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Aster Sapphire chapter 15 . 7/20/2012
BRAVO! That was BRILLIANT! I was able to visualize every last bit of it. It was like watching a movie!
crazydbzfan87 chapter 15 . 10/31/2010
This was such an excellent end! When I read 'Eye for an eye' I was hoping there would be a sequal! Oh, I could gush for a couple length paragraphs about everything I enjoyed but I'm sure you've already gotten that far to many times, so, in short, you are an amazing author, I think I'll read some more of your workds. :)
Chrissy chapter 1 . 6/12/2008
I really like the pacing of this chapter-it moves along really well. Great reveal at the end.
Angelic Gargoyle Artemis chapter 15 . 11/1/2007
It was a good story.
Reinbeauchaser chapter 15 . 7/22/2007
A brilliant conclusion, absolutely wonderful and I'm sad to see this end, but - as with all good things. . .

And I like the emotional rollercoster ride and torn position that April found herself in, mirroring that of Donatello's as he came 'oh so close' to bussing her mouth. Yes, the thought was there, but - possibly better to wait, maybe for another time.


Then again, trilogies have that nice, neat look about them - unless your J.K. Rowlings, and then seven is better, so - whatever motivates you. Regardless, you know that whatever you decide to write next within the TMNT fandom, you'll have a ready and willing, if not captivated, audience with this reader.

And, wow, you mentioned one of my stories as inspiration? I'm. . . floored; first time this has happened to me. Thank you, but Wendy is far more deserving of that mention than I am, as her Don Tello IS hers and hers alone; I just borrowed him (with permission) to have some fun. In fact, it was well after I wrote Femme Fatale when I realized, quite possibly, that I should have asked her first, giving her an outline of the story, to see if she had any intentions of exploring that relationship between Don and Bara, his one and only wife. Although my saving grace is that I did initially ask permission to use her AU TMNT's from that wonderful world she so artfully created in Rahab. No restrictions noted at the time. Ah well. So far, I haven't had any lawyers address the issue with me. :0)

In any event, this was a most enjoyable ride. Thank you for writing it!

Be blessed,

sunbune chapter 15 . 7/22/2007
Funny that this was all inspired by a quote, because here at the end, I'm reminded of another Donatello-related quote, one from the comics: "Life at best is bittersweet."

This conclusion pulled my heart in all kinds of directions. But the important thing is, Don and April are going to stay side-by-side from now on. That makes it a comforting ending above all else. And, Hiroko gets to stay a part of the family too. I'm sure she'll forgive April eventually, once she sees how good April is for her father. And I'm sure she'll forgive her father eventually too, that is, when she FINALLY finds out the truth about her mother. More on that in a bit.

Ok. I loved how April found Don "with only a single lamp to keep him company", and being so very Donatello-like all the way around, from his non-holoprojectorally-enhanced appearance to his stayed-up-all-night-in-the-lab behavior. He's still there, April, he's still himself, somewhere! You can sense it, you can almost see it, under the scars and the bitterness, and that's why you're going to stay, and that's why you're going to try to help him and it's all so wonderful! Seriously, I got tears in my eyes when April said "I feel the sudden, strong urge to pick up the nearest tool and offer to help." and then I marveled at your illumination of April's conflict: "Deep down I have no clear concept of just what I want from Don" that's brilliant! That's the whole issue right there, and yet, April decides to try again! *cries* I love it. When she slammed her palm on the table, I just had to whoop out loud- that's April for you! Don't put up with his crap, girl, he needs you and you're sticking around! And then the little reenactment of Leo and Splinter's lines when they first met April all those years ago... "this is called trusting your gut" - it was perfect. Perfect! warm glow, that's what that was. Not warm fuzzies, but warm glow, in a rather cold world might I add. _ And, highly susceptible as I am to all things Don/April, I was actually quite happy that he DIDN'T kiss her at the end. Despite everything that's happened in this story (or maybe because of it), it just wouldn't've been believable for Don to suddenly turn his brain off, toss the past de la fenetre, and just kiss the woman he's always loved. Nope,

Donny wouldn't do that. He'd probably stop himself even if she was dying. BUT DON'T GET ANY IDEAS ALONG THOSE LINES, BUSTER!

ok, ok. So April's staying and it's a happy ending. Ah! Deep breath of relief.

