Reviews for Coping
Hobgoblyne chapter 1 . 6/1/2010
Aw! I really liked it, been ages since I read the series, think I may have to reread them now!
MsDevin92 chapter 1 . 5/2/2008
Oh man. That made me cry. I was always sad when Kess died, but I've loved the bond she and Bo had from the start of the story, especially through their telepathy. And the nostalgia from the statements in the first book just made me tear up...

So well done. Favorited and beautiful.
Baze Epsilon chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
XD LOVed it!
airfaery chapter 1 . 5/24/2007
Since you've been reviewing my story I will review yours. That was really good. Its probably the way it really would have happened if the book really happened and that part was in the book. Hm. Do you understand?
Hoeun chapter 1 . 5/6/2007
Okay, I would log on and do this, but I got the reject error because I already submitted a review to this chapter (idiots) so I had to leave this as a-er-not signed on review. Whatever. So, this is really nice. You redid the wedding proposal great, so while it is still fast, I could see more where Bo was coming from and all. I liked how you actually put in how fast it was in Bo's dialouge, and the thoughts of Sisi when thinking about the sudden change are a vice touch. Overall, I really liked this new edit. So, you PMed me back (thanks for doing that, I usually don't get replys to my replys to the reply of the review, or whatever it is) so I'll reply to that here. You're not into HP fanfic that much you said, but that's cool. So many people are stuck just on that genre of fanfiction so it's nice to have people that pay more attention to the other fanfiction worlds. Unfortunatly, I'm guilty of HP fanfic obsession. Um, your friend, lady Charity's fic, is it on If so, could you give me the link or actually, I probably could search it. I'm glad you like Ron/Hermione, it's one of my favorites, and I guess you're a canon shipper. Yeah, I see where harry being with somebody might not make that much sense and all, but I really like Harry/Ginny because I think Harry should be with somebody. I mean, if Dumbledore was right and the power Harry has is love, he needs all the love he can get and a relationship with somebody would give him that. Yeah! another Neville fan! I adore Neville, he's so amazing. If you're interested, I know some good Neville fics you might like. Neville/Luna is cute, but J.K. Rowling said it's not going to happen. I Like Neville with Susan or Hannah-he qould go will with a Hufflepuff, I think. What do you think of Snape? Friend, foe? and what do you think of the Dumbledore/Prophecy thing? Manipulative, what? So, if you're not that into Hp, I won't talk all about that. Who's your favorite character in the WoF trilogy? And Danny Phantom? I don't have TV, so I don't really get to see any DP (is it still on, there were rumors it was discontinued) but I love Sam because she's amazing, and Tucker because he is such a stupid, loveable geek. Tucker reminds me of Ron, and Sam of Hermione a little, but they can't be together because Danny/Sam is OTP. PM me back!
Hoeun chapter 1 . 5/3/2007
Very nice. Cute at the end, sad and bittersweet at the beginning. Not very true in terms of writing style to canon, but still well written. I love your development of Pip and Bo, and agree with you about this being a series everybody should read. I think the main problem people have with the books is the unique writing style, but personally I like it. You know, I never thought that much about how Bo would cope with Kes' death, but you really made me think and I adored your thoughts on how it might go-though the marriage proposal was a tad bit fast. I agree with Bo having the harder job, but whenever I read up to Firesong, I start bawling at the loss of Kes so I don't really think about it. I love the optimistic ending! Keep up the great writing.
Lady Charity chapter 1 . 3/21/2007
aw, that is the sweetest thing in the world. I liked how you said “Bo, I just wanted you to know that we need you; all of us do. Sisi cries everyday because you won’t speak with her…she thinks you don’t lover her anymore. And Mumpo is very sad about Kess, Bo,” though it nearly killed her to admit this because of her jealousy." I feel so bad for them! Let's see, constructive criticism...try to look over your story once or twice before setting it up, the spelling errors distracted me (that's the Livy-editor coming out in me) and i think it was nice how bowman asked for Sisi's hand in marriage, although i think it's more fitting if he apologized for hurting her so much before giving her a chance to be reassured that he's still himself. Thx for the Mumponess!
Nina Windia chapter 1 . 3/20/2007
Yay! This site needs more WoF fanfiction! The last part amused me, I'm not sure if you were trying to imply it or not, but the idea of Kestrel always being in his mind while he could be doing... other things (Cough, Sisi, cough) is pretty funny.

One critism I have though is that perhaps Bowman rushed his proposal a bit, he's been down in the dumps mourning his twin, and then when he gets over it, he proposes the second later? *_* The whole bit with them all suddenly coming into the tent comes across a little cliche as well. Were they all hiding outside peeking in? ;)

Well, that's just my opinion however, it's a perfectly good story despite that, so... Well done! _