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Guest chapter 3 . 12h
Good story
archangelazraelson chapter 6 . 5/2
nice python reference
Guest chapter 28 . 4/21
Considering it's a dictatorship with MARGINAL concessions for a very, VERY few ADVISERS (3) then (2) of his OWN choosing, I'd say ANY problems that the idiot third has, are of HIS OWN MAKING! ONE, just ONE squad of anbu could kill and REPLACE every single member of the civilian council AND NOBODY would know any difference.. And even (in the unlikely event) they did.. WHO COULD THEY COMPLAIN TO, without becoming another statistic?

Actually jiraiya is at fault.. But the third is MOSTLY to blame... Between Minato's friends, Kushina's friends, their students, minato's personal bodyguards(who can teleport), kakashi and sarutobi... Naruto SHOULD have been defended from ANY possible threat inside or outside the village... Jiraiya was just the "frosting on top" to make sure naruto was looked after... The third is the one that shot ALL that in the foot, among many, MANY other seemly INDECIPHERABLE and HORRIFICLY bad decisions.
Guest chapter 28 . 4/21
No the third's previously life had nothing to do with it, just stupid decision after STUPID decision in this one.. COWARDLINESS, inability to differentiate the enemy from ally, FAR to much trust in people that haven't earned it, keeping the WRONG secrets and letting the ones that SHOULD BE KEPT out... Inability to see what others have BECOME, not THEIR PAST SELF WHICH IS LONG DEAD AND GONE!(if it existed at all and isn't just a "rose glasses" memory long warped)! FAILURE AFTER FAILURE to plan, or even THINK.. Those are why he's getting karmic backlash! Translation: "he brought EVERYTHING ON HIMSELF".

Hasn't the civilians ALREADY BROKEN THEIR "trust" commitments MULTIPLE TIMES in MULTIPLE WAYS, I'd just start PUBLIC EXECUTIONS ON THEM! Make them remember that the TRUST is already BROKEN.. ON THEIR PARTS... AND if they want to keep existing, TO SHUT UP AND STAY QUIET! Oh and the mailmen/women aren't CIVILIANS... They are nins too... Remember that was actually covered in canon!

Oh yes NOW you have the hokage acting semi-competent? Now that naruto's childhood is OVER, THE INVASION IS DONE... He what, discovers his brain? Don't you think if he'd have done the "dog trick" to a few civilians back in the day, they would have taken the HINT? (they are pretty cowardly too) and the dog thing is all well and good until you get a nin that's like "john wick" and then they are all dead. But seriously what is it with this guy? He's only spineless with his own people? (any nin that bows to civilians? ISN'T WORTH HIS POWERS!)
Guest chapter 27 . 4/20
Actually I've been reviewing that for several chapters, that AT THIS POINT, the invasion is a very PATHETIC and stupid idea... Konoha is OVER THE TOP... Heck their power level is at 4th shinobi war standards RIGHT NOW! So sound is really nothing more then a FLY to be SWATTED!

The FEW years? Did you see anko's age when he left and what she is now?... It's been more then "a few years" LOL... It's one of the reason that jiraiya sucks so badly. Seriously how does a spymaster NOT find someone that is ACTIVELY RECRUITING people, LOADS AND LOADS of people, to be in his village? That kinda thing gets NOTICED (especially since he's NOT taking normal people.. ONLY NINS! It should stick out like a sore thumb!)

I actually agree with a lot of what you said.. Invading a village? More then a little stupid... Invading a village and the main "plan" was frontal assault? Even dumber. BUT what's more disturbing is that the leaf didn't see two ARMIES marching toward the village and setting up camps. That's PRETTY STUPID as well... The whole thing is kinda dumb. As for attacking during the event?.. It's SUPPOSED to be "high security"... BUT, it's actually MUCH more lax then any other time! I mean they are ALLOWING bunches of foreign nins INTO their village... When normally their barrier would keep an eye on ALL of them and how many there were, where they were, power levels, etc. So really it's the ONLY time for an attack. But the whole... "patrols didn't spot ARMIES"... Kinda strains credibility.

