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WrySleet chapter 4 . 4/19/2012
How could you suck me into this story and finish it. You have depicted the characters great. Artemis inner conflict and denial of redemption, Drizzt showing a darker side and having to deal with jealousy and turmoil spent in torture. Catti-brie trying her best to help both men. I like Regis portrayal; people forget that he used to live in Calimport as thief and is familiar on how things are settled there. What I'm trying to say is great story and get back to working on it.
Yulandia chapter 4 . 12/31/2010
Your writing is fantastic.. really gets the wheels spinning! I felt sorry for Drizzt, for the humiliation he suffered from the tantrum in front of Artemis, as well as the roller coaster he rode throughout the story, but sometimes I have to keep in mind that he IS young and therefore emotional and foolish at times. Interesting - Entreri comes across as much more mature and seemingly in control (he plays his part well). And now that Drizzt admitted he let Entreri go, I wonder what the guilt will drive him to do. Or will it be Catti-brie that does something?

I don't really see a Catti-brie / Artemis love relationship here, though it was interesting to see how each person reacted when they entertained these thoughts to themselves. I do see more of an appreciation and curiosity. It seems Catti-brie earnestly strives to understand people and thier choices, and this curiosity helps her to reserve judgement with both of these men. All it took was one good deed in her eyes to help her see beyond his, um.. job description.

It's particularly interesting that Drizzt doesn't see that Entreri is almost exactly where he was (lost, not fitting in, secretly wanting acceptance, not wanting scrutiny, to want to see some good in the world, etc) when he first met Catti-brie - the very same person who reserved judgement and fought (argued?) for Drizzt when he was exposed. Great parallel!

Cool story! Please coninue this.
SunflowerIce chapter 4 . 9/25/2009
would like to read the next chap some day.. its well written and I really like the story..
Zolarix Aster chapter 4 . 4/14/2008
I like this. Usually I'd be wary of a Entreri/Catti-Brie relationship, but this is believable. Or at least it would be if there was a relationship, which there's not because he's running.

A part of him was amused that after her long speeches, which she probably still thought would make a difference to him, she had come in to see him fondling a sharp object in his hands.

WolverineFairy chapter 4 . 9/23/2007
I absolutely loved this! The way you've written each character is very fitting and well done (well Drizzt was a little more emo than usual but it worked for the scene :P)

Hope to see you continue this a little further.
Nuitari Aquarius chapter 4 . 4/18/2007
My my !

What a mess we have !

Catti-brie looks like a lovesick teen, in love with the bad guy of high school... Funny !

I am admirative of how you keep the characters in place, their interactions are credible and deep, it's fantastic !

Maybe Entreri will find peace in his love's arms... The real question is whose : Catti-brie's or Drizzt's... ?

Thank you very much for your fiction.
Donaruie chapter 4 . 4/7/2007
whoops i must not have put this in my story alerts like i thought I had eh heh *does that now* there, no more missed updates .

Poor Drizzt, he's so very confused about what the heck he's supposed to be doing. I know how that feels
Lady Tragic chapter 4 . 4/2/2007
Ah, but Bunny, the magnitude of their efforts suggest that the payoff is worth it! *evilgrin*

And Miss Chi, I must once again thank you for your efforts. You and Ariel D are getting me by until RotP comes out in paperback.

I will however, be sad if you make Entreri religious. Though Drizzt trying to convert him could potentially be extremely amusing. Can't wait for the next bit!
Semi-Automatic Bunny chapter 4 . 4/2/2007
Tsk, tsk, there goes Entreri shielding himself from human vulnerabilities once more through isolation.

But of course, the idea of Artemis courting *anyone* is extremely hard to envision. From what we've seen in canon, he seldom seems to get involved with the fair sex unless they positively throw themselves at him. Were it not for the Olympian seduction efforts of harem women and deranged half-elves, one wonders if he would EVER seek out female companionship out of his own accord _.
Sushi-san85 chapter 4 . 4/2/2007
Artemis is finding redemption and Drizzt is falling from grace? Catti-brie is caught right in the middle of it? Not to mention that a goddess is trying to convince the atheistic assassin to become one of her followers?

That's interesting.

Poor Artemis, he's so confused with Catti-brie's behaviour and Drizzt thinks he likes her.

