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Quickslice chapter 8 . 11/23/2013
Huh?! I know this fic is not complete but I didn't checked what chapter I am reading so it caught me off guard when all of a sudden there's no more pages to flip. Grrr! Night-Mare-chan, get back here and finish this! Please?
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 8 . 11/26/2007
And here you are, the last comment (for now, obviously).

Hehe, poor Kaoru is frustrated well, I think I'd be a tad frustrated myself, having a husband like Kenshin and being unable to pounce on him because of super-active children and pregnancy. Too bad Kenji is on the receiving end of her wrath, lol.

"If she ever ran through the house like that, her father would glare her right into a corner. But her children could scream the walls down if they wanted to." - That was so sweet, and just typical of Kaoru. I love the tidbits of information which you drop here and there, they expand and complete the story.

But the best part were, as always, those regarding Kenshin and his son. "He felt cramped, his body wanting to move in a different way, swifter, feet braced further apart to be ready to turn in any direction. He wanted a sword weighing down his side and a rough hilt in his palm. He wanted it like he wanted a stretch, to pull his body back in the form it was supposed to be." - Yes, do it, Kenshin! Am I hoping in vain? With every new chapter, it seems like he's gonna take the sword again... or maybe it's me reading too much into your words?

And, by the way... you're not gonna make him die in attempt to save his son, are you? *metallic glint* Huh, what? Me, holding a blade? For what - to give right punishment if Kenshin dies? Oh gosh noo, how could you suspect me? XDD

Lol, just joking ne.

"And what kind of father was he? Hoping to avoid his son so there would be no possibility of a fight. Kenshin sighed and pushed open the door, feeling like a coward, a tired coward." - “Now maybe you can help me do the breakfast dishes,” Kenshin said teasingly. - A katana—sakabatou- was a comfortable thing to have. It was security for his loved ones against the rest of the world. If it was just that, if that was all the sword meant to him, he would still carry it. But he longed for it in a faded way, wanted to feel the weight of it, get the sense of power and the knowledge he could dominate any troubles that might come his way. That was the ruroni in him, still pressing below the surface, and even further, deeper, the hitokiri, a faded memory but still existing, a stain, scar on his soul. He would never come to that point again, he knew, but he would never forget it either. A hitokiri was a hitokiri until death. - Other parts which I really appreciated, the first for its trueness to Kenshin's character, the second for the playfulness, and I think you can imagine the reason for the third *winks*

And... well, I think that's it. Until you update this wonderful story of yours, of course (tehee, it even rhimed XD). I hope that your life is less hectic now

Melitot Proud Eye chapter 7 . 11/11/2007
In this chapter, Fujita becomes the living proof that yes, even the wolf of Mibu is capable of showing love - the words on the pocket watch took me completely by surprise; I can see why Kenji was so upset... damn, seeing such a gift coming from a man like Saito when he, Kenji, has got nothing meaningful from a much more caring person as Kenshin - that must have hit deep. The angst shower continues *squeals* And you keep on describing it beautifully, pulling painfully at the reader's heart strings.

About Hamachi... I don't recognize her; does she come from the anime too?

"But then Himura came out of nowhere. He fought like a demon." - this one is my favourite phrase, maybe in the whole story. It's evocative and strong. Fascinating. It portrays Battosai's true spirit.

Then, wow, finally some real action. But... "A smirk twisted his features and he pushed up on the top with his thumb, there was a snicking sound and the glint of a blade appeared in the faint light. Kenji felt his insides grow cold": just my thought. Well, at least now Kenji knows what facing a real sword means. The fear, the pain, both physical and mental... that poor murdered child. The scene of the dark alleyway is horrifying, not only because the description is very realistic and harsh, but also and foremost because we all know that things like these happen too often in the world.

Anyway, another fantastic chapter. They keep getting better and better
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 6 . 11/11/2007
Kenji imitating Kenshin *lufs* Well, he is even gifted with his looks, so I think it's all right *who am I kidding, I still think of Kenji as a "little Ken-san"!*

Then the sparring scene. It was breathtaking: the tension, the shared look between Kenshin and Kenji, the triumph and the coldness afterwards. Maybe the best part of the story.

