Reviews for A Serpent's Sacrifice
Viopathartic chapter 1 . 3/16/2007
oh, I remember your fic over at harrypotterff right. I loved it, but I think you should post this at too. There's a lot of very well written fics and it's all H/Hr and reviews come fast. There's also R/L, D/G and J/L just to let you know. Check it out; you'll like it better. I'm also a writer here and over at portkey.
MerlockedWhovian chapter 3 . 3/16/2007
I really liked this chapter and the previos ones,too.I did notice however that you didn't say that all characters belong to J. blah...blah...blah you might want to add that they get really uptight about it.
Janax chapter 3 . 3/16/2007
This is a great start to the story. I find your writing to be detailed, but not overly so. I like the level of thought that Harry & co. are showing and that you're not rushing around for the sake of rushing to a particular point. Well written so far!

I'll be interested to see how you deal with Harry's power. There have been a lot of different ideas about how he's been such a "poor" performer in most areas in the past, yet he needs enough to be successful (Yes, I'm one of those that think Book 6 was a waste in this regard)...

The only critique I had was the fact that Harry was worried about the underage restriction, yet had Hermione and/or Ron cast spells. He knows that the underage monitoring is monitored by location and not by individual, right (or am I losing touch myself)?

I'm eager to see what more you bring to the table - thanks for writing!
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