Reviews for Lost soul
gaznen chapter 8 . 3/25
Zabuza and Haku were very important in the way Naruto developed as a character in cannon, Hence why they were some of my favorites from the original series. That said im really looking forward to see how Haku's philosophy will change this version of Naruto.

Great story thus far, really looking forward to keep on reading.
246vili chapter 40 . 3/23
Oh, this will be one huge battle. Btw, does Naruto know the Yondaime's Hirashin already. It could be more usefull then the demon chakra he has in himself.
SuigyLeSushi chapter 1 . 3/23
Oui je suis bel et bien ce gros chieur qui vas poster un commentaire en français -lol- juste pour t'embêter un peu! :D
Je viens de commencer cette fanfiction et j'avoue être surpris d'en comprendre les mots, vus mon anglais de lycée. Toutefois, j'ai trouvé ce premier chapitre vraiment bien et du coup, j'espère que lorsque j'aurais atteint le dernier chapitre (d'ici dix ans lol) tu me permettrais de la traduire dans la langue française!

En attendant, je file lire la suite!
Bon courage.

naruto dragneel chapter 90 . 3/19
Awesome, love the fighting scenes, the devil king's first defeat! What a shocker
emanfrimpong chapter 114 . 3/17
What happened to Sasuke
entertained chapter 117 . 3/13
damn... thanks well written was hella entertained by it
me chapter 83 . 3/13
damn epic keeps getting better!
DLM4 chapter 4 . 3/11
kakashi getting detained for being on time is the best thing ever.
246vili chapter 37 . 3/10
finally Naruto is stating to turn into someone who is worth is worth to follow and fight for.
246vili chapter 35 . 3/9
No problem about the lenght of the story if the chapters are not too long. Besides, if you wanna read a freaking long story, check out "Drifting" from Alphadel, which has over 1 million words with f***ing long chapters. I'm not joking each chapter (especially later chapters) are each a story on it's own with 10-20k or more words.
246vili chapter 31 . 3/5
I wonder how will Akina react to the fact she wants to kill her twin brother.
246vili chapter 28 . 3/2
Okay...WTF happened to Akira?
246vili chapter 27 . 3/2
Now this fight will sure be intense.
246vili chapter 23 . 3/2
I don't really like Naruto's way of 'peace', since it's practically Konoha's dictatorship over the other villages, no better than what Danzo would do.
Making a lasting, strong aliance would be more likeable to everyone. Just like in Aragon Potter's story "The Raikage". That's one good story.
246vili chapter 16 . 3/1
This is one twisted Naruto fic with all this brutal death and slaughter.
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