Reviews for 10 Reasons Why Peter Petrelli Doesn't Paint
CeilingNinja chapter 10 . 8/26/2009
AHhaah, these are very funny!

Jerex chapter 10 . 10/21/2008
wicked fan fic, nicly done, beliveable and funny, a great way to get a mini crossover between otherwise unlikely shows.

you are of the wall!
Asterisks chapter 10 . 3/28/2008
this gave me some nice good chuckles. :D
GreySide58 chapter 10 . 1/12/2008
Maybe it's the hour or what, but this had my laughing hysterically. No joke, maybe I'm just simple. Nicely done though. loved the first one by the way. :D
Bookish Cupcake chapter 4 . 12/19/2007
Hi! Just spreading some love. _

lol, nice one.
Bookish Cupcake chapter 2 . 12/19/2007
Aw, this is such a cute little idea. _
Carol J chapter 10 . 12/3/2007
You write great dialogues! I had to laugh so hard! Definitely one of my favourite fics now.
Stills and Photographs chapter 10 . 10/22/2007
HAHAHAHAHAHA I love it. Great job.
Kathryn Shadow chapter 10 . 10/21/2007
RoseTornado chapter 1 . 9/26/2007
LOL! I love it! Can we please have a line where Peter suddenly identifies Claude as the 9th Doctor, too?
Simpleinsanity chapter 10 . 8/31/2007
OMG _ this has got to be one of the most amusing things i've read in a while XD

god bless your wonderful brain _


i hoe that you contine this story when ever insperation strikes ;D
The-Spirit-of-a-Child chapter 10 . 8/8/2007
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZOMG. This is the most awesome thing ever. Do Pirates of the Carribian next. LOLOLOLOLOL XD
GothikStrawberry chapter 10 . 7/1/2007
LOL! I absolutly loved this! :)
Wolfenfly chapter 10 . 6/28/2007

Gotta say: I love this story. I especially enjoyed the crossovers with BTVS and Doctor Who. Bloody amusing.
Whizzothecrunchyfrog chapter 1 . 3/16/2007
I love you! The Doctor Who crossover was sly and funny.
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