Reviews for Magical Relations
TOTE chapter 71 . 11/24
Oh man, I really really liked this story and i started reading it thinking it was a finished story because of the amount of chapters, but now i realize its not and thats a huge dissapointment, especially with the direction the story was taking. I see it hasnt been updated in the past 4 years so its probably abandoned but i really wish you would continue. Anyway great story hope to see more.
Panjason chapter 42 . 11/7
I’m kind of annoyed with Harry for being so incompetent at being Slytherin. His first three years should have shown him the importance of knowledge. He is basically flailing around in the dark and therefore quite pathetic as a Slytherin.
Oh well. This fic was fun but obviously dropped a long time ago. Thank you for the ride.
Fiona K Sparrow chapter 8 . 10/30
I've never - canon or in any fanfiction that I've ever read - seen somebody accept a lemon drop from Dumbledore. What do they think it's gonna do, grow them a beard? Make their hair white?
Great story btw!
Fiona K Sparrow chapter 5 . 10/30
I like it when people get shocked at the things he doesn't know :/
Fiona K Sparrow chapter 4 . 10/30
When I first saw that you put Dudley in Gryffindor I was shocked, but then when I thought about the other houses...:
He's definitely not one to pursue knowledge, and he certainly doesn't value it.
He's not caring, hardworking, or loyal
He's not ambitious or cunning
but he's not really brave either, although I guess that there's nowhere else to put him.
(Although I don't really think Harry is much of a Slytherin either...)
Stellar Orbit chapter 71 . 10/27
-_- fuck it’s Kreacher

It’s like bringing a kitty into your house for the first time

I greatly enjoy this story and hope you update sometime :) have a nice life
Stellar Orbit chapter 69 . 10/27
It’s Anthony isn’t it?... oh god it’s Anthony it’s Anthony I’m gonna fucking scream TF DUDE who is this bitch?!
It is Anthony...
I’m gonna fucking scream why the fuck is Tom here he’s dead he doesn’t exists anymore Dumbledore didn’t destroy the fucking diary did he he’s not a memory anymore shit’s about to go down fucking Tom Riddle is alive and in Hogwarts we’re all fucked to high hell where the hell is Voldemort IM FREAKING OUT WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING-
Is it just me... or does it sound like Riddle hates Voldemort?... I needa chill out...

What the fuck is Riddle doing here
Stellar Orbit chapter 68 . 10/27
Ahh I so love this chapter :D way to go boys

I’m gonna cry again. Their departure in the book was much more fun and important

Stellar Orbit chapter 67 . 10/27
Alright now I’m fucking pissed off

𝙏𝙃𝘼𝙉𝙆 𝙂𝙊𝘿 I swear man-

Shit shit 𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘵
Stellar Orbit chapter 66 . 10/27
Why doesn’t Harry suggest letting Draco live with Sirius and Lupin over the summer? Boom problem solved. These guys go to magic school and I’m figuring shit out faster than them I swear and I’m failing Muggle school smh
SEE? Finally

I’m about to go to Azkaban for murder-
Stellar Orbit chapter 65 . 10/27
I. Fucking. Knew it.

That moment when you realize that Snape wanted Harry to live while Albus lied about his certain death

...I mean Pansy’s not 𝘸𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘨...
Stellar Orbit chapter 64 . 10/27
Strange how just the mere mention of Umbridge can kill my good mood... hmm...

My god I love the twins. I wish they were a bit more like this in the book, play bigger parts in the little “war” and stuff. Peeves’ll be pleased

Ohhhh shit
Stellar Orbit chapter 63 . 10/27
OH MY GOD-! Brb gonna go cry

These two are adorable together i swear
Stellar Orbit chapter 62 . 10/27
YAAAAAAAY theyre friends again :D

I love seeing Umbridge pissed off

Glad you got a place to stay and a job :)
Stellar Orbit chapter 61 . 10/27
And this, my friends, is why we love and miss Snape.


I hope you’re doing well
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