Reviews for Naruto of the Nine Tails
Guest chapter 28 . 7h
I kinda always wanted to see an arc, where sasuke left, but NOBODY GAVE A SHIT! Nobody cares! Except MAYBE kakashi, but he'd be the ONLY ONE... Everyone else just writes him off as a "KILL ON SIGHT" and forgets him. When he left in canon I DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT, I was pissed at naruto for wanting to bring him back! He's GARBAGE, let him go! WORTHLESS TRASH from a family of WORTHLESS TRASH! THEN the question becomes, "what does sasuke do when he realizes NOBODY GIVES A CRAP that he left, he has NO FRIENDS, NO ALLIES, and no NOTHING in the village" HARD TRUTH to the little EMO! LITERALLY nobody cares if he breathes or DIES! NOBODY! (big pill to swallow when he's been told all his life how great he is.. that means THEY LIED).
Guest chapter 28 . 8h
send naruto and hinato off to the land of birds... OR sea, or start the whole "land of snow" arc... any of those work (even with naruto's diminished capacity, it's not like he needs TO TALK on any of them)... He just needs to be able to FIGHT! Actually, MOST OF BOTH SERIES, he doesn't REALLY need to be able to do more then grunt and nod... He DOES talk alot, but most people ignore him... You can actually follow the series with all of it on mute... (I know, I have done so)... Most of their actions still seem inane and completely CHILDISH, UTTERLY immature and petty (from full grown adults and old men) It's really no surprise adolescents like the series... It reduces grown men down to their level!

In my version, negji would be DEAD, very quickly, sasgay would be dead also, again VERY quickly.. the hokage wouldn't "step down" he'd be straight out FIRED from his job... DANZO and his "advisors" would be DEAD... kabuto would either be dead or RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE from the leaf... mizuki? DEAD... Kakashi would have his sharringan removed and DESTROYED in front of him for "gross incompetence"and jiriyra would be turned into a euchi (had his dick RIPPED OFF) for NOT DOING HIS JOB! Kiba would either be DEAD or NEUTERED (see previous example) for not keeping his hands to himself, he'd also have his TONGUE REMOVED. THEN I'd move on to the story (see? You far to tame)
Guest chapter 28 . 8h
Well I DID offer a handful of suggestions... BUT I suppose a few more wouldn't hurt... Why have the break for shippuden? It's kinda OBVIOUS three years with the pervert aren't REALLY gonna change ANYTHING in fact three years without hinata would probably DEVOLVE him, and sending hinata to WHAT? TOUR THE WORLD? Her eyes mark her instantly as a hyuuga... She'd be HUNTED.. So that seems REALLY DUMB TOO... Instead of the timeskip, just SKIP IT... SKIP the time skip... .It never happened.. (or in this case.. it never WILL happen) it's a stupid story gimmick anyway... Start the shippuden line EXACTLY from the get-go in canon, no time-skip, no extra time given, it's just ON...I never really understood WHY they did the time jump, I mean naruto DIDN'T get any more powerful (which with three years, you'd kinda think he would) instead it all seemed to about that ass-hat sasgay... I never cared if he went screaming in a ditch to die... He wasn't important! In fact I think the third should have had him PUT TO DEATH the moment orochi marked him! (I WOULD HAVE)

ROFL can u imagine the story then? Orochi marks him, so the hokage PUTS HIM TO DEATH, itachi would have FLIPPED OUT! Not to mention obitedo's plans would have been shot to hell... All over something NARUTO didn't do! It would have all been orochimaru's fault! (and they are the ones that let him leave and still alive! It would have been MAJOR SNAKE HUNTING time!)they'd have STRUNG HIM UP BY HIS ENTRAILS! (and I'd laugh more) .. ahh, more story ideas, the akutski HUNTING THE SNAKE, (won't be satisfied until HE'S DEAD). You just need to get more violent (for a Naruto of the nine-tails, this is awful "g"-rated, considering the nine-tails is SUPPOSED to be an engine of DESTRUCTION, I've seen more "destruction" at a five-year old's birthday party)
Guest chapter 28 . 10h
haha, then sarutobi wouldn't know to delegate.. You said COMPETENT administrators, the third is ANYTHING BUT competent! He's the most WORTHLESS FAILURE in all of ANIME! I wouldn't trust him to lead a kindergarten FIELD TRIP let alone a village! He'd probably come back, with three dead and 2 missing! He's a complete IDIOT! He's a worse villian the sasuke and obitdeo could HOPE TO BE.. simply because he's COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT! He's not "evil" like them, he just SUCKS AT HIS JOB! Look at how SHITTY konoha is, he's been in charge for like a CENTURY, it shouldn't be ANYTHING like it is, he should have "FIXED IT" long before most of them were even BORN! He knew the first hokage, which was like a 1,000 years ago! It's RETARDED he hasn't done a better job! I don't CARE he if he came out of retirement, he should have PULLED HIS HEAD OUTTA HIS ASS! Danzo is his SAME AGE but apparently a spymaster, got sharringans implanted in him, wants the throne...etc..etc.. For someone that keeps BITCHING about "being too old for this" danzo seems to be quite fine with acting like a spoiled 5 year old. (never mind he'll never HOLD the seat for very long... He's IN HIS 80's.. how long does he REALLY think he'll live?) Hell at his age, he should be worried about a sudden STROKE or HEART-ATTACK more then getting to be hokage! That would be FUNNY, he gets his "dream"... he BECOMES HOKAGE and as he puts on the hat... He has a FATAL STROKE.. because of his age. I'd LAUGH!(I might have to add that)
Guest chapter 28 . 13h
It's kinda easy, you use the "characters" or the "skins" if you will, for your story, they give your audience something to anchor their thoughts too, something that when you write it, everyone is on the same "page" basically.. something for them to visualize. Then? GO NUTS... write whatever you want... Don't go by canon, for heaven's sake don't do that.. We ALL KNOW how canon goes... THAT'S BORING... Do something ELSE.. give naruto the blacklight, turn him into a vampire, hell turn him into a zombie... Make him an ACTUAL FOX (although u seem to be okay on this one)... turn him into a demon (I've seen a lot of stories work with that one, and it makes the villagers KINDA right)... give him MIJONIR or EXCALIBER or a ZANPAKTO, the ONE RING... Just ALTER the story, nobody wants to read naruto AGAIN.. But most of all, DON'T FOLLOW CANON, and don't peter out at the exams... that's when things start getting INTERESTING, everything before is PROLOGUE.
