Reviews for Problems With Dean: Road Trip
Muffy the Dough Slayer chapter 1 . 9/11/2010
hehe Love all the versions of Problems With Dean. Mikey is a nice addition! Read this story before but never commented 'cause I didn't have a profile, but I love it! You're a great author :)
bhoney chapter 15 . 8/29/2009
Aw, great ending. Loved Mikey's nightmare and that Dean got what it meant. More snuggling! Yay! LOL

Glad Dean got to have the conversation with Layla, and that he softened toward John a little at the end. Mikey's bribing Dean to make Kate cry again cracked me up.

Great story! I'm so sad it's over! I want to see the boys on more adventures together-on the road, hunting together, whether they ever end up telling Kate and Mike what they're doing, if they manage to catch up to the YED.

I'd love to see this AU versions of some of the eps we know and love-Benders, IMTOD (though I'd hate to see John die in this AU, it would be really interesting to see how him giving his life for Dean affected all of them with the conflicted feelings they have toward him), Hunted, the boys dealing with Sam's visions, how the boys would handle Dean's deal (they'd have to save him, of course, from going to Hell, NOT go the way the show went)...or just non-episodic stories where we get to see the boys hunting together. We didn't get to see a ton of that here before Dean got electrocuted.

I SO love the way you write the boys' relationships-I love the snuggling, and I love how protective Dean is of his little brothers and especially how protective they are of him, too. I love how Sam and Mikey still seem to fight a little over their big brother's attention. I like seeing how John is trying to make things up to the boys, be a part of their life again. And Dean and Kate are finally on better footing, which is nice. I even like that Dean still occasionally struggles with talking to girls, or going quiet when something big happens. And I love Mikey-which is pretty phenomenal, since I usually avoid extra sibling fics like the plague. He may be my favorite SPN OC of all time!

So I'm favoriting this excellent story. :) And please-PLEASE-write more of this 'verse for us soon. *puppy dog eyes* Please! For the love of Mikey! LOL
bhoney chapter 14 . 8/29/2009
I LOVED this chapter. Though it broke my heart for Dean, when he was so confused that his brothers wouldn't talk to him, and didn't seem to get what the big deal was about what he'd done. He just doesn't get how important he is to those around him. I was shocked that Mikey actually hit him, but maybe that's what it took to make Dean see how upset they were.

I also loved Sam checking Dean over to make sure he was okay, listening to his heartbeat. So sweet. And Mikey cried! *tear* And it was sweet that, even though he was mad at him, Sam still made sure to get Dean's cheeseburger the way he liked it.

Loved this: "“Okay, Dean. You need to get up now.” He stood beside Mikey.

“Why?” Dean asked, still from the floor.

“So we can kick your ass,” he said, feeling Mikey’s anger radiating into the room." Those boys are serious! And not a little scary when riled up! LOL

Loved this, too: "“I still don’t get why you two are so upset. I mean, you can continue this freaky vengeance thing of Sam’s without me.”

“That’s not the point, Dean!” Sam shouted. “The point is that we don’t want to do it without you!”

Dean glared at him. “But you would. And eventually you’d forget about me, anyway.”

“That’s it,” Mikey muttered, “I’m kicking his ass.”" Oh, Dean. He just doesn't get it. But I love that he actually voiced what he was thinking, and that the boys set him straight.

I liked this, too: "Sam picked up two cups until Mikey glared at him. Sam handed over Dean’s drink. Mikey snatched it from his hand and marched back." LOL Love the boys fighting over who gets to carry Dean's drink. *snickers* And the tickle fight was great.

"“Dean. Repeat after me: I, Dean Peavy…” Mikey glared at their oldest brother.

Dean glanced to Sam. He shrugged, nodding in Mikey’s direction. Dean sighed, stuffing his burger back in the bag. “I, Dean Peavy,” he parroted.

“Promise to run like hell if I ever see another reaper.”

Dean sighed. “Promise to run like hell if I ever see another reaper, even if it won’t do me any good.”

