Reviews for Magical Relations
Guest chapter 35 . 11/30
. "Have you ever heard of Stubby Boardman?"
You’re evil for cutting the chapter there and not including it next. Lol.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/28
“Footsie” pajamas? Scandale! I think you mean “footie” pajamas.
AvideReader99220 chapter 56 . 10/31
God, the amount of mental retardation this harry has is unbearable. Honestly, after the first detention he should have talked with at least Pansy or Blaise if not Dumbledore since there is no way it is legal to torture a minor. Barring that by now he should have had her poisoned, since he comes off as more morally grey in this fic (at least in some parts). Im sorry but i can't continue with this idiocy. It had good parts but this is just too much.
smilelovelybeau chapter 26 . 10/1
the part about Anthony and the blonde girl made me cackle just imagining it.
Red Sting chapter 10 . 9/24
This is so trippy. Hagrid being an unknown, Ron totally uninvolved, Filch being Harry's good friend, Pansy Blaise and Draco...this is a different story man. Very very creative. I am very impressed. Good job.
Red Sting chapter 7 . 9/24
This story is pretty fascinating and you've captured Rowling's writing style nicely. Will definetely read it through to the end.
Guest chapter 63 . 9/8
This looks like HARRY X DRACO !
Guest chapter 54 . 9/8
This fic was a lose of time, Harry is a hufflepuff o Gryffindor, but definitely not a Slytherin !
Guest chapter 46 . 9/8
That's it, I'm out, this is bullshit, one of the worst slytherin Harry I have ever read.
Guest chapter 12 . 9/7
This is the worst Slytherin version of Harry !... serioualy? returning the stone?
HalfBlood Prince chapter 2 . 9/7
This is ridiculous for the behavior of this version of Harry, I wouldn't have been surprised if he was in Hufflepuff... Unless Harry makes a 180 degree change, in practically everything, this was the worst start :C
HalfBlood Prince chapter 1 . 9/7
This chapter was really aberrational, I came looking for "humor", and I ended up seeing more of how Harry is practically a slave to the Dursleys :C
winniesm chapter 54 . 9/6
There's nothing remotely likeable or intelligent about this Harry Potter. Everything he does just makes him seem stupid and weak.
me chapter 71 . 8/22
me chapter 71 . 8/22
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