Um people always whine about naruto being op.. But where in the heck did sasUKE learn Susanoo? How did he get it down? It's not like he's had enough time to practice it... NOR get it to be more then a fog... He's never even SEEN it. Nor heard of it! Has no idea how to even START IT... I'd say he gets jutsus that he doesn't practice, had nobody to learn them from and SOMEHOW is able to master them INSTANTLY...That's kinda OP ISN'T IT?! That's precisely what everybody HATES ABOUT HIM IN CANON! And here it's EVEN MORE UNBELIEVABLE!
Guest chapter 26 . 4/20
Their not really screwed u know, just ABANDON the invasion... Who's gonna tell? Most(if not all) of their people AREN'T GOING TO LIVE THROUGH THIS... So no sense in just throwing away their lives for a cause THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN, people THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT, or listening to an OBVIOUS mad-man that doesn't CARE ABOUT THEM EITHER... Time to DESERT the insanity, to hell with the consequences. (as I stated, there won't BE many or ANY survivors, and NOBODY is gonna know who was where... SO.. "Adiós Imbéciles".

EVERYBODY has more then ONE voice in their heads... It's the reason "cognitive dissonance" exists, it's exceptionally great for authors... Readers, Creators.. Etc.. It's great to let those inner "selves" out for a walk on a page! Not a cliche.

Well not having naruto do handsigns is okay, but DOES HE REALLY NEED THEM? They are kinda a human convention.. Think about it, kyuubi shockwave, chakra arms, tailed-beast ball, fox fire breath, fox twister, fox laser ARE ALL TECHNIQUES that kyuubi has and doesn't use hand signs for! It doesn't NEED THEM! What you have naruto doing now, is like looking at a GLOBAL SIZED HURRICANE and being impressed by how "cloudy" it is! It's like "your kinda missing the 'bigger picture' here". ALL hand-signs are supposed to do is focus and direct a power source, HUMANS AREN'T supposed to be able to use... That's why they are needed, humans just aren't BUILT for jutsu... Naurto now?.. Kinda IS!
Guest chapter 25 . 4/19
Well at least this SORTTA followed canon... It's always some angst-filled speech of moral importance... AND a beat down usually... Nothing serious and whomever is involved is perfectly fine by next episode... So it was essentially just an excuse for two characters to talk...
Guest chapter 23 . 4/19
"most of what I know is for tracking or heavy combat".. Hinata is fighting garaa... You DON'T GET A LOT "heavier combat" in their universe! So unless kakashi wants this to be a "battle of the bijuu" in which case KONOHA BECOMES COLLATERAL DAMAGE... I'd think THIS kakashi isn't any better then canon's screw-up with an eye-patch! As for jiraiya? I'd say he's STILL not worth a pint of cold pee.. AND HE'S STILL NOT FUNNY.. He's just a guy that was entrusted with FAR MORE then he was apparently capable of doing! Think about it.. He's a "spymaster" that never knew about the invasion, or that orochi had created a village, OR that orochi had killed the leader of one of the five major villages(the ONLY ONE allied with his village) despite "hunting" for him for 12 YEARS! (apparently orochi isn't all THAT concerned, if he did all this while "evading" jiraiya.) "godfather".. Lets his godson, be abused until he become half-demon/half-human and BUILT AN F*ing cage around him... Then STILL doesn't stay in the village when everything PREDICTABLY goes "to hell-in-a-handbasket". Now his village is in danger of being snuffed out AGAIN (oh and apparently his only family too, but that OBVIOUSLY doesn't matter to him) and what's he doing? STILL JERKING HIS DAMN CHICKEN! I would find it hilarious.. If one of the authors on here, actually CASTRATED him. (overactive/idiot dog? NEUTER HIM... He settles down REAL FAST). He has loads of "titles" and he fails miserably at EVERY SINGLE ONE!

