Reviews for Morzan's Legacy
inherifan1 chapter 13 . 7/23/2015
write 14 chptr plz
readmore chapter 1 . 3/20/2015
I will
Guest chapter 13 . 8/3/2014
Hurry! I need to read!
Pyre the Pyro chapter 13 . 6/13/2012
*enraged growl* it's been FOUR YEARS since you updated! Why haven't you finished this story?
throttlemcnab chapter 1 . 6/18/2010

When are you going to update this fic! Can't wait to see what happens.

Please update soon!
Restrained.Freedom chapter 13 . 5/6/2010
Wow! Great couple of stories... But not updated since 2007?
I imagine there is no hope of an update anytime soon.
I will just have to make up my own version of an ending.
Just Another Fanfic Girl chapter 13 . 11/20/2009
You have to update soon! Please, I love your stories and I really, really want to know what happens next!
fairytaleluver chapter 13 . 12/29/2008
I love your story! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update it. I have to find out what happens to Murtagh!
bloomforever chapter 13 . 10/8/2008
interesting, very interesting, update! and have murtagh dump her but woulld you? it'll serve her right!
heas chapter 13 . 10/4/2008
love story please continue
Adurna Eldrvarya chapter 13 . 9/7/2008
I luv this story I hope you update soon.
jrockonhigh chapter 13 . 8/15/2008
I like this story a lot but it's been a while since you updated it. Hope you do soon!
Feathered Filly chapter 13 . 8/6/2008
Aww only 4 more chapters and you abandon it? That's too sad :(
Craic agus Ceol chapter 13 . 5/25/2008
I'm not fond of Aianna, so I kind of hope she actually IS evil and someone can whack her (for the record, the reason I don't like Aianna has nothing to do with you or your writing. I don't like love interests in general, be they on TV shows, fanfiction, or in books. And I don't like Arya, either. Just wanted to prempt any misconceptions). I also happen to be overly fond of Murtagh and all forms of Murtagh h/c.

I do enjoy your writing and the intensity of all that is going on. OH NOES, GALBATORIX SHOWS UP! DRAGON BATTLES, YIPPEE! I like fighting dragons (and, while this may sound contradictory to what I already said, I do like the dynamic between Thorn and Saphira. I'm a strange person...)

I also like this story quite a bit. I'm interested to know exactly what Morzan's curse will *DO*. Will it make Murtagh into a mindless slave, like the hellhound thing did to Sarin? I hope they defeat it before it gets that far...

Can't wait for more!
SupernaturalCanary19 chapter 13 . 4/2/2008
O.o Wow. That is some amazing writing! Im dying to find out more. I appologise for only now reviewing, but i've only just ready your stories ] Im glad i did though, they are excelent! Please update as soon as you can, as i really wan't to find out weather or not she is actually *looks around to check if anyone is listening* evil! Lol, great going and can't wait for more from you! Keep up the fantastic work and please continue writing your amazing stories :)


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