Mikey glared at Dean. A thick finger poked Dean in the chest. “You’d better. It’s not like you’re easy to forget, you know.”" Aw...*sniffle*

Just LOVED this chapter. I'm going to be SO sad to see this story end. *tear*
bhoney chapter 12 . 8/27/2009
I'm not sure why Kate was so unwilling to believe that Dean would kick John's butt defending her. He never let the boys talk disrespectfully to Mike or Kate, and punched John out the last time they met. This doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

Love when Mikey chooses Dean over the stranger and runs to his brother's aid.

"She forced the boy to go to therapy for most of his formative years. Then she tried to force him not to look after his younger brothers, not to take part in their activities. In effect, she had tried to shut him out of the family, though that had not been her intent...By the time Kate realized the damage she had caused, it was too late... Her only hope of her oldest learning to like her was now, in his adult years. Kate was determined that he would learn to like her, maybe even love her. She had to make up for all her mistakes somehow, but she did not know how exactly." It was nice to see Kate realize all this. I'm not (as you know) her biggest fan, but this made me warm toward her a little. Hopefully she follows through with trying to make up for things.

This made me smile: "Let the cops deal with a pissed off Mikey. Better them than him." LOL

It was really interesting to see Kate interact with John and with the "new" Dean. I liked it.
bhoney chapter 11 . 8/27/2009
"“Mom, Dean does too like you.” He groaned as he sat back down. “Well, maybe if you didn’t keep asking for either me or Sam every time you’re on the phone with him, he’d talk to you more!”" Good point, Mikey! I like how he sticks up for Dean with their parents, he did it with Mike once, too. I'd like to see more about what he thinks about how they treat Dean.

"Even with his extra weight, Mikey would not be able to hang on to Sam forever. Sam was one slippery s.o.b. when he wanted to be." This made me giggle. It was a big change to see Sam the one wanting to watch porn, and Dean not. Loved how Dean and Mikey teamed up against him.

LOVED this chapter, all the brotherly bonding, and especially them all falling asleep together. Very sweet, I hope to see more of that.
bhoney chapter 10 . 8/26/2009
I was surprised and pleased that John threw himself on the sword to save Sam from Dean's wrath. And happy that Dean recognized it and it lead to a nice talk for them, a little step toward healing and reconciliation, and a big wake up call for John on just how badly he screwed up.
bhoney chapter 9 . 8/26/2009
This was kinda sad, but true. Kate always seemed to listen to Sam more. "Mom always listened to Sam, not to him. Granted, he never talked much, but wouldn’t you think that might make her a little more likely to listen to him when he did? Dean grumbled under his breath as he opened the door."

I liked Dean sticking up for Mikey with John. And it was an interesting role reversal to see John deferring to Dean, even taking orders from him, appeasing him so he could be in the boys' lives. Makes it seem like he really does care.

And I liked Mikey's POV in the grocery store, especially the part about the cart with the squeaky wheel, LOL. And how innocent he looked when sneakily trying to get Dean to take a nap. Really interesting that he succeeded when Sam probably would've failed by telling Dean how tired he looked. Mikey knows how to handle Dean in a way that lets Dean go along with it without appearing to cave, even though he knows he's being handled. Sam just tries to boss him, LOL.
bhoney chapter 8 . 8/26/2009
"Sam just reached Number Two on Dean’s Shit List, right below Dad. Possessed airplanes were three and fugly scarecrows came in at a close four. He would have to check where that psycho psychiatrist spirit came in, and it surprised him that it was not higher. He might have to do a little rearranging later, but Dad and Sam were definitely neck and neck at the moment." LOL Loved that.

This made me feel kinda bad for Sam. Probably the first time ever that Dean's said something like this: "“You’re talking to me, not Sam.” The sharp intake of air behind him told Dean exactly what Sam thought of that. Good. That’s what happens when you’re Number Two on Dean Peavy’s Official Shit List." It did take me off guard to hear him called Dean Peavy. It's hard to remember he has a different last name. I did like Mikey's ire when Sam referred to himself as "Sam Winchester" earlier in the story.

"Really, Sam should know better. No one could ignore people better than Dean. It was one of the reasons his brother had earned the nickname ‘Sam the Interpreter.’ When Dean had refused to talk to anyone else, Sam usually knew what he wanted to say. And when Sam didn’t, his brother just made stuff up. It usually worked out and it was better than talking to people himself." This made me smile, especially the part about Sam just making something up, LOL. It fits in so nicely with "Growing Up."

