Reviews for Through the eyes of the Blackdragon
nova87 chapter 49 . 7/26/2014

Good chapter with Chris and Peter Parker's wit supplying extra wisdom for our three mystic heroes, Dr. Stranger, Hellstorm, and Dr. Voodoo. Iron First fallen victim to the deception of magic and Chris needing to stand between him and Dr. Strange was good. We have seen Chris play many different roles in her adventures. Leader, team member, aggressor, peacemaker, strong, fragile, loving, tender, sad, joyous, risk taker, loyal, sister, friend, and overly aggressive when it came to Osborn. Its been a joy to read Blackdragon and looking forward to the last two chapters that I have to read still.
nova87 chapter 48 . 6/25/2014
The Curator? Did you create this character? He seems so mysterious. I like the way Chris force herself into the conversation with Voodoo, Hellstorm and Dr. Strange. She imposed her will on them, that was good seeing. Then seeing things though Chris's point of view when it comes to Cage and Jessica was very nice. Chris not liking magic and quoting her brother Tony is good, because everyone knows Iron Man hates magic, especailly dealing with asgardian magic. I recalled reading this story, but I don't remember all the details. But anytime that Chris can make the "Big Boys" take notice of her is always a good chapter.
nova87 chapter 47 . 6/11/2014

I remember reading this comic series when the New Avengers were handed the keys to the old Avengers Mansion. The excitement the entire group had after their natural hestitation that Steve Rogers (who at that time was head of SHEILD wanted to control them). You place Chris right in the middle of the action and made her part of the conversation the characters were having. Chris's comments to Client about giving up his Ronin identity and going back to being Hawkeye, giving the two character's history was a good scene. Then the comment about "multitasking" being their mutant power was just too funny from logan. Great chapter as you capture the true spirit of each character,, and good cliffhanger ending to this chapter.
nova87 chapter 46 . 5/29/2014
With five Nimrods class sentinels attacking at the beginning of this chapter Chris and the Xmen were in serious trouble. Seeing Hope's emotional display towards Cyclops felt like most of Chris and Scott encounters. Scott may be a good leader, but he has some serious trust issues with others. Chris having a spark of the Phoneix force to help saved the day was unexcepted, but thats what made it so much fun to read. Ending the chapter with Chris at a crossroad in her life not really sure which direction to go in. Xmen or Avenger or should she return to Britain? Looking forward to see which decision our favorite Stark makes. Great action in this chapter!
nova87 chapter 45 . 5/23/2014
Very sad chapter beginning with the knowledge that Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner died. You capture the sadness of that experience perfectly with each X-Men. Nightcrawler was the pursest of all the Xmen and I still remember reading and seeing the actual panel of his death. Chris's personal grief really hit home as you crafty this personal lost of losing a special person perfectly. Seeing Logan almost breaking down at the funeral was done well too. Scott and Chris on this occasion were nice to each other but underneath you could still feel the layer of tension between the two of them. Great chapter my friend!
nova87 chapter 43 . 4/10/2014
Bastion is back and Chris seems to be caugh in his crosshairs. Beginning this chapter with Chris and Emma having another one of their disagreements, but Chris ending with the upper hand was good. Cable and Hope being back by the old school, having Chris accompany the Alpha Roster to investigate is where she belongs. I enjoy reading the Chris and Scott scenes, because its more like a sibling rivalry than anything else, as Chris chalenges his authority each chance she gets. Scott not wanting to look at her face to face unti lthe end of their conversation is typical of him not liking anyone to question is leadership. Good chapter and I do like the custume that Chris is wearing too.
nova87 chapter 42 . 4/3/2014

Awesome chapter started with Steve Rogers himself offering our favorite heroine Blackdragon an official spot in the Avengers. Chris' new costume being a black verson of Emma Frost's suit is a great idea and its just another reason that I like reading your writing. Watching Chris and Tony at the Baxter Building meeting with Reed, as Tony is still recovering from his disassembled experience. It was funny seeing Chris keep interrupting Tony as he spoke, they have really developed into a nice "sibling arguments between the two". Its always fun to read. You gave a nice condense history on how Extremis works. Chris reunion with England's heros was a good scene especially the banter between Wisom and her. Seeing the two captains standing side by side from both countries always makes me take a pause. Great chapter about the day in Chris's life.
nova87 chapter 41 . 3/25/2014
Good aftermath chapter following the events of the Siege. Seeing Chris in a coma after everything she went thru at the end of the last chapter. Don Black trying to comfort and prepared Tony at the same time to except that there was little hope for Chris to survive. Chris being unconscious and haivng her life flash before her eyes. We see her being adopted by the Starks as a young girl and Tony not being happy about it. Seeing her as Reed's assistant and the joy you felt about being ask to be his assistant. Then seeing Client and Chris talk about he knowing that Tony was Iron Man and that he admitted to being Hawkeye. The Hellfire Club incident and Chris realizing that she was not the only mutant in the world. Then seeing Kitty and Kurt (good job with her German accent) try to comfort her after the Onslaught incident. Logan's pep talk to Chris to keep fighting to get better was an instant classic moment. Very detail and good chapter with our favorite Stark. Now that she has recover from the Siege and ready to start a new adventure. You had good emotion with real world feelings with this chapter. Great job!
nova87 chapter 40 . 3/20/2014

