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shuujin.takagi chapter 117 . 9/15
Demonios, uno de los mejores fics que he leido. Increible leerlo cuando ya esta completo.

Por alguna razon desde el principio esperaba un final asi.

Gracias por escribir.
undead lich chapter 1 . 9/9
And the way you showed Naruto's vulnerability or mind in extremely small doses... And others realizing that opportunity.. Temari disgusting with the callousness of others... THAT was wonderful... Just beautiful.. Even I hadn't thought of how he would feel until Temari pointed it out.. And then I thought.. Omg... A child... made to do uncountable horrors and no one cares...
undead lich chapter 117 . 9/9
I almost cried at the ending... Just drove the point in about the Naruto anime is so twisted... And if we had such power... Even we would have done something like kono ha did... The story was awesome... I can't describe in words how thrilling and filled with ups and downs all the while keeping me on my toes it was... I hope you live a loooong life and write more stories or anything really... This was just amazing even though I didn't like the ending that much.. But it suits the story...I was especially sceptical after kiri invasion cuz I thought kumo would have been easy cuz if the muscle head raikage.. But you surprised us and changed the raikage himself... That was genius.. Though I still don't remember what happened to Sasuke... Or tobi... Hope you never lose your interest in writing...
xxNovaStar chapter 1 . 9/3
The best Naruto story I have read in a while, finished in about 3 days
johnscott.weddington chapter 14 . 9/1
I have to say, this style of naruto personality and setup has never say well with me. It's simply not my "cup of tea" so to speak, and I will unfortunately not read any further.

However, this is not a reflection of your skill as a writer. Far from it in fact. I can say that this story is well crafted, thought out, and passed fast and clearly. Overal, an excellent reading experience. You have done well and I wish you well in future endevours. And if you have a slightly more light hearted story, I might settle in for the long haul.
tim200390 chapter 117 . 8/28
great story
Fox4Deviler chapter 117 . 8/17
It's taken me 2 months to read the entire story. I could have done this in 2 weeks but I couldn't handle the intensity in one sitting. I passed over this story as too tedious choosing to read others. Now when I finally completed it, I wish I could have finished this earlier. This story is one the best fics where Naruto dies.
Monark chapter 30 . 8/5
by this point i'm not sure there's anything left in your story related to Naruto... all characters are OOC and now you made 3 whole vilages full of OC. take away chakra in favor of chi and i might as well be reading a wuxia. Disappointing. You should have put massive AU in the description instead of a half true premise
Guest chapter 117 . 7/11
Just finished reading this and... wow just... wow. Hands down one of the best stories I've read on this site. easily top 3.
Guest chapter 92 . 7/10
ofcourse they are coming you just killed the main man/beast whatever
cannibal27 chapter 117 . 7/8
all I could ever want is an alternate ending where Naruto lives and somehow lives happily ever after with Temari... But this is really good, and heartwrenching. Thank you, I think. also what did Naruto have Hanabi tell Temari, I have an idea but still...
cannibal27 chapter 117 . 7/8
ok, I feel like cring now, congradulations
cannibal27 chapter 92 . 7/7
The pissed off readers are coming, years later, because this really is just a fucking retcon. you specifically stated that It would take 7 days minimum to seal the Kyuubi, that was not 7 fucking days. that process took like 7 fuckung minutes.
reeseisthatbeast chapter 116 . 7/7
I actually teared up at akina's answer to naruto's bird question. It shows that despite all the death, destruction, betrayal and pain. She still is a good person. It also shows the difference between naruto and akina, as naruto says "kill it" she says "let it free"
Tanyachan4 chapter 117 . 7/2
I know that this story was completed ages ago, but I'd like to thank the author and any contributers of Lost Soul. This particular work was an inspiring and entrapping read that led me to cling to every last word of the epilogue. The language level was audience appropriate, there were few cliches, and both character development and events were realistic. When reading the fight scenes, especially the naval battle, the descriptive language was all encompassing while not being just a text wall. I look forward to any works you produce in the future.
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