And this is great characterization of Dean: "Important work? Him? Maybe Sam’s crazy quest was important, but that could go on without him. He never thought of himself as necessary." True. Though he totally is.

Glad Dean's talking to Sam again. Again, it was weird to see Mikey in the peacemaker/mediator role between Dean and Sam. Bet that's not happened much before, either.
bhoney chapter 7 . 8/26/2009
This was an interesting chapter. I wasn't expecting to see Roy's POV, which I did kinda like. But I also wish we'd gotten to see the reaction of the other boys to Sam's "specialist." Well, I guess we know Dean's reaction, but I wonder what Mikey thought of it.

"The only thing he really missed about having his sight was looking at his wife. As she fussed over him, he imagined her soft smile and that way she had of looking at him like he was the only man on Earth." I liked this, the portrayal of Roy and Sue Anne's relationship. She obviously loved him a lot, and I think we tend to forget about that when thinking of her. Also, and interesting job of portraying Roy's gift of seeing into people's hearts.
bhoney chapter 6 . 8/26/2009
This made me feel kinda bad for Mikey: "I’m pretty good with people, you know. Okay, not as good as Sam, but pretty good. And I know I’m not as good with cars as you are, but I can do tune-ups and rotate tires. You know, the simple stuff...But I’ll bet I could catch on to some of the harder stuff, if you helped me.” It is so the picture of a kid growing up with older siblings that are exceptional in some way-Dean and Sam must've been a very hard act to follow. Not that Mikey's not exceptional, but he just must've felt overshadowed sometimes-especially by Sam. I loved his desire to work with Dean. Such the adoring younger brother.

Glad he and Dean made up. Dean siccing Sam on him over the football thing was too funny. He was really good at re-directing Sam's attention with that when he wanted. LOL Poor Mikey. And Mikey's reasons for not wanting to go pro really said a lot about his character. Nice.

Love Sam as a mother hen. :)

This moment broke my heart: "Mikey was watching him talk cars with a funny look on his face. It was like his brother was trying to memorize this moment. That was when Dean understood that Mikey did not have the same hope as Sam. Mikey understood what was going to happen just as he did." *tear*

Loved Dean wanting to take that guy down for mentioning his younger brothers' size. Oh, and I meant to say in the other chapter, that I loved Sam's thoughts on how, even though he's taller than Dean, he never thought of himself as bigger than him because of the powerful presence Dean has.

"Sam and Mikey seemed starved for conversation lately, anything to fill the silence. Silence was not death, but that was how they were treating it. Dean had spent much of his life silent, so it did not bother him." I love exploring silent Dean-just did a story on him right after his mom's death-and this was an insightful look at the way a lot of people react when death comes into the picture.

I'm glad Dean let Sam know that it was okay with him to climb into bed. This cracked me up: "He felt Sam’s weight on the bed and braced himself for the snuggling indignity that was soon to come." LOL Cute. And sweet, that it made him feel like he won't die in his sleep.

Also loved Dean giving Mikey instructions on care of Sammy and the Impala when he dies. So sweet and sad, and I felt for Mikey when his hands were shaking. I'd love to get a peek inside his head and see how he's handling that conversation.
bhoney chapter 5 . 8/26/2009
I was a little surprised, Sam actually trying to play peacemaker a little between Mikey and Dean. Probably doesn't happen often, they seem to get along pretty well. The classic car show is a great idea.
bhoney chapter 4 . 8/26/2009
This paragraph broke my heart a little. But it was so sweet, and felt so true to the situation. I loved the image of Sam holding onto Dean so he could keep watch on him: "He needed to stay awake, to savor every moment left of Dean’s life. Even as he thought it, he heard a new hitch in his brother’s snore. He told himself it was probably just his imagination, his fearful mind playing tricks on him. Even so, he pulled himself a little closer to Dean, until he could feel Dean’s breathing through his own chest." Aw...

