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cassianiordache chapter 76 . 7/15
Man, the fic is extremely well written, and you had a lot of dedication to take it this far. the only issue that I have with all this is the dragged on battles and the switching of the point of view in the war a thousand times.. like, I really can't read more of this battle, but I kind of want to know who died and who didn't.. I'm in a stalemate momentarely. Greatly written, in any case. One of my favorites
Ilikebedtimestories chapter 117 . 7/13
since ch1 I fucking knew it was going to end like this. but it would be absolutely hilarious if naruto's like 'sike I'm alive'.
Jugo2017 chapter 117 . 7/7
Great story loved the ending especially I have to admit when I was a bit newer to fanfiction I tried to read this story before and stopped about halfway through but eventually I came back to it and I am very glad I did.
Guest chapter 5 . 7/6
I really like your idea, I just feel like manner in which Naruto is portrayed negates his supposed condition. Here Naruto is said to be emotionless and totally cold and uncaring as a result of his training. However Naruto verbally and mentally uses adjectives and descriptives which by nature show some sort of personal opinion and betray feeling on Naruto's part. The cat scene in the next chapter is a good example - perhaps Naruto would still be contemplating the methods of killing it, but if he were truly emotionless he would be contemplating that for a reason such as to exercise his mind. If he were emotionless he would not care about getting scratched (no doubt accepting it as part of the cats existence), nor would he wish to kill it for the trouble it posed (because this is frustration and annoyance and anger). Even his previous description of Sakumo's actions utilised adjectives and made comparisons. Had he been emotionless what reason could he have to bring it up? Clearly Kakashi hasn't 'learned' from his father's actions so what could Naruto logically gain from bringing up - because Naruto is emotionless, and does not utilise his or interact with others' emotions.
Also it seems a little improbable that if Naruto's skill level is where he can beat Kakashi roundly for the bells that Sarutobi would actually choose this method of trying to help Naruto with his emotions. It's a waste of his skill for him to be there, Kakashi isn't exactly trained in that, and what exactly are Hinata and Sasuke expected to do?
Regardless, cool story!
Guest chapter 3 . 7/5
5'7 is extremely tall for the age of twelve, and kinda unrealistic. At 12 most boys have entered puberty or hit their growths spurts, so to be so tall is extremely unusual. At 14 perhaps, once the male hormones have been released into the body, then perhaps Naruto could realistically be as tall as an average adult-fully-matured-grown-adult at 5'7. Honestly around twelve you could expected him to be five foot. Give a few inches maybe, but not unless he's a hefty child. Further biology will support this.
Masterx01 chapter 8 . 7/4
Well, i have to say it, this chapter was bad, very bad... It has logicals flaws everywhere and the story-telling as a whole was bad handed.

-That Zabuza comeback was a thing but that he decides to keep fighting after hearing from Kakashi about Narutos Moniker that without doubt is registed in the Bingo Book as a S-rank nin kill on sigh is very unlikely and stupid.
Masterx01 chapter 7 . 7/4
okay, i don't have problem with the fic so far, that until this point... In the canon Kakashi had to train Naruto and co. in the wave mision due to he would be engaging Zabuza in a fight if ever they comeback for Tazuna, that would have left his genin very ill-prepared to fight a unknow hunter-nin with deadly accuracy and maestry with the sembon so, he had to train them.

Here isnt the same case, not even close, in this story you portail Naruto as a near unstopable juggernaut that his base lvl is close to kage lvl if not an actual kage lvl ninja (if dispach Kakashi and Zabuza lvl ninjas like chopping vegetables was an indication) and that will be a nice walking disaster if he use the kyubi chakra. So i dont see the need to train Sasuke and Hinata when Naruto can solo kill them, maybe if you put it out as something to kill time until Zabuza comes again it can be considerated as a pseudo-logical reason to put them to train. Althrought this portails another problem, would Zabuza ever come back? As i see it, comeback to fight someone as powerful like this Naruto is something akin to suicide, he would need some more jounin-lvl nins to even threat Naruto or someone like Kisame to put a fight but that will evolve in a high-colateral damaging all-out brawl and if he thinks that Naruto is dead then when he see him again he will run-away unless he have suicidal tendencies.
Quadredurudoubleslash2 chapter 117 . 7/3
You know I always read this over and over and never fail to see something new, but this time I'd like to ask if you could make a couple of stories that sum up what happened to the world after. Or if you could make a dark souls crossover featuring that Naruto if at all possible.
Animekills chapter 117 . 6/26
This story broke my heart, I cant stop crying. I don't normally ship Temari with Naruto but I do now. This story was written so beautifully, and I can't imagine how I'm going to spend my time. I know that its been a really long time since this story was finished but i would love a sequel that shows exactly how Gaara is going to make a world where people like Naruto don't exist. In the meantime I'm going to probably read this story 5 more times and still cry at the end. I can't express how much I loved this story, and I'm so sad now that its over. I was almost wishing for Naruto to survive somehow and live happily ever after with Temari but I know that it was impossible for them from the beginning. This is easily one of the best stories I've ever read, and I would say its written better than some best-selling published novels. Some people might think its too long but now that I made it to the end I want more.
Guest chapter 117 . 6/26
Was rooting for Naruto to conquer the world, but he died in the end... such a disappointment
GunGale015 chapter 25 . 6/25
Movie scenes; if this story is the actual Naruto series itself, I will be horrified!
GunGale015 chapter 19 . 6/24
Great description of Kyuubi's grin. It actually gave me a shiver down my spine!
GunGale015 chapter 15 . 6/24
Amazing detail, be a novelist please you'll make great fortune for sure!
GunGale015 chapter 13 . 6/24
Now this just starts to get very interesting indeed...
GunGale015 chapter 12 . 6/24
The end is so sad! I want to cry.
P.S. This is really good, excellent I'd say _
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