Reviews for Tolerance
LittleBirdieChan chapter 39 . 3/6
First of all IT WAS AWESOME.
Second of all STILL awesome.
LAST. (Forgive me if I sound harsh) THE ENDING SUCKED ASS!
Well. It's expected of the genre, right?
You are an amazing writer don't get me wrong. I was off my lid the entire time. Chapters 29 & 30 were my absolute favorite. But as the last few chapters ran on, I could tell, you were running out of brain juice. Thanks for not sucking! :]
Work a little harder on endings.
pitchpearlgirl chapter 23 . 1/22
Guest chapter 39 . 5/23/2014
wow, i love this fanfiction XD i keep coming back to read it, you did an AWESOME job! i love the plotline and all of your ideas :)
supersexyghotmew95 chapter 2 . 12/15/2013
ugh I hate the tallest poor zim and dib is just confused
supersexyghotmew95 chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
I love it
nashalo118981 chapter 18 . 8/23/2013
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Guest chapter 9 . 8/6/2013
Dib I freaking hate you sometimes
Fatal Overdose chapter 9 . 4/30/2013
Ironic how he was just talking about his father not being trustworthy...
jes chapter 38 . 12/24/2012
wow just
*claps* bravo
jes chapter 3 . 12/8/2012
I really like how the chapters are not only well written but they are not to horribly long
jes chapter 2 . 12/8/2012
Oh thank you so much i've been looking for something a little cleaner if you get what i mean i guess i don't know anyway its a welcome relief and very well written
Red Echo chapter 2 . 12/4/2012
Maaan, Gaz is mean
Ash chapter 39 . 7/18/2012
Make sure you have them land where Gaz is.
Ash chapter 4 . 7/17/2012
Poor zim and dib.
Gracious the Homicidal Maniac chapter 39 . 8/19/2011
Whats the name of the sequal...YOU BETTER TELL ME, PLZ, PLZ, PLZZZZZ!
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