I have nothing to add, I'm still enjoying the read.

I can only wonder what it would be like to see both Kenshin and son in action...
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 5 . 11/11/2007
KenshinShinta is *love* And little Shinta isn't stupid at all. Credit goes to Kenshin too, for trying yet another serious talk with his oldest son; I think he partially hit home too, this time. Yes, the right way is the one that goes through his past - Kenji deserves to know directly from him, not from others.

I liked the conversation with Yahiko too; his relationship with Kenshin is important and meaningful for both of them, and you portrayed it perfectly.

Kaoru... is just Kaoru, caring and violent XD I don't know who Suzume is (I still haven't had the chance to watch the anime) but I loved the sudden picnic scene, only missing Sano's presence (in the coloured Kaden special Watsuki-sensei had announced his return home, but well, this is your story ; don't mind me, I tend to be very demanding when fanfictions are so well made anyway ;;). Peace and serenity fill the atmosphere.

Another excellent chapter.
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 4 . 11/11/2007
What a class of morons. And Azuma is creepy. At first I thought he was an old enemy of Kenshins, but after reading the latest chapters I'm beginning to suspect he's involved in the kidnappings. Maybe both? Urg. If he is, I hope Kenji beats him to a pulp.

On the other hand, there's Kazuo, so calm and mature... very unlike his father, but with Tsubame as a mother it was to be expected By the way, is he Yahiko's firstborn? He shouldn't be - I thought that Yahiko's first was named Shinya (Watsuki-sensei also says that he and Kenji are rivals). Plus, I think there is a bit of confusion about the characters' ages: if Yahiko was eleven when Kenji was born, now that Kenji is thirteen he should be twenty-four years old, shouldn't he? So, how can Kazuo be already ten? I doubt that he was born when his father was only fourteen ;

Oh well. Back on track.

Kenshin shows us that he's still got guts by nearly throwing out Azuma, lol. I loved him in that part (not that I don't love him in the others, mind you). And he reaches for the absent sword. Ha, there. He needs to be a swordsman, even if only to protect his loved ones. I can't be convinced otherwise.

...please say you think this way too ;_;

But Azuma managed to give that paper to Kenji. Now I'm worried. He'll go, won't he?
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 3 . 11/11/2007
Well, sometimes little brothers do know how to make you comfortable in your sleep, lol. And how to gently wake up the house (I laughed like an idiot picturing Kenshin's face at the sudden intrusion). But Kenshin, unlike his wife (ouch, poor Kenji), is always forgiving and even cuddles the main responsible; the amazing "in character experience" continues for the whole chapter - no, for the whole story *nods enthusiastically*

Then, Kenji. He is great angst material when thinking about the relationship with his father, and this makes Melitot very happy *loves angst* He feels refused, poor thing; well, I can't say he's completely wrong: even if Kenshin keeps away from his son's training to protect him, by now he should have understood that Kenji's desire to learn Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is too strong - he should give him support, not refusal. He should pick up the sword again (to protect, of course), be himself once more (because I think that a Kenshin without a sword isn't a real Kenshin) and help his son become what he wants safely, something highly unlikely if Kenji were to learn alone on the streets. Letting the swordsman die is wrong; it's a part of him, alive and important - and maybe he feels always tired because he's forgetting it?

I would like to know your thoughts about this you don't say much in the author's notes and normally I'm addicted to explanations and little spoilers
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 2 . 11/11/2007
Another dive into Kenji's family... I loved the hide-and-seek scene so much! So full of sweetness, depth and happiness.

"A. Karou-dono is pretty all the time, but I think she is especially beautiful when she smiles like that.” Kenshin’s voice was quiet but his words filled her with warmth and made her insides positively melt." - *melts herself*

Kenshin slipped his palm against hers, lifting her hand to his lips briefly before twining his fingers through hers. Connected. Grounded. Together. They had always stood through everything together. Together, they were strong. - *melts again* How do you do that? You've got the characters so perfectly it's amazing.

