Reviews for Magical Relations
blackbloodywolf chapter 69 . 10/16
I knew it was coming, but the emotions were too strong! update soon please
Morgan Lovegood chapter 69 . 10/15
He died.I forgot about the can't wait to see what happens great story really sad though.
I know okay chapter 57 . 10/10
Haha Glad the Weasley twins business is going.
I know okay chapter 56 . 10/10
I want Umbridge in so much trouble.
I know okay chapter 55 . 10/10
I wouldn't want to join the group either.
I know okay chapter 54 . 10/10
I wondered how the D.A. would work in this version.
I know okay chapter 53 . 10/10
That is an awkward coming back to school.
I know okay chapter 52 . 10/10
Well, now what will he do with Draco? It's not exactly safe to be friends with him no matter how he feels. There could be betrayel or not and Lucius finding out and hurting Draco.
I know okay chapter 51 . 10/10
I don't think Harry and Ginny ever made sense, so that's all right with me. Of course my heart is Harry/Draco and the only reason I read your stuff at all is because you had written one. I think the movies made Harry and Ginny make even less sense. Those were the most painfully awkward kisses I've ever seen with people that have zero chemistry.
sub chapter 5 . 10/10
The main thing about this fanfic is that how does hp not know about "potter family" and his money. I mean if everyone recognises "the-boy-who-lived" at first sight then surely at gringotts the goblin will do too. That means they will have asked him for his key.
I know okay chapter 50 . 10/9
Well, at least he didn't go on trial and nearly get expelled from doing magic.
I know okay chapter 49 . 10/9
I think her return and reactions are highly suspect.

Will Harry and Draco ever make up or is this just going to drive that wedge in there permanently?
I know okay chapter 48 . 10/9
I don't think I would let her back in.

He probably shouldn't have ignored Draco's letter even if he never replied.
I know okay chapter 47 . 10/9
Poor Harry.
I know okay chapter 46 . 10/9
I always did hate this part of the book. It's gross and creepy.
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