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Red Velvet Fox chapter 16 . 5/18/2013
This was an amazing story. I absolutely loved it! The character's had such diverse personalities and your idea of a secret "good vermin" army is really cool! This is definitely one of the best fanfics I've ever read.

It's sad how four of the six members of the Shadowtide die... I felt terrible for Tokala and Drift when they died! A very well-written story. I did spot a few mistakes, but these can be easily over-looked. (Besides, I'm feeling too lazy to search through this story for them. :P)

This story is Reddie Approved!

P.S. And I'm glad you didn't add any romance. Sometimes romance just sucks the whole meaning of a story away.
Kapp chapter 16 . 5/15/2012
Wahoo! I love love love this story. Rakh is a meanie-poo. The ending with the sea rat is good. Where are Sakhyo and Kan gonna go? Redwall?

Oh, and a few chapters back, I find how you displayed Sergeant Merrond or whatshisname questionable. Hares are goodbeasts, wouldn't they spare an unarmed beast who's asking for mercy?

Anyway, sequelsequelsequel. Make it like, fifty gazillion times as long!
Sgt. Sporky chapter 16 . 6/26/2011
I have but one complaint to thee: scimitars aren't thin. There's a reason they're made as thick as they are; it's supposed to be a large, heavy blade, meant for removing limbs and heads. You should know about that, and we both know why that is.

In fact, it's probably favored by creatures up north; the cold would make a thinner sword brittle. But due to its thickness, the scimitar continues to withstand impacts even in cold weather. I should know damn well what the cold does to metal; I've spent my whole (if short-ish) life up here in Canada. My point being, it's made to be heavy.

But seriously, this has been a great story straight through. The characters were believable- I don't often get that with reformed vermin. Reformed vermin are an interesting thing. Writing a reformed vermin fic is a tough process.

It's kinda like making pie. If you screw up, it's bound to wind up tasting like someone put raw sewage and motor oil in a blender and then attempted to pass it off as food. But if you do it right it's the best damn thing ever.

And amateurs usually wind up with the former. But you're no amateur, and I guess somebeast like you would have gone to extensive lengths to avoid a Sue.

I love the concept behind the fic; vermin acting as spies (probably only to save their own rears, but it works). Helluva lot easier (and more efficient) than having creatures like Midge Manycoats over there- yes, I know you're not Al, he's in the living room watching 1000 Ways to Die with Pangil and Karim- disguise everybeast.

I've kind of noticed something; in most of the books there's at least one creature who is an absolute master of either camouflage or disguise. Shadow, Wraith, Mask, and Midge, to name four of 'em. And the whole Marlfox clan on top of that.

Back to my lengthly review.

I wasn't really expecting to see Sakhyo and Kan in a relationship, although it would be adorable. I hate fluff too, but romantic stuff doesn't have to be fluff- take a look at Maximum Ride and her 2IC, Fang. They're definitely a romantic pairing, but they only get one fluff scene, three tops, to a whole book dedicated mostly to fight scenes.

Mind you, in fics there's so much fluff you could fill six whole new books with it, and 95% of it is crap. But that's besides the point. So, what's this drunken searat going to do, exactly? Not take his vengeance at the mountain, probably. He's hopefully not that stupid.

As to Kan and Sakhyo's current situation, I wonder where they'll go? To the Abbey? They seem to accept everybeast who doesn't make trouble.

They even take in a stoat and a weasel in /The Crimson Badger/ series (a collection of fics by Highwing, I recommend you read) and in Outcast of Redwall they take in my favorite (canonical) ferret, Veil Sixclaw, though he doesn't exactly turn out very well.

A few people apparently had some serious hate going on for that particular book, too, since it's supposedly the only one that outright states that vermin are just plain /born/ assholes.

But anyway.

I have, once again, loved this, and really wanna see the sequel soon. I will dead serious do a fanboy squee if I ever get an update from you (or Kel). I will pull my phone, see an email with your name in it, and squee like I've never done before.

Soon, Arawolf! Soon!
icefox425 chapter 16 . 6/25/2009
Hurry up in making the sequel please! Y-know, I would think that you should maybe work on finishing stories faster by focusing on one or two, and not start a new one until you have finished most o the others.

By the way, I would love to pop up and kill that badger (sighs while imagining the many ways of killing the hated badger). I agree, a stink or a moat would be to fluffy ,and, well strange. Finish the other fics you have, then work on a sequel please! Now to la-la land and it's many killing badgers ways *u*.

Hatman34 chapter 16 . 6/19/2008
this was awesome you rock!
AnvilBlue chapter 16 . 1/26/2008
Okay, so I actually finished reading 15 like six months ago, but I apparently forgot to review. Silly, no?

Yeah, not really.

Well anyways, not a bad ending, but towards the latter chapters the pacing seemed a bit inconsistent, the battle scenes were quick, but broken up by a bit too much dialogue. It also tended to be a bit of standard action movie: we have a villian monologue (complete with "oh snap, I just wasted my own damn time and apparently my life as well *gurgle*" no offense intended but the explaination for the death was just...i dunno, revisionist feeling) and the secluded showdown which, while great from a cinematography (or wahtever the literary equivalent would be) standpoint, it is a bit silly from a logical standpoint.

