Reviews for Lost soul
Redery chapter 38 . 8/20
9 years? :O What's akatsuki been doing this whole time, sitting on their thumbs?
Redery chapter 37 . 8/20
Oh man, the feels! You're a cruel person lol.
Redery chapter 36 . 8/20
Huh you built up those two quite nicely, they're very likable. Hope you didn't do that just to kill them lol
Redery chapter 34 . 8/20
Damn Naruto is brilliant
Redery chapter 33 . 8/20
Not sure why Kumo would do that, doesn't make much sense if his aim is to defeat Naruto. Unless he's tryign to do what his namesake did and make three warrign states lol
Redery chapter 32 . 8/20
LOL Zaraki Kenpachi up in this hood now
Redery chapter 31 . 8/20
Naruto is complete once again. The power of ramen will substitute the power of the fox
Redery chapter 30 . 8/20
Brother: Naruto uzumaki lol

I see what you did there. Zhuge liang and Yoshiru Shimazu lol. Dynasty warriors was aweosme.
Redery chapter 29 . 8/20
That makes no sense Naruto had access to all of the kyuubis chakara how would it just split it between another person, the whole point of the Seal was to make Naruto the host alone.
Redery chapter 28 . 8/20
Wtf is this bs lol how did she get the foxes powers.
And I'm sure Guan will be fine, probably pick up a sharigan somewhere, what witgh the ways eyes seem to work in Narutoverse.
Redery chapter 27 . 8/20
Ahhh damnit don't kill tsunade! She's too awesome!
Redery chapter 26 . 8/20
Love the character growth
Redery chapter 24 . 8/20
Damn Naruto, you manipulative, calculating sob xD
Seriously who trained him? :o
And yay! Tsunade might still join... though kinda doubt it.
Redery chapter 19 . 8/20
Dayuummm. Just what the hell kinda training did he go through that he can drive back both of them at age 12
Redery chapter 18 . 8/20
This just keeps getting more and more interesting.
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