Drizzt is developing in a believable direction, I think, and it's good to see him spending more time with Catti-brie. Part of me wonders if Jarlaxle will show up again. He's a highly addictive drow, that one. (If not a bit toxic.) _

I will be an honest reviewer and say that the atheistic assassin should never become religious, especially after finishing "Road of the Patriarch". It just doesn't... fit. I'm not saying that you're going to make a religious zealot out of him (and judging by your skills at writing, I have a hard time thinking that you will), I'm simply pointing to this strange quest that Mielikki has put on Drizzt's shoulders. Does the ranger have any idea what he's doing?

With that said, it's nice to see Catti-brie doubting herself and her own perspectives. Let her see the world in a different light and not end up "disgusted with the evil ways" but trying to understand them instead, I say. That's where Salvatore failed, in my opinion. She's already so anti-stereotypical, why not make her more colourful and interesting? Maybe Artemis will end up actually liking her?

All in all, I think you're doing a great job at depicting these people, especially Regis' concern for Catti-brie and Artemis' reaction. That brought a good laugh from me. I look forward to seeing the developments of these characters.
Lessiehanamoray chapter 4 . 4/2/2007
Good chapter, and appropriate bratty moment. I really liked Drizzt's confession at the end. I also like the idea that Entreri is almost embarrased by having the same homeland as Regis.
Linndechir chapter 4 . 3/31/2007
Once again, I have too many things to say about this chapter ... When I read it, I thought constantly "I should mention in my review that I liked that scene", but I cant mention every scene ... so Ill just say that I really love this story.

Im impressed by your description of Entreri - its just perfect, and it reminds me of why I love Entreri. And I have still a flicker of hope that Catti-Brie and Entreri wont get too close in this story, because Id really pity him for having this annoying woman around him all the time. Even if shes nice to him now - having a relationship with Catti-Brie must be a nightmare. So I hope youre not cruel enough to give Catti what she wants. ;)

The only thing that bothered me a bit was the whole story with Mielikki and Malar at the end of the chapter. I dont think it really fits for this story, but thats just my humble opinion and no reason for me to like this fanfic less. :)

“I have no desire to ‘cause’ trouble. Trouble already exists when I get there.” I loved that sentence. Its just typical for Entreri, and it reflects his world view very well.

Great story, especially thanks to your perfect description of Entreri. And, as I already said in my last review - I cant wait for Jarlaxles appearance on the scene (I think he has to save Entreri from Cattis clutches ;)).
jarltreri chapter 1 . 3/31/2007
*sniff* could you?

j/k... The writing here's pretty good too...but pls don't stop with the other series! (aka Trying too Hard)
Sushi-san85 chapter 3 . 3/28/2007
LOL! It seems that Catti-brie got her "revenge" for Artemis' previous questioning. And the kiss! *giggles insanely*

Oh, that part was awesome, especially about their "partnership".

You've shown more of Drizzt's character here, I see. That makes me glad. He's more colourful, easier to relate to. And that he could finally confide in Regis was definitely a good thing.

I'll admit, I'm curious as to where you will take Artemis. To tell the truth, the thought of a "redeemed" assassin doesn't sit so well with me. I like Artemis the way he is, strange as that may sound. He simply isn't the same without the sarcastic comments and interesting perspectives that are him, you know?

But then again, I could always relate easier to those who have suffered in their lives and who see themselves as misfits. I'm a bit of a misfit myself, so to speak. But really, it has been easier for me to relate to Artemis rather than Drizzt, but I think that it's mostly because of the recent development that Salvatore has put both characters through. The way you depict Drizzt here, well, it makes him... believable.

Anyways, as crazy as this may sound, I would actually like to see Artemis escape and Catti-brie follow. _ (I know, I'm crazy.) Just to see how Catti-brie will develop as she spends more time away from the dwarves and sees the rest of the world. To tell the truth, the way Salvatore has done this, I find myself rather terrified that she will end up married with children without truly understanding how the world around her works. That makes me sad, in a way.

But all in all, this is your story and you decide what to do with it, after all. I hope my review has been helpful to you.:)
Drow Elf chapter 3 . 3/27/2007
I kid you not, I would read your stuff above a lot of published authors.

This chapter was excellent, especially since you described the source of Drizzt's angst.

Very nice. Very, very nice. I'm hanging on edge for the next chapters.


Drow Elf

Xal dos zexen'uma wun l' elamshinae d' Lloth!
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