Reviews for Magical Relations
Theessaa chapter 69 . 8/22
I actually cried REAL TEARS at Anthony’s death amd Harry’s distress. WhY OMG HE WAS SUCH A BABE.
ashez2ashes chapter 71 . 8/17
What a wonderful ride this has been. I'm in abject despair though that I finally got to the end and realized it hasn't been updated since 2016... What a terrible sign. You've gotten SO much farther than most people get in alt universe stories. You're on the home stretch really.

I have to express how much I appreciate that you didn't hand wave the blood purity issues that Draco has in canon. A lot of fics that put Harry in Slytherin try to pretend like they're somehow not that bad. You put in the time to address them head on and also gave Draco the time to grow pass them. You ever included major consequences for turning against the blood traitor mentality. It's really damn impressive. I usually don't like Draco in fanfics (too many look at him with rose colored glasses because of Tom Felton), but you made me generally care what happens to him.

You've shown a lot of creativity here in how you developed the story. A second Tom Riddle running around is not where I would have seen this story going. I thought it likely that Anthony was doomed, but I wasn't sure. Poor guy.

I too, hope this is going to a Luna/Harry place. Padma is nice, but he didn't even think to turn to her when he was feeling bad. That's pretty telling even if Harry didn't realize it.

If you could give us some kind of update on if you have given up or not I would really appreciate it. I tried going to your website even but it hasn't been updated for awhile. :(
Guest chapter 71 . 8/8
This is a fantastic story. You follow the events of the book but change them to fit the alternate universe in a way I find particularly admirable. I also think you manage the wide cast of characters very well. Especially the Dursleys. I love how you've portrayed them here, as well as Harry's conflicted relationship with the adult Dursleys. Awesome read, thanks for posting!
padfoot278 chapter 71 . 8/3
Great story hope you will be writing more chapters
Diving in chapter 42 . 8/2
"Stormaggedon dark lord of all!" Mia has some concurrence.
witherwings1972 chapter 71 . 8/1
HI. really enjoying this story.
HMMM chapter 71 . 7/30
This is one of the best fanfics ever!
JosieGardiner51 chapter 2 . 7/26
This is starting off well. Harry in Slitherin and Dudley in Griffindor. Yes very interesting. Is him and Draco going to be friends I wonder.
Mintley8 chapter 71 . 7/19
I love this story! Thank you x
xbox432 chapter 71 . 7/19
Aaaand... damn, reached the end. Here's hoping you're alright, can't have anything silly like illness or homelessness keeping you from delivering my entertainment... hop to it peasant. Was that a good Slytherin impression?

And "Yay!" to the the Luna hints, or at least I hope they're hints. :D I'll say this right now, whether you stay the Padma route or go somewhere else with his romance you've done a far better job than Rowling did with Cho. You gave Harry roughly the same amount of time with Padma as he orriginally had with Cho, but have made their relationship seem so much more real.

And the twist of having a second Tom running around was quite impressive, and something that's quite plausible. I am so hoping to see a meeting between the two. And see just what the Younger thinks of the Elder's "bumbling".
xbox432 chapter 60 . 7/19
Yeah, I can agree with the author's note. No matter the gender/sexual preference, people should be allowed to find love. I won't read slash due to it being... uncomfortable as a straight male, but I'd still laud this story for how impressive it is... and I'm still holding out for Luna!
xbox432 chapter 44 . 7/17
Is there a reason the part about the owl's name is at the bottom of this chapter when it was in the last one already?

Also, I am so placing my bets that Dumbles kept the Hogwarts' wards changed so that unregistered Animagi can't escape or something. That could be one reason she can't leave. It'll be interesting to see how/if Harry can back that woman into a corner.

Also, Padma instead of Cho? Curious to see if this is only a small crush, or if he'll actually ask her out. Though personally I'm hoping to see him end up with Luna, not often I can find a good story with her as a pairing.
xbox432 chapter 17 . 7/17
The only odd thing I've noticed so far... if Harry knows that it's a giant snake in the pipes doing the petrification, why didn't he tell the professors? Maybe a little linger distrust for them as they disregarded his warning about Quirel?
witherwings1972 chapter 13 . 7/16
I'm glad Harry and dudley are starting to become friends. Shame about petunia.
MsMJ chapter 46 . 7/11
Oh, that was really clever! I was wondering how Harry would get away from the Graveyard. The knight bus was a very ingenious solution, I hadn't considered that one at all.
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