He's expecting ONE dumb idiot of a failed experiement of orochimaru's to DO ANYTHING AT ALL, against 2 BIJUU (since garaa can RELEASE his, and kyuubi already KINDA is released) that are going to war against each other with a bunch of FLEAS(humans) around? More then a BIT delusional isn't he? Seals? OH YES because they work EVER SO WELL when a bijuu is RAMPAGING in a village (because that's more or less what it is, except for two of them and against each other!) It's just a really, REALLY stupid idea to let it happen AT ALL!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/19
"At least one ninja that could neutralize garaa".?.. Is kankuro forgetting sakura, AND NARUTO? The second of which, is BY DEFINITION strong enough to make string cheese out of garaa! Kankuro should know suna was WOEFULLY under-informed about what was waiting on them in konoha. Now we have a user which can CONTROL shikaku should it come out and TURN IT AGAINST suna.. Yeah they are so far BENEATH "boned" that it will take a newborn, every moment of the REST OF THEIR LIFE to dig up, to almost reaching "TOTALLY SCREWED"! Which is STILL WAY beneath "screwed/boned".
Guest chapter 19 . 4/19
Why didn't hanabi just use the cage bird seal? SHE has no problems with using it! Seems kinda funny, to let him do his speech about he's "fated to win" and then drop him to the ground like a rusted anchor from across the area with a single hand sign... "Looks like you need GLASSES cousin... Call the match before his brain turns even more into scrambled eggs."
Guest chapter 16 . 4/18
That joke is as old as "a man walked into a bar and said 'OWW'!" but still not much to this one... So no other comments.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/18
So what? Naruto beat orochi... Orochi isn't EXACTLY a world-beater... Kyuubi IS! White WORM is a good comparison between what the power levels between the two should be. Naruto/kyuubi is the BADDEST BIJUU on the PLANET.. TOP BANANA... MEANEST MFer in the world... So I don't get why the shock... He SHOULD be able to eat, digest, and crap out Hanzo the salamander without a breaking a sweat (and ALL THREE sannin in their prime, working together, COULDN'T BEAT HIM, and were SPARED).. I say this with SOME BACKING... Pein(all alone) killed hanzo, 8-tails kyuubi was making MINCE-MEAT out of Pein AND obitdo COMBINED! (and he still had power levels to spare). Just because you have him ACTING like a puppy 90% of the time doesn't mean ANYBODY should forget, he's pretty much an stoppable engine of utter destruction!

You can KINDA see this by the end of shippuden too.. Orochimaru decides he WANTS NO PART OF NARUTO'S life in any way, shape or form.. He disappears, in order to LIVE! (he KNOWS he's COMPLETELY OUTCLASSED, OUTGUNNED and he really doesn't wanna die!)
Guest chapter 15 . 4/18
Didn't you ALREADY establish in chapters 2-4 that SEALS DON'T WORK anymore on naruto!? That's the old naruto they worked on.. This new one should be IMPOSSIBLE. Besides you ALREADY SAID IT WAS! It doesn't make ANY sense at ALL for them to work on him NOW! Also naruto not being able to HIT the snake? Um no... He should be like 200-900% faster then the snake...
Guest chapter 14 . 4/18
Well the second definition of cheating, just SCREWED kankuro. and team suna should be out! Since essentially his puppet just does exactly what hinata told naruto to do. Plus ibiki and the other instructors let on that kankuro didn't fool anybody.. SOOOOOO... Yup suna and GARAA are out by YOUR OWN RULES. THIRD rule screws tenten and lee.

That 10th question is just IDIOTIC.. NOBODY should care what that moron says.. There are people there that aren't EVEN FROM THEIR VILLAGE so it doesn't MATTER if ibiki doesn't allow them to ever take it again, they can just take the exam when it MOVES TO ANOTHER VILLAGE the next year! Or their kage just promotes them to SPITE the leaf... Or the hokage just tells ibiki to "blow it out his ass"... It's stupid that ANYBODY AT ALL falls for this! ALL ibiki HAS for leverage.. Is this ONE exam.
Actually, I'd say ibiki liking it to unknown enemies? Very overblown self-evaluation, it's more like Gato BLUFFING that he was powerful, when he OBVIOUSLY wasn't!
Guest chapter 13 . 4/18
"what was believed to be the most powerful individual in the village"? UM NO.. Kyuubi/Naruto IS the most powerful individual in the village and THE PLANET! That's not hyperbole, that's supposed to be just a FACT! (I say "supposed" because I have little doubt you'll SOMEHOW make orochimaru at least able to temporarily beat him, even though kyuubi should CURB STOMP orochimaru without REALLY MUCH OF A PROBLEM *see kyuubi 8-tails vs. Pein... Kyuubi MOPPED THE FLOOR with him! and he's WAAAAAY more powerful then orochi*)

There is that "problem with death" I reviewed last chapter, that SHOULD have already been taken care of in the kids!

"the little trap" on the second floor apparently DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... I mean it was 155 that entered and 157 that are there.. So... WHAT WAS THE POINT OF the genjutsu?*that AGAIN hinata should have seen through KINDA EASILY, and KINDA saw through the ceiling and knew they weren't on the third floor* and who did it apparently stop? (the gathering of people) clones?

"keep your boy toy on a leash miss hyuuga", "he is on one now, or YOU and everyone else in this room would ALREADY be dead, at least the sound nins aren't just BLOOD-STAINS on the walls...I thought you would know that already Ibiki-san".
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