The only thing I don't like very much are the continued references to Kenshin's abandoning of the sword; I know that he gave his sakabato to Yahiko, but in "Yahiko no sakabato" we see him still wearing some sort of a sword at the side, plus, when dreaming of Tomoe in the Jinchuu arc, he said that he would probably wield the sword as long as he lived - he often affirms that, once you begin living by the sword, you'll live by the sword forever. And I think he wouldn't feel really safe without a weapon to protect his loved ones...

Anyway, this is my point of view. It was a fantastic chapter!
Melitot Proud Eye chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
Hello this is the first of eight reviews written for one of the most beautiful Ruroken fanfictions I've ever read; even if it is partly understandable to see Kenshin and the other characters prefered over Kenji, about which we know only what Watsuki-sensei said (I won't count the horrendous things called ovas, since they're so blatantly disrespectful towards every manga canon - for me, they're just a bad joke), I'm disappointed to see so few stories about him. So, when I found yours, after reading here and there, I was jumping in joy. Fanfictions well-written like this one are a rarity.

But onto the first chapter!

-Oh, as a reminder: English isn't my mothertongue, so, should you find any mistakes, please overlook them ;

Kenji's characterisation is the best one could desire; stubborn and self-centered like his creator described him, reckless, but also good at heart, the typical teenager that feels cramped at home and wants to explore the world, but still hasn't the strenght to go on without his parents. I find his "friendship" with Fujita Tsutomu peculiar, but I like it - they resemble their fathers more than they think, not only in looks but also in the choice of companions, lol. Well, and Tomu is a lot wiser than Kenji - he demonstrated it in the fish monger affair. He won a lot of love-points in my chart in that moment 3

Then, the family. Amazing. That is what a real family is (or should be) and, while I can't not feel for Kenji when faced with little Inoi, I just have to sit and appreciate the beautiful portrait.

Kenshin... aww, it's no use hiding it, I adore him. He was a candy as rurouni and he is even more so as a father. Kenji really is unfair thinking of him as some sort of old housewife, even if... well, but I'll talk about that later.
Scarylady chapter 8 . 10/24/2007
O_O I cannot fully express how much I love this story. It's just so well written, with all kinds of wonderful possibilities...

Poor Kenji...but perhaps it was something he needed to see. The observations on parenting were quite realistic...XD

Oh, those twins are so cute!

That message for Kenji's gonna be torture waiting for what's gonna happen next!
Eilwynn chapter 8 . 10/24/2007
YAY YOU UPDATED! Aww, the end was so sweet and sad at the same time. You're an amazing writer. Please update as soon as humanly possible!
Scarred Sword Heart chapter 8 . 10/24/2007
Did you revise the chapter? I swear I read it before, but don't remember the last part with Kenshin and Kenji.
Eilwynn chapter 7 . 9/23/2007
I LOVE THIS STORY! Everyone's in-character, the grammar and spelling is amazing, the plot is wonderful and leaves you starving for more, the updates are incredibly long, your OCs are exactly like I think Watsuki meant them to be, I half-believe you are Watsuki himself! The only fault I can find with it is that you don't update enough, but I know that's because of college stuff so I can't blame you. Besides, I'd probably say you didn't update enough, even if you updated every day, LOL.

But I'm just so giddy over this story, it's a perfect continuation of the series! You are a spentabulous writer, I'm kind of jealous.


*ahem* On that note, I think I will finish this review before I scare you even more. Update as soon as possible! Pretty please? *gives puppy dog eyes*
Scarred Sword Heart chapter 7 . 8/4/2007
Er, did Fujita and Kenji even get the information they came for?

I hope Kenji wraps his hands around a katana and disembowels the kidnappers!
Scarylady chapter 7 . 8/3/2007
I have to say, this is just WONDERFUL. I read it on a whim and found a real gem in this :D You get everyone's characters down so *well* really! Love Fujita jr. he's picked up a lot from his dad...

Oi, Kenshin's gonna have a heartattack when he sees Kenji. The part with the sword...ouch. Reminds me of Frodo and the ring...just didn't wanna let it go.

I am really looking forward to this story now :) yay! Thank you for the pleasant read! :)
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