolutely genius! I loved how when she said good-night, she called his Tousen!

"And Matsumoto grinned. "Oh, really?" She whispered, then faced the white-haired boy. "HEY HITSUGAYA-TAICHOU! HINAMORI SAYS IT WAS GOOD!" She hollered.

Hinamori and Hitsugaya flushed, Hitsugaya then slamming his head on the desk repeatedly. "...""

Poor Toshiro...XD
GrnEydDvl chapter 1 . 2/27/2008
Very funny
silver-moon-sapphire-sky chapter 1 . 12/29/2007
It was quite funny, and sort of cute. I liked it, I thought you didn a very good job with this. I'll be interested to see future works.
Megumi Inoue chapter 1 . 11/2/2007

r u goin to continue? plez? *puppy dog eyes*
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