Reviews for In Favor of the Past
Dean chapter 3 . 6/10/2014
Damn why did you have to bring up ducks?! I hate ducks those fucking little bastards are out to get humans and then...actually I'm gonna skip that story just look up EVIL DUCKS OK got it? No, really, ducks are pure evil.
Dean chapter 2 . 6/10/2014
OK I did that "Are we their yet" crap with my brother and it didn't go over that great we got into a fight and he got a black eye and I won. I'm not saying that I was completely unscathed because my brother is taller than me but even though I'm shorter I'm stronger and way better at fighting than him. So I'm gonna use a Dean Winchester quote that is totally unrelated "The whistle makes me their god." G'night no really it's 1:00 Am.
Dean chapter 1 . 6/10/2014
Yes, real name. "Okay. I can do that." Totally groovy and I laughed when I read the 'I hope you can feel that you stupid fricking cow' Man, that is so something that Dean and I would say. Have you ever tried to speak with a maple tree? Their all so rude its all "That's me your drilling" and "Back the hell off man!".
Little Ratties chapter 3 . 4/28/2014
I loved it
(love, love, LOVED it)
Sequel? Of coarse! :)
Thank you, THANK YOU for posting this/ writing this/ being awesome...
ImpalaLove chapter 3 . 1/25/2014
I know this is an old story but I absolutely loved it an had to comment. You've got a great writing style and a way of bringing forth emotion just through dialogue alone at times. Awesome story, awesome concept!
se-tar chapter 1 . 1/20/2014
That was amazing, the humor in Dean's reaction to supernatural, or Sam's duck dream, how simple and honest Dean tried to find his place, and how frustrated Sam was to get back his brother, they were all awesome.
huntersandhalos chapter 3 . 4/6/2013
I loved this :) It was a perfect blend of angst and humour- and god, there were some hilarious moments :D You had the characterisation of the boys perfect :D
PokeyDotes chapter 3 . 9/18/2012
Absolutely perfect. I loved every word of it. Beautifully written, and very well-done.
PokeyDotes chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
I absolutely loved all of Dean's reactions in this. Both characters seemed spot on, and even with all the angst, the dialogue made me laugh.

Demonic turtles! Loved it.
chabitso.0 chapter 3 . 7/25/2012
Very enjoyable! Thanks for posting.]
Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands chapter 3 . 7/25/2011
I stumbled upon your story and loved it. Great mix of drama and comedy. Well done!
Pinkchick chapter 3 . 6/19/2010
This was a great read! I loved the parts of Dean trying to remember and Sam trying not to freak out and the fact that Dean trusted Sam's word even when he didn't know what the hell was going on. Especially loved Dean's reaction to hunting and Sam's dream about ducks. :) I think I laughed out loud over this line: "Dean unwraps his breakfast and begins taking his frustration out on the Egg McMuffin, chewing so savagely that he seems to be thinking, I hope you can still feel that, you stupid freaking cow."


And Dean admitting he can't really remember their mom any more was so sad. Thank you so much for sharing!
vampyfreak chapter 3 . 5/24/2010
Liked the fic!
Danaa chapter 1 . 10/31/2009
Just came across this story and I gotta say that this has got to be one of the best amnesia stories I have read till now. Great work.

btw - if I'm not mistaken, there actually is a deamon turtle-like creature in Japanese folk lore. It's called Kappa. A turtle-like, flesh eating thing that has a leaf/cup on it's head filled with water that if you empty it you can render the creature harmless or something like that. XD
jesseofthenorth chapter 3 . 7/14/2009
Loved this! The whole thing. The charaterizations were right on the money. The fact that we never really found out exactly what happened to Dean cuz that wasn't the point. The humour was spot on as well. Very nicel written thoughtful piece of work. Thanks for the good read

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