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Funkitated chapter 69 . 3/2
I read this over the last few days (I know, right! It takes years to write, days to read. :P), and what a read. At this junction, the 'Dudley is a wizard' surprise has definitely taken a backseat, but how far we have come from that point! I laughed a lot, thanks. At first, the story seemed a bit more "tell" and less "show." This has definitely improved with time.

It's been a few months since your last update, which I don't begrudge you, but hot damn! I sobbed in the wee hours of the morning. Left field. Slapped me in the face from left field. Now that's how you make a character death matter. :( :( :( What a cliffhanger! Voldemort number 2, I mean Ian... Embarrassingly, I read some of the other reviews because I didn't pay close attention. I kept thinking "why the hell did they just throw away the diary?" But, you even friggen mentioned the diadem in an AN. Duh. A soul to take over a body, and Harry had already shown the room of requirement, err, lost things. Kudos on the build up!

I suppose that's why Riddle was reading all those Occlumency books, in his 20s was Riddle an even an expert yet (I like to think he is working with a handicap his older self doesn't have)? I didn't even pick up on the hints of the Ravenclaw common room, thinking it was flashbacks. All the visions almost seems unintentional on the young Riddle's part, but I'm sure time will tell. There are so many opportunities for this plot twist! Oh-oh-oh. I thought it strange he seemed to honestly believe he had the chance of converting Harry and the other Slytherins after his sacrificial show in the Great Hall. Whaaaat.

Now lemme take a step back, and let you know the older pieces I liked best. How Slytherin over time has made Harry much the same, he's even making the same friends, but maybe a liiittle less given to immediate flights of fancy. At least, with Blaise and Anthony to hold him back. I like the friendship fluff and haven't felt in a rush for any sort of shipping (even if I personally feel you've probably laid the best groundwork for a Luna-ish pursuit in the long run). And in recent chapters? To echo another review - the Snape bits. They have almost become the best part. I feel robbed when the scenes cut out. It's so strange that Harry's getting the best of both worlds between Sirius, Lupin and weird Snape tutoring. Yuuus. Also I'm glad him and Draco finally made up. You were very committed to their friendship-break plot line.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us! I've laughed. I've cried. It's great fun, and you write very well. I hope you come around sometime sooner rather than later with more. :)
Anna O'Carrick chapter 69 . 3/1
OH MY GOD I REMEMBER. Anthony took the diadem out of the Room of Requirement! Holy crap, how long have you been planning this?! Please please please post more soon!

Exess chapter 69 . 3/1
I must say I am pleased and surprised to find a story that had dudly as a wizard I've not read one before. keep up the good work.
Captain 'Murica chapter 69 . 2/28
Great stuff! Did not see the Riddle thing coming. I'm very interested to see how he and the main Riddle interact with each other. I'm assuming he will form his own group and a three-way war will be had between Voldemort, Riddle, and the Order of the Phoenix. Possibly the Ministry will be its own side, making it a four-way war. That would be interesting, but even if that's not it, I'm sure whatever you have planned will be immensely interesting.

About twenty chapters back, I clicked on the chapter list to see the titles of the upcoming chapters. I saw that this called "The Grief", and correctly assumed that that meant death. I predicted Snape however, because I thought he might have turned into the role model Sirius was in canon, and therefore would have gotten the same treatment Sirius got in canon.

Hope there isn't slash, but I'm not going to be all "ewwwwwww gross" about it like you suggested a few chapters back, haha! I won't begrudge you at all and will keep reading on, it's just seeing straight canon characters as gay makes me slightly uncomfortable. But, once again, it doesn't really matter - this is your story to do with as you choose, and I certainly won't stop reading over something petty like that.

I'm guessing that Harry/Padma is just a fleeting hormonal teenaged fling like Harry/Cho in canon? I don't necessarily love Harry/Padma either, but I wish certain other reviewers would stop incessantly demanding you end their relationship at once, because it's obviously not permanent and is probably important for the story. Patience, people.

