Reviews for Hyakumensou
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 13 . 5/9
Really good but you haven't update your stories for about 2-3 years, it's such a disappointment since they're very good.
AquilaPallas129 chapter 13 . 4/23
Woah, super cliffhanger!
Ai no Maneshi chapter 13 . 4/16
Im kinda rooting for KakaIru and ShikaTema too. And I'm a bit uncomfy about SasuHina. Well, after all, Im a NaruSasuNaru fan. But nice job! Its one of the ItaNaru fics that I enjoyed reading.
Guest chapter 13 . 4/9
HOW COULD YOU?! That was cruel! How could you leave me hanging like that?! This story is BRILLIANT yet you abandoned it?! My heart is aching! My soul is crying! You're making me feel so dramatic! And i hate being dramatic! Ugh. I hate you sooo much right now!
imjaysong chapter 13 . 4/6
Wow! This story is incredible! I'm anticipating the next scene!
Ha! As if Pein-Sama or Danzo have a chance against Naruto, Itachi, and Sasuke Uchiha.

I think my favorite scenes in this story are Naruto's meeting with the Tsuchikage.
Its a prime example of how cunning Naruto is in this. I really enjoy his personality as you write it, it's not innocent or 'Dobe-ish' by any means, yet it is somehow believable that Naruto COULD have been like that.
TheCountofCanterbury chapter 13 . 4/6
Darling dearest you have a good thing here. My only worry is if you have abandoned your efforts. Cause honestly I would like to see the progression of Naruto and itachi's relationship. You portray them so interestingly. You make and unlikely pair seem like the perfect match. The plot is just amazing. the attack of Pein was a bit abrupt. Like bam its there. But if you are going to continue then you should have no worries about keeping it Canon. As far as I am concerned is that this is a ninja verse au. If you are not planning to continur then send me a pm on how this ends. I think u should keep at it though. You have solid gold.
JustAAvidReader chapter 13 . 3/25
Hi, i have no idea if youll read this, and if you have any intention of continuing your fic, but i wanna say it's brilliant.
i know the limitations of plot informations that exhisted in 2007, and what you constructed is beautiful. I would sujest going for an AU, keeping a bit of canon, as you want, but taking your liberty to continue what youve been writing. But honestly, all your ideas with Danzou and the counsil is pretty accurate, :)
i adore itanaru and the sibblings relationsship of sasuke and naruto when people write itanaru (it really get on my nerves when people completely disregard sasuke and naruto friendship when the pairing is itanaru...)

i really would love to read how you would end it, but...
it was really good to read it, nonetheless :)
SD3322 chapter 13 . 2/10
NOOOOOOOOOOO! What happens Next when will the next chapter be?
lilmymyshem chapter 13 . 2/1
I just love the intenseity of the dire situations and complecations of the plot twisting. How you made things fall apart at the end made the anxiouty in my sit on the edge of my toes. You have a brillent mind in the ways of ecomonic and dangerous plot twisters. You have my love for your incredible story and of your intelectual mind.
Guest chapter 13 . 1/31
please update i really wanna read how you take the story furthr its very interesting and i love the plot
mirian chapter 13 . 1/19
actualiza pronto me gusto mucho
Camille.Ad0 chapter 13 . 1/12
haaa j avais pas vu que la fic ├ętait pas encore complete!
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 13 . 1/3
hope you would update soon.
if you are still not sure then maybe I can give opinion on a few things you asked. if you keep jiraya alive then it would be a support to the story of Naruto saying that jiraya taught him how to use sage chakra in secret or rather never told anyone coz it was naruto's wish or something else as a problem. As for Madara it would be better to keep him dead or rather historical dead.
Thanks for the effort on the story though good work ;))
sorafallenangel11 chapter 13 . 1/2
This fanfiction is brilliant. I love it.
R1996 chapter 1 . 12/18/2014
He could fully well have merely set him up with an older uchiha woman whom could have been made to survive the uchiha massacre...
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