Reviews for Magical Relations
weirdhead chapter 36 . 4h
Thats ma boy!
timewhisper chapter 71 . 11/10
I made the mistake of starting reading this story without paying attention to the last update time, then I got hooked because is great. And now that I am at the end of what there is I need brain bleach. I need brain bleach because 2 dark lords are going around Anthony is dead and I have no closure.

I hope that evansentranced returns someday because I love this story (Is honestly more compelling than canon by far and It stays mostly with what the lore would allow AND keeps the characters human, no small feat) So I'll keep an eye on it, I'll try to forget the last two chapters out of self-preservation, and I'll brace for disappointment.
Rabble chapter 71 . 11/2
Great story.
kikix chapter 1 . 11/1
ok i was wrong in the past review it isn't updated any further (sadly)
kikix chapter 1 . 11/1
love this story so much! have kinda read it all today instead of working oops
for anyone looking at updates i looked at their ao3 and there's a story listed for year 6 so i guess it's further on there? either way that's what im going to be reading now lol
Kitty chapter 71 . 10/19
Really like this story. Hope its not abandoned. Been over 3 years since an update. Hope you getback to it one day soon.
fhl1234 chapter 2 . 10/15
Harry's soooooooo cute expressing his excitement about his new life. For someone who grew up like he did, going to Hogwarts must be all kinds of nerveracking and excitingly freeing at the same time.
fhl1234 chapter 1 . 10/15
Intriguing first chapter. When is Harry going to get all the info about Voldemort and especially his inheritance? I don't want him to have to rely on the Dursleys charity anymore than necessary. Definitely glad that they'll let both Harry and Dudley go. I had always wondered what would become of Dudley if he were a wizard like Harry was and now I'm going to get to find out. Really excited about reading this. Noticed that it's been a while since it was updated, hope that you continue writing someday.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/22
Crabbe and Goyle were in Slytherin, and they shared similarities with Dudley. They were only loyal to Draco. Dudley should be a Slytherin for the same reasons the goons were.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/9
Absolutely loved this. So well thought out, enchantingly written, this should have a million reviews
iwillbetakingthatcake chapter 71 . 9/5
Been a few years, so not certain if you'll see this review.

One of the best fanfictions I've read. Of any fandom. I've been reading this obsessively the past few days, and hitting 71 was bittersweet.

I hope your life situation is well and that one day you decide to pick this back up.
Dugleik chapter 12 . 8/23
Seriously, fuck Snape and fuck Dumbledore. They are both entirely unsuitable to be employed at a school.
morsmordre99 chapter 18 . 8/21
this is shaping up to be one of the most thought provoking fics I've ever read
lunamoon531 chapter 46 . 8/21
I have read many many hp fics, and many repetitive tellings of the graveyard scene. None have quite matched the intensity I felt reading yours, the tension and fear behind every word, the anger and hurt. It is written beautifully, thank you.
lalalamb chapter 17 . 8/20
What the? How can you teach someone how to hiss? And he got it so fast. Most people who learned another language still have accents. And those are not difficult compared to snake hissing, where you can hardly tell the difference.
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