And now I can get back to Hiroko. The whole "does she know?" ... "I can't lose her now" concept brings up a very interesting point about Karai: She had the chance to hurt Don by telling Hiroko a thing or two, but she didn't take it. This is a good sign that Karai is NOT holding any grudges against Donatello. Good on you, Karai! I reread the "Part II: resurrection" chapter and it was all the more powerful- Don trusting Karai that much, to let her go in exchange for her silence- wow. And that's why I can be optimistic about what'll happen when Hiroko finally finds out. Don won't lose her. In fact, if Hiroko doesn't figure it out on her own with all the clues she's already gotten, I'd be very surprised. I imagine she'll put it together one day, and quickly come to the conclusion that it all worked out for the best after all.

So. Here ends a truly remarkable story. This "Dark Donny" of yours is rather addicting. and so, bless you for your recommendations for further reading- I will definitely heed your command to "Go! Read!" _ (The only one of those that I'm already familiar with is, of course, the amazing MNT Gaiden.)

Thank you for writing this, and thank you for taking care of these wonderful characters, here at the end, and letting a light be rekindled for them after such a long darkness. *bows*
Jessiy Landroz chapter 15 . 7/22/2007
And so the story comes to an end, and things are finally settled; although I was a little confused with how you handled Hiroku's mention and how Don didn't want to lose her.. last I remember, nothing happened to her in the last chapter, or did I read it wrong? Either way, April's there now to help and make things better! XD
sunbune chapter 14 . 7/22/2007
I forget who came up with this saying, but I'm going to shamelessly copy them now by telling you that you are MADE OF AWESOME. You know why you're made of awesome? Because Karai tossed Stockman's brain into the air and sliced it up with her sword, that's why! That was definitely my favorite part of this chapter. You know, reading this and the next (the final!) chapter of this story was really, really satisfying. There's just something so _nice_ about seeing old enemies finally destroyed once and for all, not to mention seeing old allies finally reunited. (aww...!)But I'm getting ahead of myself! Back to this chapter:

I'll start with the very end and go backwards: “Wait a minute. ‘Father’?” -Oh right! I'd almost forgotten that April didn't know yet that Hiroko was Donny's daughter! Also makes a nice little ledgehanger at the end there. (uh... mini cliffhanger.)

Scrolling up, something bothered me about Chaplin's line about having "the utmost respect" for Stockman... (cree-eepy!) but then again, something's _always_ bothered me about Chaplin. Kinda appropriate how the task of shooting Stockman just got passed down the line to him- and I liked Stockman's comment to that effect.

And just prior to that, I thought it was very lovely that Donny stopped April from finishing Dr. S, when of course earlier in the story their roles were reversed. Yes, I like the symmetry. (Your writing reminds me of architectural photography: there's unabashed art to appreciate, a fine balance of form and function, and there's an actual _structure_ to it!)

Lastly, at the beginning, the whole fight with Stockman while Hiroko was 'overhearing' Don and April's conversation was well-written and kept me riveted.

Ok, now I have to reply to your author's note- did you really spare Hiroko's life "partly because Sunbune requested it" ? ? *tears of joy* oh, THANK YOU! I take back all those times I called you a heartless bastard. You're an alright guy after all. And I'm really relieved that Hiroko isn't an android, because she's "supaa aasamu" (in katakana) and Androids are creepy. _
Storm chapter 14 . 7/17/2007
Excellent story! I cant wait to read more.
Jessiy Landroz chapter 14 . 7/17/2007
Androids are fun! XD; I plan to do the same to Raph's bike, *evil grin* but-~ that's a plotbunny for another day ;

But anyway, I liked how you had mpoor Baxter finally put of his misery, at least now he wont have to worry about Bishop reviving him again and again, they actually did him a favor, and now just have to worry about locating that nuke and siabling it before it launches...
Reinbeauchaser chapter 14 . 7/16/2007
Seems FanFiction is on the fritz again; didn't get an update alert for this - or review alerts, or any other alerts. Pretty frustrating.

