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you-know-who chapter 5 . 4/9/2013
tsk tsk tsk. riddle you bad boy.
voldie's lover chapter 5 . 1/13/2013
Oh he is so CRUEL...I HATE YOU VOLDIE...
FlOMerz chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
I never consider seeing Riddle as a potential necrophilia before reading your story but you make it oddly belivable and what more, it makes sense with Riddle's obseesion with death and immortality. I also see that comparing to most other TR/LV writers you are more keen to explore his darker side of characters rather then the 'the-is-still-good-in-him-no-matter-how-evil-he-acts', which I think is really refreshing. Yes Tom Riddle is said to be by JKR herself a sociopath with no conscience and you explored this side of him very well and this story. Also the idea that his egomania is coming out with sex is something that you don't see often, but makes again sense. It's a shame there are so few reviews, they do no justice to this story.
BLAHBLAHBLAH92831 chapter 5 . 1/31/2010
I could really see Tom doing something like this. I absolutely hate it when people make him 'normal' as a young man, teen, or child. The guy was a maniac, and should be written as such XD

I could see his sexuality going one of two ways: Either the super deviant serial rapist who gets his jollies from humping mutilated corpses, as seen in this story, or as an asexual man who won't screw anything because he thinks he's to good for them.

Really, the first one makes more sense considering his all-over behavior, as quite a few 'truly' psychopathic-murderers were also necrophiliacs (Dahmer or Fish, anyone?). Makes me wonder what young Tom did to those orphans to traumatize them so bad (another story plot, perhaps?).

Anyway, I absolutely adore how you characterize moldywarts. This is possibly the most in character I've ever seen him. It was made pretty clear that Tom was quite 'off' from the get go, (not crying as a baby, animal torturing/killing, etc etc...), so it's *VERY* OOC when people make him some sweet little boy turned sour through neglect, or, heaven forbid, when they make him feel guilty about the things he does/did. Some people can't seem to get it through their heads that he's a psychopath, and wouldn't/cannot give two shits about anything he hurts, and that he was probably always like that.

Ugh, it just irritates me. It's like they didn't even read the damn books! It's as OOC as Harry suddenly deciding to get up and murder Dumbles, or Ron actually caring about something other then food, chess, and quidditch!

Damn, that was...long. You should be honored, really, as my reviews usually consist of 'gud story lol'. Send me a PM if you ever want to talk about Lord moldybutt and his lulzy pastimes or something, I'd love to chat because you seem to have him down so spot-on :p

MrsPhantomSylvia chapter 5 . 4/6/2009
i really loved this story! I can really imagine him doing this!

Good job!
vluz chapter 5 . 12/14/2007
A very clever ending, especially with the Hepzibah thing.
vluz chapter 3 . 12/14/2007
As creepy and sick as it is, I have to applaud you. (It's young Voldemort we are talking about, so it has to be done that way.)

Most of the people intent to think or portray Tom Riddle as a softer, less evil and less cruel person.

Your Tom Riddle is actually one of the most realistic and IC ones.

The only part I have doubt is about his mother. I understand that he hated Merope very much for what she'd done but then again he seemed to have some positive emotions towards her. When Hepzibah commented about Merope, he was angry. Of course there was also the possibility of him being angry because Hepzibah insulted Salazar Slytherin in an indirect way.

But look how Voldemort talked about his mother and Riddle Sr. in the graveyard. He clearly showed emotions towards her maybe it was a mix of emotions for one's mother and her bloodline (Salazar's descendant).

On another hand, Voldemort didn't know her mother used love potions on his father and he thought that he abandoned them which made him hate the "filthy" muggles more than ever.

I doubt he ever suspected the use of love potion from her mother's part. My point of view is that he thought they once "loved", so love was a weekness because it leaded to death.
vluz chapter 1 . 12/14/2007
One of the few fics in which Tom is really in character.
Anidori-Kiladra chapter 5 . 8/25/2007
It was definitely interesting. I could have done without quite so much of the graphic content, but I suppose you did warn us. And I liked that the whore was named Ophelia, because I am a Hamlet fanatic, even if this reference was unintentional.

katsy1988 chapter 5 . 8/7/2007
you are still very talented and its a gift. too many times have i read a fanfiction and the grammer is terrible yours is wonderful. a truly great story
Pensieve Plotter chapter 5 . 7/31/2007
sorry this is the end of this fic. I am writing another fic that I'm nearly done with about something in Voldemort's Hogwarts days, called His Glowing Reputation. I'm also writing another called Tom Riddle and the Pure-Blood Prince. This fic has been put to a close, but I may decide to write another grisly, creepy Tom Riddle fic. If you look at His Glowing Reputation it does have it's grisly moments and I'd really like somebody to review that for me, as it's got no reviews here on Thanks for reading this fic though.
katsy1988 chapter 4 . 5/31/2007
You are a very talented author and your story is very well writen. I believe he would have done the same things. You should continue the story though, I think it would be fun.
Voldy's pink teddy chapter 4 . 5/28/2007
Wow, this made my skin crawl. Great job. Truly insightful into Voldemort's character and horrific.
Kofuji chapter 4 . 5/27/2007
only one more? HA stroked it almost lovingly... so are you saying that all the inferi he has so far he used the same, or similar, process as with Ophelia? the lil girl waving goodbye (that was what it was right?)was adorable in a twisted way, like a rag doll thats worn and torn and has big black eyes...
Pensieve Plotter chapter 1 . 5/27/2007
Here is some info I'd like to add:

I think Voldemort may have been a necrophliac as well as his dismemberment of corpses. We know he did dismember corpses at least magically though the act of making Inferi. Yet I think he is a necrophliac as well. Some necrophliacs are according to to be known as:

“(b) fearful of the dead, and transforms his fear of the dead by means of reaction formation into a desire for the dead.”

Voldemort is definitely afraid of the dead, Dumbledore specifically points out in that chapter, “There is nothing to be feared by a body, Harry, any more than there is to be feared by the death and darkness. Lord Voldemort, who secretely fears both, disagrees….”

Oh...and I hope someone here reviews my other fic where Voldemort is much more's called "His Glowing Reputation".
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