Reviews for Lost soul
Shruika chapter 14 . 4/10
This is most certainly an interesting take on things,i hope it gets better later, no doubt it will, i like how there's no fucking around naruto just decides to massacre people XD with reason and logic.
Astralmeson chapter 117 . 4/6
Reminds me of Lelouch's end, and has been doing so for the last several chapters. Beautiful story.
Sasuke chapter 111 . 4/6
I completely forgot about Sasuke, but was reminded of him due to the interactions in this chapter.
Musashi Mushishi chapter 84 . 4/5
It feels like so long ago that the Yondaime Kazekage decided to be nicer to Gaara.
warrof chapter 26 . 4/1
Dang... Good stuff...
IamxWhirlpool chapter 1 . 3/31
I can't think of what to write other than this is the best fanfiction that I've ever read.
Harmonic Bunny chapter 117 . 3/27
...That was heartbreaking. Perfect.
greenstripe chapter 102 . 3/26
No! T_T hinata
Stop SOPA chapter 1 . 3/16
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Guest chapter 117 . 3/16
Heartbreakingly beautiful doesn't even begin to express what this story has been for me. It made me rage and laugh and cry all while breaking my heart and raising it back up. I could write you pages upon pages of what effect this story has had on me, and words would never be enough. Whoever you are, know that your story has touched yet another soul.
Wreaxz chapter 117 . 3/15
...My soul too was lost as the tale had finished. LD 1449, whoever and wherever you are. Know that somewhere in the world. You have touched a soul. You are a sterling Author, and a god when it comes to character creation, imagination, captivity and you somehow manage to create a connection between the readers and the characters. There were a few grammatical errors through out the last few chapters, but they were minuscule enough that they could be looked over.

"A legend has fallen, hopefully, the likes of which will never have the chance to rise again. For a soul to be bound by a way of life, love, hate, or duty will soon become lost. Create a world where he cannot exist. Create a world, where a soul will never be lost again."
Keegans533 chapter 117 . 3/14
One of the best things I've ever read, fanfic or not. I literally shed a tear when naruto and everyone died and kakkashi tried to make amends in the end. Truly a great story
Guest chapter 1 . 3/13

Are you so pathetic that you wish death upon someone over a fan fiction? If you don't like it say why, don't wish death on someone.
NerdieBirdie chapter 1 . 2/24
This is no good. I hope the author dies of AIDS.
Guest chapter 117 . 2/18
8 days it took me to finish reading one of the best naruto fics ever created, I immensely enjoyed the transfermation of all the characters and the originality, the ending unfortunately made me cry yet again, thank you for finishing this story from the bottom of my heart.
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