Anyway, before I praise this wonderful story, there were times when you had 'I' and 'me' mixed up. This applies to the chapter before this one, too, btw.

Here's an example - “Very well.” She glances over her shoulder at April then at I.

I believe 'I' should be 'me'. Take away April and have it as a singular statement to find the correct pronoun - 'She glances over her shoulder at me. Me sounds more correct that 'I', with or without April. Just my POV.

Anyway, a wonderful sub conclusion to this engaging story. Yey! Stockman's gone, finally gone! A round of drinks for everyone. :0)

And, there is a little hint to Karai and Hiroko's true relationship with this line -

“You will take care of her?” Karai snaps, and it is more command than question.

“Yes,” Father replies gravely. “I always have, and I always will.”

April may be surprised to hear Hiroko call Don as Father, but. . . I believe bigger surprises are in store in the epilogue. :0)

What I find interesting, is that Don muddles through with an amputated arm. Was it bleeding? Did they cautorize (sp?) it? I was winching in empathy.

Anyway, it'll be interesting how you end this and if the Feds will diffuse the bomb in time. Great work. Loved it! Wish Fanfiction would get their act together. :0(

Be blessed,

Lil Angel chapter 13 . 7/10/2007
Awesome chapter! But poor Donny lost his arm! Never seen that comin at all! Please update soon!
Storm chapter 13 . 7/5/2007
Great! Please, update soon.
Jessiy Landroz chapter 13 . 7/4/2007
It took you long enough to get this posted, but did you have to make the suspence last this long? D: At first I thought it was Karai talking, especially from the part you had her thinking about Chaplin, and then the part where she shot 'him' had me confused between Leo and Don, but I guess that was the point? XD;

Frankly, I got the impression Baxter might actually BE the nuke, since he's got a deathwish, I figure he'd be crazy and suicidal enough to do it.. but April hit him with a lazer-bullet and that should have triggered something, and since it didn't, me thinks I got it wrong~ /
sunbune chapter 13 . 7/4/2007
eep! This chapter has reduced me to a helpless quivering mass of fangirlness. And because it's all your fault, you're going to be subjected to my play-by-play commentary:

“I did it to save him.” Awesome line, Ape, but couldn't you have saved him AFTER he killed Stockman? Would've saved you so much trouble...grumblemumble

"An ignoble end to the illustrious Baxter Stockman." Mouth. Open. In awe. Did _April_ just...? She DID! GO APRIL!

"You underestimate me, April dear" UNDERESTIMATE THIS, STOCKMANIAC! *aims handy intercontinental ballistic missile at computer, comes to senses just in time.*

"You can’t keep a good turtle down" Squee! that's right! You're a _good_ turtle! Not evil! *sobs joyfully* And you're alive! And you're back! and april loves hearing your voice oh it's the sweetest thing ever!

“Stop back-seat hacking!” LOL!

“Just reset the time zone,” oh wow, that's so smart! April, you're a genius! What a clever idea! And now, finally, you're hugging Donny and I am happy and all is right with the world.

And I'm going to pretend I didn't read the last line because without more of the story to read at the moment, I will only distress myself by thinking about it and wondering if that's the arm that April shot- of course it would have to be, right? Agh! I'm doing it, I'm wondering. Now I'll just stop wondering and I'll sit here politely and wait for the next chapter.


Ahg! Can you tell that I'm really, REALLY into this story? More. Soon. Onegaishimasu! _
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