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Guest chapter 9 . 5/12
soooo...m this fanfic was chilled before this shiy happened
A friend chapter 1 . 3/24
You should have kept the storyline the way it was it was really interesting until you change kind of sad that I can't read the rest of the now
theeuniverse chapter 22 . 3/21
You know this story has a lot of potential, albeit the cliche drama but what's a good fanfic without heavy drama right? Some of the dialogues are confusing and repititive but the idea is there. I'm just so sad that you didn't finish the ending. I mean I know you did but you just made like a summary or something. I hoped to God every chapter that I'll be reading a bit more especially about Sasuke's reaction to her cancer but in a few sentences you ended it. Siiiiigh. I was really hooked. I especially love how Sasuke was fighting his inner demons and Sakura getting around her insecurities too. It was nice. I just hoped you didn't rush it or ended it for the sake of ending it for the readers. Anyway I really like it, just a couple of grammar lapses and spelling errors but it's good.
black lotus chapter 10 . 3/5
It' good
PosionedAngels chapter 7 . 2/4
i love to story. thanks for making it. i still want to bitch sasuke again.
xfrozencrystalx chapter 22 . 1/30
I love the story
Guest chapter 10 . 11/5/2014
Hey!even though its a bit confusing at times ireally love the one of my favourite sasusaku times it is confusing like how can sasuke be a gang leader while he is in high school and that when ino says we will finally get to see his house when she already saw it...other than that there were a few gramatical errors!
Still i loved the story..keep it up
luvsasusaku.97 chapter 20 . 11/2/2014
Beautiful This was was Amazingly Beautiful! Like before I cant describe my happiness in words! One of the Bests I've read so far! Sasuke has really changed for Sakura and I'm so so sooo Happy that Sakura finally got her voice back! Yay finally! And the ending was so so Sweet! I really really Love All the Sweet Sasusaku moments! This fic has made me laugh and cry many times! I'm so proud of Sakura! Love this fic so so so much! I had a Great Time reading this fantastic fic! I even read the last chp 3 times bcuz i really loved the part where Sasuke cofesses to Sakura and then she in return says I LOVE YOU! I'm so happy for the couple! Their Love is so pure and intense!
luvsasusaku.97 chapter 9 . 11/1/2014
Awsum Awsum Awsum! That was soooooo Epic! I mean seriously Sasuke is the same cursed devil like in the real naruto anime! It really made my mind explode! I'm so happy I found this fic! Its Different and Super Amazing and made me cry numerous times uptil now! Fantastic chp! The ending part was really Sweet!
luvsasusaku.97 chapter 8 . 11/1/2014
Seriously how strong and bold is Sakura?! I mean really she knows about her miserable state and how those stupid bitches treat her Damn them! Sakura is such an inpirational charcater her and even made me cry I mean seriously reading where she smiles and laughs make butterflies fly in my stomach causing me to smile and laugh too but on those terrible moments when she's really hurt and still smiles really really make me hurt and I seriously cry and when I'm saying I mean writting this is no joke I mean it all! *writing the review while reading the part where Sasuke asks Sakura Qs abt smiling all the time.*
luvsasusaku.97 chapter 7 . 10/31/2014
I dont have the words to describe how much i'm in love with this fic! Its really really incredible! From chp 1 to uptil 7 i'm loving every single character, every description and also the main characs Sasuke and Sakura! Wonderfully written!
And Sakura's beautiful personality really reminds me of Hellen Keller!
I'm so happy abt Sasuke's changed mind and attitude! xD Sasuke is really like a Oh-so-Perfect-Boy with everything I mean with the looks, money and singer but at the same time being the leader of the Gang member really raised my interest in this Awsum story!
Nameless Lurker chapter 1 . 9/16/2014
I would've love to read this fic seeing it has many reviews, and most are positive after a quick glance...BUT your grammar and typographical errors make me's kinda giving me a mild headache. I'm sorry, I don't really have ill intentions, I just want to encourage you to correct those mistakes..or better yet find a beta.. I salute you for finishing the story though, I'm sure it was a feat.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/10/2014
The story was awesome. I stopped reading in the middle because my exams were going on but I completed reading the story. It was so sweet. I love how sasuke is so overprotective of sakura. If possible please make a sequel of it. Awesome story.
Klaudia chapter 21 . 8/26/2014
I have been reading life is beiatoful for a while recommended by my sister who's really into fan fiction I never understood what she saw in those, but your story I just can't describe how happy I am that I have listened to her and read it. Thank you, the story is beautiful, I am a very honest person and although the story was a but unrealistic and you could tell it was written on spot, and the grammar and all wasn't as good, I still read it. Usually I would leave it, I would not read it, however yor story's plot is so damn touching I had to finish it, I'm quite disappointed how you stopped and didn't finish it, disappointed at how you just gave as a review, however you have mentioned you would be re writing it, honestly I believe you should, when I read your rewritten piece I honestly saw the difference in writing more description not just dialogs, more alliteration and all such things, more creative, definitely damn more creative. You are an amazing writer I love how you have improved, amazing. I honesty think you have an amazing imagination for creating such a story, I'm a sensitive person and well I cried on your story, the way sasuke loves sakura so much is just so heart touching it also made changes in my life becausei have realised certain stuff, due to your little comments such as when sasuke said "I love Kari I will always love her but I'm in love with sakura and if. Was t choose who to die for I would choose sakura" this made me think, I started thinking about the difference between being in love and loving someone. Also another part where it inspired me is when you wrote how sasuke used to be liel those guys who only care abot girls with make up and all and not notice the ones who are naturally beautiful, and that's so damn true I jaiy loved certain quotes, and well you are doing an amazing job. Don't stop, I would love to read the story all over the re written one honestly I would even buy it if it was a book. That's how much I like it, I decided to write that review because I read how you wanted to read something too and well finishing the story and not reviewing it would
Be totally unfair and also, I would not feel good with it myself because that story is just perfect I loved it. Thank you and well I hope you will read his review, and reconsider rewriting your story I will be waiting for it and checking up on it. Haha. Thanks, if you want to contact me here's my email: I honestly would buy yor story haha so write it!
Joanne chapter 22 . 8/2/2014
Hiii! I'm so happy you released a summary of how it all ended :) I really hope one day you'll have time to properly finish this because it's one of my few fav! Muuch looove xoxo 3 Been a fan since 2011 :)
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