Reviews for Nana's Letter To Papa
Ana-Kat101 chapter 1 . 10/13/2007
Awe... this is really sweet.

I love it. I just ended watching Elfen Lied and, to me, Nana is the sweetest character. I love her.

Great done, really
Black Robed One chapter 1 . 3/21/2007
Not bad, particularly for your first Elfen Lied story.

I like that you mentioned the problem that Nana’s artificial arms and legs will poorly fit her once she grows up (and she’ll grow up quickly, since she ages about 2.5 times faster the normal human does); yours is the only story I read that mentions this problem. And when in the end Nana writes “If I’ve said any bad words, I’m sorry- I managed to sneak ‘hell’ in there somewhere.” It really made me smile; it was so in Nana’s style!

However, I must also say that personally, I believe that Nana would eventually learn to act as befits her apparent age, since she seems to age faster not only physically, but mentally as well. While she acts rather childishly most of the time, and by her own admission knows next to nothing about the world, she nevertheless act notably more mature then one would expect from a six years old girl she is, and at times displays more maturity then one might expect from a fifteen years old girl she appears to be (for example, when Kurama was putting her to sleep, or when she went to face Mariko). Nana also proves to be a very quick learner: by the end of the series, she is already cooking with some success, by my calculations, less then a week after she came to live in Kaede Sou, and she knew absolutely nothing about cooking at that time. My guess is that in a year or so, Nana will learn to act as befits her apparent age, she will have to do it at least in public, perhaps with having to skip more then one grade in school and getting a job once she finishes school (though when it comes to the job, Nana can always just say that she works in Kaede Sou). And revealing her real age to the strangers probably isn’t the wisest thing for Nana to do, with her still being on Kakuzawa’s “black list” (and she is well aware of it).

Don’t take it wrong, this isn’t a criticism (this is your story, after all). Just some information you might wish to take into consideration when you write more Nana-centered fanfictional stories (which I hope you will).

All in all, your story was definitely an interesting one to read (particularly since there are so few fanfictional stories where Nana plays a major, let alone the main part), and I liked it quite a lot, even though I usually prefer longer stories.