Reviews for He Doesn't See Me
Guest chapter 5 . 11/26
"Brown trousers time" is really crude. Almost makes me want to stop reading this otherwise great story.
N chapter 23 . 10/3
An amazing story! I enjoyed it so much!
Honoria Granger chapter 14 . 8/8
Rereading for the nth time...I love this story so much. This chapter is one of my favorites. It's all so beautifully done, and the little details like the bedlinens' quality denoting great wealth, are exquisite. Please do a sequel!
Tisa-Tisa chapter 15 . 7/6
I thought she had already chopped off her hair. Last time you mentioned it, it was down to her shoulders again after the original chopping off. How long could it have gotten in a couple of weeks?
Christophine chapter 13 . 7/6
Really. He could have transported Toby himself, once the kid was on the road and it wouldn't have been so taxing.
Christophine chapter 1 . 7/6
Just found this story, and I like it really a LOT. But why doesn't Sarah just go to the palace and ask to see, if not Jareth himself, which she could perfectly well do, then at least one of his advisors? She seems kind of dumb for not doing so. But, I guess you need some conflict to start the story off. Even if you do make her into some creepy stalker, even checking out who he goes to bed with.
Ginabella59 chapter 23 . 2/19
It was a good storie and thanks for enjoyed my days.
Ginabella59 chapter 22 . 2/19
Let see the next chapter
Ginabella59 chapter 21 . 2/19
Good chapter
Ginabella59 chapter 20 . 2/18
Great chapter
Ginabella59 chapter 19 . 2/18
Good chapter
Ginabella59 chapter 16 . 2/16
Good chapter again
Ginabella59 chapter 15 . 2/15
Good chapter again
Ginabella59 chapter 14 . 2/15
Good chapter
Ginabella59 chapter 13 . 2/14
Another good chapter
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