The Siege was a great chapter! Seeing Chris to be the one to arrest Osborn was the cherry on top of the cake so to speak. But Osborn being the sore loser turning the Sentry loose on Asgard and everyone else was scary. I relived reading that again and kept seeing Sentry destroy Aries. Chris thinking about the Red Skull and Black Panter fighting bare hands also took me back to that story. It was good seeing the heroes return from darkness and for Chris to make the difficult decision to deal with Sentry her self. My second favorite scene of this chapter is when Tony (wearing an older armour) and Chris arrived on the scene and the look on Osborn's face when he realized what was happening. Good chapter my friend!
nova87 chapter 39 . 3/11/2014
Chris with the heroes as they prepared for the Siege was great. Seeing her speechless as they watch Osborn forces attack Asgard and defeat Thor was priceless, because other heros in the room felt the exact same way. Nick Fury not trusting anyone was a good touch with meeting Chris and using the self destruct codes for LMDs. Then their subsequent conserversation was good and Clint has wonderful in every scene over the last couple of chapters. Seeing Peter be defensive because he receives no respect from anyone is funny, and right on target. Steve Rogers taking over the leadership role and Chris's reaction to it was just good writing.
nova87 chapter 38 . 3/7/2014
Very good follow-up chapter. I really enjoyed Marie, Pepper, and Chris talking about their various relationships with Tony and the bombshell from the two older ladies. Surprise character Professor Xavier's best friend for help rebooting Tony's mind. The moment between Chris and Steve Rogers was good, it was just short, but it had a lot of emotional meaning behind it. I like your ending and the setup for next chapter. Looking forward to Osborn finally getting his and how you weave Chris into that story.
nova87 chapter 37 . 3/3/2014
I never read the Iron Man's story line of Reassembling so everything is new for me as I read this. Chris in the mist of other heros and Pepper watching Tony's final plead do them all from a halo gram. At key moments Chris's reaction was perfect, especially in the beginning when Tony was making a joke about the situation. Pepper actions in this chapter and Chris's thoughts on her were nicely done. Especially when recalling how Pepper herself was dealing with life after her operation. The surgery scene Chris more than prove her worth taking part in the procedure, and the ending her hopes really come alive while watching Thor return to help bring Tony back. Another good chapter my friend.
nova87 chapter 36 . 2/26/2014
This chapter really flowed very good and was easy to read. The conversation between Professor X (Charles) and Blackdragon (Chris) was fantastic! Charles thinking that he could enter her mind without her permission only to find himself trap by her on the astral plane was good to see. Making Charles relived some of his "holier that thou" moments from his past in dealing with the first young Xmen were good. It was nice to see Chris have an awakening of her own as well. Very good chapter, good emotion between the two of them during their exchange.
nova87 chapter 35 . 2/20/2014
This chapter is what makes reading comics fun. Hot headed Client running on all emotion to try to kill Normal Osborn when he cannot get anyone on the team to agree with him. Chris and Wisdom together on the astral plane made me think back to a young Scott Summers and Jean Grey when they used to do the same thing. The Lady Avengers together to bo saved Client from HAMMER, and Chris leaving a gift with Mentallo for harming her best friend (that was great.) The Spider Date made me laugh the entire time that I was reading it. You capture Peter Parker perfectly with his body language and mannerisms. Chris mental imaging of the two of them at the restaurant as other more known heroes was priceless, especially when she told the manager to bill the meal and damages from the vampire attack to Normal Osborn!
nova87 chapter 34 . 2/7/2014

I loved Chris telling Scott "Not to make promises that he could not keep." and her second guessing his every motive. Not entirely trusting Cyclops at all with good reason we find out later in the chapter. The new look with the black outfit and red computer sunglasses seems just to fit Chris, I can imagine almost seeing her dress up like that, almost out Sage used to look in the beginning. Chris playing possum and allowing herself to be capture by Hammer and Osborn was a good move and seeing the Evil Beast. The last two chapters really show the mutual hate that Osborn and Chris have for each other. Chris never has fully trust Emma and that plays out good towards the end of the chapter. Chris's speech to Scott about killing the dream of having mutants and humans co-exist living side by side was heatfelt. (Good job finding the right words to express Chris passion with that.) A new city to end the chapter and a peak at Osborn's list should make for a good future chapters!
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