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RHJunior chapter 71 . 7/8
awaiting an update...
Jedi Kid chapter 71 . 7/6
I just discovered this story and have spent the past two days reading it and really enjoying it. It's a shame it appears to be abandoned, I hope you finish it one day
jaeenkil chapter 71 . 7/2
Waiting for more... Updates wanted! Enjoying I am!
Jen chapter 71 . 7/1
Thanks! Hope to see it updated one day.
LadyRainDancer chapter 71 . 7/1
Amazing, amazing, amazing. I love this story, and I have reread it many times over the years. I hate that you killed off anthony :( but still I cant wait to see where you take the horcrux and what you do with it, hope you updqte soon :) Lord Rain
RHJunior chapter 20 . 6/29
the whole problem with this is that you have to assume every single teacher in the school is either unavailable or brain damaged. Why haven't they gone STRAIGHT to DUMBLEDORE with this?
RHJunior chapter 4 . 6/28
yeah, but Dudley's a coward, too. Bullies generally are. and in his case it shows: all Harry has to do in the second book is wiggle his fingers and mumble nonsense and Dudley runs squealing.

And why should a lack of ambition be a bar for getting in Slytherin? Canonically, they're a bunch of unambitious dumbasses getting by on their pureblood names.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/27
Private tutoring?
Jamie chapter 31 . 6/27
The way that they make fun of voldemorts name is the best thing ever
Jamie chapter 24 . 6/26
I love this fic. It has the perfect humor and i love how you write the characters and they arent too ooc. I especially like harry's snake, anthony, pansy and blaise. The amount of sass and sarcasm is great as well
Kage Koutetsu Yume chapter 71 . 6/17
Okay, so I just want to say that I am absolutely in love with this fic and I linked it to my friend, and my description of it, according to her, sounds like "a savory meatball of a fic". Now I'm gonna tell you, in detail, all the things I love about this fic.

So I started reading this again because I must have favorited it early on because it was on my favorites and none of my recent favorites are no-ship. I combed through my favorites, was tidying them up, when I saw the summary for this and thought, "oh hey this sounds like good shit, can't hurt to re-read!" AND HERE I AM 6 HOURS LATER

I absolutely love all of the character development throughout this whole fic. I love how you made Vernon the supportive parent, while Petunia was a bitch. I've read more fics where Petunia is nicer, so this was an awesome take on which Dursley would be more supportive. I also love how Dudley quickly shaped up, especially with Hermione's help. I also totally agree with your reasoning for putting Dudley in Gryffindor.

YOU MADE ME CARE ABOUT ANTHONY GOLDSTEIN A WHOLE LOT AND THEN YOU FUCKING MURDERED HIM I LOVEY OU BUT ALSO OW MY HEART I didn't care too much when karkaroff was mudered, was glad that cedric was ok BUT THEN YOU KILLED ANTHONY and I should've made the diadem connection sooner! Fuck! Now there's 2 Toms running around! (2 Toms, 1 Harry. Sounds like the title to a gross video lol)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you characterized Sirius at first: still having escaped the trauma of Azkaban and then the patronus charm stuff as a sort of therapy. Fuck that was good. I love that his house is mostly windows because being cooped up for so long is awful and bad for mental health to continue to be cooped up. Also I love that Snape made a glass houses joke.

OH AND HOW YOU DIDN'T MAKE HARRY TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I totally get why some people would make Harry super different as a slytherin, but I love love love that you made him into Harry, but Slytherin. So there's some key differences between him and canon Harry, but he's still recognizable as Harry Potter and not an edgelord with Harry Potter slapped onto him (of course I also enjoy fics like that lol).

Another thing is that I LOVE that there is no ship planned for the whole story! Holy shit you're so real with how relationships work at school age! No one pairs up at 15 and stays together forever! Well, a few people do, but most of the time no. Characters are dating more than one person during their school years, and are also sometimes messy! They fuck up! Or they just don't work! God I love how you characterize their relationships too and how Harry saw Padma and was just like "fuck she's pretty aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

I love that Harry considers outlandish theories because sometimes they end up being absolutely right. Also, after I think the second time Poliakoff tried to lead Harry off the grounds is when I caught on that he was working for Voldemort and that was going to be the way that Voldemort was resurrected.

I LOVE SNAPE IN THIS FIC! I love that he's still Snape but he's more trustworthy and also that since Harry is a slytherin and prepared for potions (so no bad impression) and then gave Snape basilisk eyes, snape's less of a dick and is like. Actually a really helpful character. I love that Parseltongue is a teachable language and that Harry and Snape just bullshitted some cover story on Mayan runes in Parseltongue in front of Umbitch. Ohhhhhhh you captured her vileness absolutely perfectly. She is just as awful in this fic as she is in the books! Maybe even worse ;) I'm glad she wasn't implied to be... sexually violated... by centaurs in this fic. Looking back on that in canon, it was in kind of poor taste, even for someone so vile. At least if I remember correctly, that's what's implied in canon.

Overall, I love how you stick to the major plot points, but then you twist the story here and there, making huge differences. So like Cedric and Sirius were spared, but now Karkaroff and ANTHONYYYYYYY are dead. But Voldemort still came back at the end of 4th year, and o shit, now there's 2. And since Quirrel wasn't reduced to a pile of sand, he was able to partake in bringing voldemort back. And everyone who partook in basilisk part harvesting now has money to do things.

This fanfic is an absolute masterpiece based off the simple, yet interesting change of "but what if Dudley has magic too". I really hope to see an update from you sometime in the future, but I also 100% understand that life happens, and sometimes you grow as a person and your brain can't write the same stories it used to. It might write different and better! I'm just very glad you pumped out 71 chapters of absolute golden delicious savory meatball over the course of 9 years. Thank you for all your hard work. I hope your life is still stable and going well as it was back in chapter... 70? When you mentioned you were working for a nonprofit? I hope everything is great!
Kage Koutetsu Yume chapter 69 . 6/17
holy FUCK every time you throw me a curveball I connect the dots RIGHT before it gets revealed and it's like "OH FUCK NO PLEASE NO NO NO" and like I saw this chapter coming up like 10 chapters ago and thought Sirius was gonna die but NO you KILLED ANTHONY THIS IS AWFUL I LOVE THIS FIC I'll leave another review at the end. BUT GOD FUCKING DAMN THAT DIADEM I knew he took the diadem BUT I SHOULD'VE CONNECTED THE DOTS SOONER THAT HE WAS GETTING HORCRUXED AHHHHHH you spared cedric and sirius BUT TOOK ANTHONY AWAY INSTEAD FUCK MY HEART
faerieMagic07 chapter 69 . 6/6
You killed Anthony. It was the diadem. Anthony took it from the Room of Requirements.
Bethany chapter 21 . 6/2
This is absolutely brilliant. All the book's plot holes have been exposed and hilariously filled, the character development is fantastic... I am literally crying.

Thank you for sharing! Now I simply must continue.

Right! *she yells, brandishing her quill as one would a sword* Onward!
GUEST chapter 50 . 5/31
Gash. Love affair, I thought she was imperioused.
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