Reviews for Phoenix Tears
Dumbledoreforever chapter 24 . 11/15
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEAAASE CONTINUE! I want to know what happens but you better not kill Dumbledore! But anyways PLEASE continue this story
Dumbledoreforever chapter 7 . 11/6
Oh my god this is my favorite chapter! Someone had my OTP get married! You are the best!
lilyflower101 chapter 24 . 3/29
Loved it! :)
jbcr chapter 23 . 3/29
Whoa! Obliviating Harry was unexpected. I can't wait to see what the dream means.

Oh - I feel like a broken record, but please don't kill Dumbledore!
fraewyn chapter 24 . 3/29
Can't wait for more!
SoulRain chapter 24 . 3/29
NOOO DON"T YOU DARE KILL ALBUS-SAN, IF YOU DO I WILL KILL YOU! Lol just kidding! But ya don't kill him. Yes please do the Draught of Living Death! Please let Albus live, I will love you if you do!
I knew Ron was poisoned with butterbeer, tho I thought Harry was at first...
Why is Umbridge here? And who is this Vawlter and new bartender, are they death-eaters?
*grimaces* Don't like Ginny x Harry, but its cute in this story.
Tonks why are you here...
Wow sooooo many stuff how does it all fit together?
Wanting the next chapter! . (Update soon please! 3)
03hermione1992 chapter 24 . 3/28
The plot thickens. I'm very interested to see where you're going with the story!
8-Wolke-8 chapter 23 . 2/4
I don't hate you and I will definitely not stop reading, but please, tell me you will not go through with killing Dumbledore! Anyway, I am more than a little intrigued about whatever caused Snape's change of heart. I hope we'll findvout soon.
fraewyn chapter 23 . 2/3
Can't wait for more!
Jedi Master Albus chapter 23 . 2/3
Me gonna go cry now! (Good chapter though!)
03hermione1992 chapter 23 . 2/3
Yay, you didn't abandon this story! It seems like Harry shouldn't try so hard to use his seeing powers during the day, because he's seeing in his dreams. Good chapter, I hope you update soon!
lilyflower101 chapter 23 . 2/3
Love it! :)
Rosaleen chapter 23 . 2/3
Noooooo! Don't do it! Great chapter though
Lordban chapter 23 . 2/3
Hate you? Why should we hate the writer of such an excellent chapter?
lilyflower101 chapter 22 . 11/22/2014
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