I have to say I agree with a few of your other reviewers whom has expressed their dismay at the actions of the hares and badger in particular. The hares, particualarly those who knew, seemed awfully silent for too much, it would have been nice to see a voice, if only a meek one. As for the badger, well, I'm assuming that he's young, headstrong and naive, but the story leads me to believe that he's simply irrational. A bit more depth would have been nice.

Anyways, overall you've had a nice fic and I look forward to seeing you improve upon future prjects (which I ought to go read now, eh?). G'luck ya lil', wolf.

Shandethe Sanders chapter 16 . 12/14/2007
From start to finish, this is one incredible fic. Proof indeed that vermin rock the house! XD

I think it would be great if the Shadowtide helped the new Badger Lord...make him eat his words. HA! Revenge is sweet, non?
Christie chapter 16 . 5/24/2007
I like your writing style! And I have one word: DEMAIN! Mon dieu! XD
Yeenie chapter 16 . 5/22/2007
Your story is so wonderful.

I just don't like the way you potray the hares. The hares seemed so boring and awful.(T_T Hares are one of my favourite characters)

And I hate the Badger Lord he seems so unreasonable(but I think having an unreasonable Badger Lord with bloodwrath is quite normal)

Its just that...poor Kan and Sakhyo. They tried so hard and all they get is a stern warning and kicked out of the mountain.

But I'm very into your story. I'll be waiting for more.

Pit Viper of Doom chapter 16 . 5/21/2007
Yay! Great story! Rakh is stupid! Good luck on the sequel! I'm writing in choppy sentences on purpose!
Barkflow-of-Riverclan chapter 16 . 5/21/2007
I can't wait for a sequel!
ladyofthebookworms chapter 16 . 5/21/2007
*sighs* there is no rest for the weary. Oh, and good for you, I rather dislike cross-species shipping. :D
Kelaiah chapter 16 . 5/21/2007





HIP-HIP-HIP-HIP (sorry but I think it's funny) HOORAY!

Sigh. I hate that badger lord, I hope he dies. A horrible, gruesome death; that's what I like about writing; you can have whatever happen to anyone you do or don't like.

I hope some of the long patrol hares rebel against the badger lord; he's such a **%$#$% #$%%&*%$# ! $#$##%$%&$$#$%$%&$%#$%$%&$%#%$$%&%$%&%&*%$#%#$%$%&%&*&*&(%$$%#$%# %$%&$#$%%$&%%&*&%*&*%&%%$%# (pauses to take a breath) %$&*&*$%#$%#$$&*&%$$##$ &%$%#&%&&*&%&%%$%$%$## #%%&%%*(&&*&%&%%##$%%&%*&*&#%##*&#$%$%&%&*$%$%&%$&*%*%&%$%&%*!

Ahem. Well, anyway.

AW, that's so nice! What you said about me! Although don't feel ashamed about the corsair calling his captain "ma'am"; actually, now that I think about it, if you play your cards right, you could use that in a humor fic. But whatever.

Kan Sakhyo? EW! Gross! Even *I* think that's disgusting, and I *like* cross-species pairings (if its a rat/mouse or weasel/ferret or fox/wolf thing, with an occasional otter/fox, but it HAS to be well-done, and not crappy. So yeah).

Yes, I enjoyed this fic! You're a better writer than I am.

Oh yeah, I *tried* to open my messages to you, but it *still* tells me that its having trouble getting the server! AUGH! Sigh. Well, I'll keep trying. Don't you worry!

Well, bye! I'll PM you as soon as I get those messages! I promise!
Pit Viper of Doom chapter 15 . 5/20/2007
You put me to shame. You're awesome. But did Raeyari have to die? I hate it when a character dies and you hardly know him/her. Not that I'm saying anything bad, but...I kinda liked her.
Kelaiah chapter 15 . 5/18/2007
*falls through the floor*



That's just... WOW...


Why did you have Merrond act so merciless, though? That doesn't seem quite right, the way how Drift died. Of course it played into how Kan reacted and such.

Why did Razorclaw kill Arif? Hmph. Maybe just because he's crazy. Who knows? You can never tell with warlords. Maybe he had wanted to kill his brother and was furious with Arif for beating him to the punch.

This was a *great* chapter. Poor Kan. Aw well. At least he and Sakhyo didn't die; that would've been a *real* tragedy.

Say, in the next chapter, is there going to be a... (glances around at the other reveiwers and then adds in a whisper)... badger lord?

Sigh... in chapter 14, you said "His powers of speech came back to him" or something like that when Kan finally got his voice back when Arif was standing over him; I think you should change that to "Kan's powers of speech..." so that people will get it quicker that its Kan you're talking about.

But WOW. Now thats a gruesome way to fight a warlord! And an equally gruesome way for a warlord to die. (mock shivers)

Argh. I sure hope chapter 16 won't take long.

Well, keep up the good work, and I'll *try* to answer you messages! Okay, see you later!
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