Reviews for Imperfection's Weakness
LikeCanYouNot chapter 2 . 1/3/2009
luv it make 3rd chapter please
hydroknight01 chapter 2 . 12/21/2008
A VERY nice piece of work here. And yes, it really does need to be continued.

The idea that Raven would be nervous of having slept with Beast Boy and yet be devious enough to put him back in his own room before he wakes up... a highly-entertaining concept. More so that she gets caught in the act, so to speak.

Keep up the good work. Update soon please!
Phoenix'sSoul chapter 2 . 11/5/2008
Its good keep it up looking forward to more of it.
ShadowDmn chapter 2 . 10/4/2008
OMG! this is a great story, how soon can you update? soon? really really soon? pwetty pweez? *puppy eyes* I really wanna see what happens! I HAVE to. lol. Its really really really really good. I'll review again if you update soon, k? L8rz! _
Cicero Amaral chapter 2 . 7/22/2008
And they were right. You REALLY should continue this fic.


May your pen never rest.
Dutchman Sjorsie chapter 2 . 6/20/2008 u gonna make an extra chapter for this?
Laura Grey chapter 2 . 6/15/2008
omg more! That's all I can say but, update please, please I beg of you.
MassChaosTheory chapter 2 . 5/22/2008
way to kick the intensity up!
Toriano.Flacko chapter 2 . 5/20/2008
convinced you to what? continue it pronto, please! i need more material to work wit here! don ask what the hell ahm talkin' about, i dunno meself.

Toriano.Flacko chapter 1 . 5/20/2008
eh-heh-heh-heh. nice cliffie, no? btw, 2 years? now i understand the, eh, somethingness of it.
Pensively-drifting chapter 2 . 5/18/2008
yay! somemore, somemore!
6StringSamurai13 chapter 2 . 5/17/2008
HA, very nice chapter. I thought this story was dead, and here I am surprised to see you back! Loved the imagery and your characterization of Raven is spot on. Love the cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what BB says to her. Keep up the good work!
Raven'sDarkSide chapter 2 . 5/17/2008
Please continue! The chapters are really short right now, but it's a good plot and story :) I would also do a little more grammar and spelling check before posting, but there's nothing really seriously wrong.
XX.xXx.AchillezWiplash.xXx.XX chapter 2 . 5/17/2008
update soon please! :D
MassChaosTheory chapter 1 . 5/5/2008
I'm not sure if you're still into these or not, but if you are, then you should definitely consider writing more to this! I'm not gonna lie, I'm a huge fan of your stories!
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