I know I mentioned Snape a couple stanzas up, but I'd like to take a little extra time to just COMMEND you on your excellent portrayal of the character. You've handled him amazingly, and might've turned him into my favorite character of this fic. Which is impressive, because I was always pretty iffy about whether I liked canon Snape. Seriously, every time Snape's scenes end, I'm always like "NO! BRING BACK SNAPE!" It's really quite alarming. Glad you didn't give him the Sirius treatment (also glad you didn't give Sirius the Sirius treatment).

I hope you aren't just going to let Pettigrew rot in Azkaban and we never hear from him ever again. I'm curious to see how this Harry would react to him. He's never really had much face-to-face interaction with him. Also immensely curious to see what part Quirrell will play in the grand scheme of things, besides bringing Harry to the graveyard.

And the Department of Mysteries! That hasn't even happened yet! I am SO curious to see how that will play out with everything that's transpired with Riddle, Malfoy, and the rest. I just realized that Snape and Sirius do still have the potential to be given the Sirius treatment in the next couple chapters or so. Uh oh!

Most of all though, and the reason I clicked on this story in the first place, I'm interested to see how Dudley (and his parents) will fit in the grand scheme of things. It's amazing to think how really that's the one difference between this story and canon: everyone seems to have the same background story, yet that one little act of Dudley getting the Hogwarts letter has caused all these ripples. No, I think actually it'd have to be considered more of a tsunami at this point.

Hoping you update soon! Best wishes.
Haxler chapter 47 . 2/27
i...cried for harry's snake :(
Captain 'Murica chapter 25 . 2/27
Okay, this is a great story - I love how you've handled the characters, but there's one thing that keeps popping up like a sore thumb. You keep using the wrong form of "its". For example: "...remembered the rotting hand protruding from it's cloak" should be "remembered the rotting hand protruding from ITS clock". That's how you show possession for a neutral thing. "It's" is just a contraction and nothing more: short for "it is". "Its" is the gender-neutral equivalent of "his" or "hers".

Don't mean to sound all pretentious; it's just that that really bothers me because whenever that pops up, it rips me unforgiving out of the world. (Which, once again, is a world I thoroughly enjoy.)
hunteresse chapter 69 . 2/27
This is an incredible chapter. I feel raw. I'm also very pleased with Snape right now - he's my favorite character, and I think you've done a beautiful job writing him in this story. I'm glad he seems to be more attached to Harry than his cannon counterpart; I'm hoping this will make things turn out better for both of them in the long run. Although... with two Voldemorts running around... I guessed that might be where you were going, when Anthony went to the Room of Hidden Things with Harry, but still. There are very interesting times ahead! I can't wait for more.
Xyliha chapter 11 . 2/25
Your fan fiction is just amazing! Plausible and realistic, i really like Harry in Slytherin, and see that even in this house he still complete his "quest".
Thank you, it's a pleasure to read it :)
Amyethious chapter 69 . 2/24
please update soon
SilverGhost chapter 3 . 2/20
This twist could be Harry not knowing how he became the bwl and Dudley being a wizard. ;) Awesome plot! :D
RAGA chapter 69 . 2/18
Why?! Why would you do that?! What is wrong with you!

I'm enjoying your twist in the Potter universe and will look forward to reading more.
nahte123456 chapter 30 . 2/17
Ok, I know it was meant as a joke, but the whole Hall of death on Draco and Harry just seemed mean spirited and nasty, being honest, I'd be pretty pissed at Pansy right now, completely, that wasn't a joke, that was just mean and wrong.
AD Lewis chapter 69 . 2/17
Oh you are an evil person! Was loving this story until that last sucker punch of a chapter!

Really looking forward to the next one though :D
Guest chapter 69 . 2/8
Can't wait for the next update, this is the first big substantial change plot-wise from the original books so far, and I cant wait to see where it goes! I also really like your characterization of Snape.
Raeshi chapter 69 . 2/5
Wow! Great job on this story. I really enjoyed reading it. Too bad about Anthony but it will be an interesting twist.
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