"A loud sigh escaped Sam’s lips before he could pull it back. This new, improved Dean spoke for himself, took action, flirted with girls, never needed him. But Sam still needed Dean. He could feel his brother slipping away from him, bit by bit, day by day, and it scared him." Nice to see this. In the other stories, it was always really clear that Dean needed Sam and Mikey, but not always as clear how much they needed him. So it's especially nice to see this here, and to see how Sam's dealing with the "new" Dean. It has to be a big adjustment for him, even with having lived away from home and not needing to run interference for Dean as much as he used to.

It's really hard to remember that you wrote this fic before "Growing Up," because they fit together SO well. For instance, in this chapter when you're talking about Dean sticking up for Sam with the bullies and the first time it happened and Sam taunting bullies on purpose. I'm picturing that from "Growing Up," cuz that was definitely in there, and then remembered this one came first-excellent job of making them fit together seamlessly. Even with the stuff from the last story-like Christine-it all just seems like one long, continuous story. Really well done.

Sam's nightmare was heartbreaking. I felt so bad for him. Loved that Dean knew Mikey was awake in the dark and had been listening, loved Mikey taunting Sam with having known about Christine first, and Sam's reaction to that. “You knew everything about him first...He’s my brother, too, you know." I felt bad for Mikey, seeing this little bit of jealousy and how he felt left out some when they were growing up. You'd think it would have been the opposite-with Sam and Dean being adopted, you'd think they'd have felt left out of the family-and Dean often did-but the closeness of their bond was evident to everyone, so I can see Mikey's point. I always liked how he and Sam fought over Dean a little and this is a good expansion of that.

It also made me think, when Mikey was talking about how Sam always did stuff for Dean-like sticking up for him-that maybe Mikey had wanted some way to help his older brother or show him how much he cared, but just never got a chance cuz Sam always got to it first. That was a nice thought.

I liked that Dean realized Mikey sometimes feels left out and tried to fix that by bringing him along this summer. Loved him echoing Sam's thoughts. He's right-it can't be easy balancing the two of them. I do wonder what happened that made Sam and Mikey not get along nearly as well as they used to.
bhoney chapter 3 . 8/26/2009
Love the boys seemingly casual care of Dean-taking off their jackets in the club because it was too hot, etc. Very sweet, and still allowing him to keep his dignity. And Mikey, the voice of reason when Sam was mad at Dean-didn't see that coming. Cool though. It shows how much he's grown up and matured.

And Dean's "Still alive" made me giggle a little, it sounded like something he'd say. Your characterization is really good, as always.

Nice chapter.
bhoney chapter 2 . 8/26/2009
I just love when you have the boys do manly snuggling, LOL. Glad to see it make an appearance here, even though they're older. And this was so sweet: "Dean’s face was blissfully content, a look Mikey could not ever recall seeing there. This was not the first time Mikey had seen his older brothers share a bed, that had been common when they were younger and Dean’s nightmares had been bad enough to wake the entire house if Sam were not there to quiet him." Aw...I also thought it was interesting that Mikey thinks they mainly slept together for Dean's sake, because in some of the early chapters of the growing up fic, it shows Sammy needing his big brother to keep him from having bad dreams, too. Mikey, too, for that matter.

I liked that Dean was really awake in the car and knew that Sam was blaming himself. Sweet of Mikey to offer his head on a platter to make Sam feel better. It's interesting to see the dynamics between the three of them. Dean almost seems to have the typical middle child role, peacemaker and closer to each of them than they are to each other, understanding each of them even when the other doesn't, kind of a bridge that brings them all together.

Also loved Mikey sitting behind Dean so he can see his breathing. This has to be really hard on him, too, as close as he's always been to Dean. I imagine they've gotten even closer after Sam left for college and it was just the two of them in town.

Really enjoying this so far.
bhoney chapter 1 . 8/26/2009
Oh, I'm excited for this story! Nice job of showing "Faith" from Mikey's POV in this alternate universe. I'm glad I read the stories in the order I did, I think it would've been hard to jump into the last one and this one with them being from an OC's POV when I didn't know the OC. But I'm really looking forward to reading this, and it's cool to get to see Mikey's POV for the familiar events of this chapter.
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