Guest chapter 27 . 13h
In my story, the "konoha crush" becomes "sound's FOLLY" naruto crushes the invasion before it can even begin, he makes sound and sand look like COMPLETE IDIOTS to the rest of the world.. For even ATTEMPTING it. orochi is HUMILIATED at even trying and is thought of as a COMPLETE waste of space. The rest of the world no longer considers him a threat, they think he's a JOKE. A LITTLE BOY wanting what he can't have and never will, It's something he'll NEVER recover from and slinks off into obscurity. I think that's a FITTING end to his ANNOYANCE... (that's all he is... just an annoyance, he's never REALLY a threat, well other then on video games and here on ff, but even on video games you STILL kick his ass into NOT a threat). My advice? Get a better villain... Not an uchiha though, those people are BORN BROKEN... absolute MORONS... Nageto was a good one, maybe give him more shelf life (maybe he knows naruto's heritage, so he figures it's GOD vs. GOD)... or make the zero tails MORE POWERFUL... since it has no tails, it's tapping in to the power of ALL the tails directly... OR it is the destructive potential that makes up ALL NINS, it taps into that power base... OR in star village there is ONE person that doesn't like naruto or konoha... he "suddenly appeared" with the meteor... It's radiation doesn't do jack to him... He can do all the meteor's things with NO COST... Because he's from it's world! OR how about a nin that's gathering all the seven swords? He wants the raigin from konoha, he has a plethora of STUPIDLY overpowered swords, but he wants THAT ONE... see? ALL kinds of ideas.
Guest chapter 27 . 14h
Okay, two exceptions... the nara and the aburame... they CAN THINK.. they are just COWARDS.
Guest chapter 27 . 14h
Is it a game to you? Well, yes and no.. I agree with that, for them it KINDA would be, this IS what the trained for all their lives, other then an invasion, when the hell else are they gonna CUT LOOSE? and other than orochi, nobody is STUPID enough to try an invasion... Everyone else on the PLANET knows it will fail... Also the whole thing with the third? WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST COLLAPSE THE FLOOR? Does NOBODY ELSE notice they are standing on a ROOF? Kinda easy to "disrupt" the barrier, considering the people creating it wouldn't be standing on anything. (it's scary no other authors noticed this and that canon writer didn't take this into account).. It's not really even out of the konoha nin's mindset.. "BREAK MORE STUFF"... see? Kinda easy. You can KINDA TELL orochi was born and raised in konoha.. he has the ego AND the idiocy. Really nobody needs "born with a silver spoon in their mouths" there because they would probably CHOKE TO DEATH on it. (I know why naruto's hated, it isn't because of the kyuubi, it's because he "EVENTUALLY" starts thinking! Anyone that THINKS is anathema to that village.. They are ALL DUMB AS DISHWATER)
Guest chapter 27 . 14h
AWW, I wanted to see hinata kill people... having naruto do it, is kinda like feeding stuff into a blender, you EXPECT it to get turned to liquid... Saying "naruto killed them" is like saying "humans need air"... It's not really surprising nor unexpected.. Naruto ALWAYS kills people.. even in canon.. Hinata killing three or four people? NOW THAT'S UNEXPECTED. (it SHOULD be expected, considering she's ALSO a trained killer with a bloodline and deadly style... It just often ISN'T) Still wish you'd have let her kill em. (I'll have to do that in my story, make her a raving ball of DESTRUCTION, nobody would expect it) Keep her canon in every other way, but once a fight starts, she's death incarnate. hmmm
Guest chapter 27 . 15h
Rip off of "sherlock holmes" but I loved it! More authors should DO THIS, I mean come on, all the characters are SUPPOSED to be battle-hardened warriors that have more or less TRAINED ALL THEIR LIVES to kill people! Even cute little hinata, THIS IS EVERYTHING she has studied since DAY ONE! NONE of them, should be "damsels in distress" or "idot heroes that win by luck"... ALL of them should be more or less calculating MONSTERS by our way of life (and remember these are the "GOOD GUYS".) it's ALL THEY LEARN! (they say high to friends with a PUNCH TO THE FACE!), their whole friendship system is fighting, they don't play fressbie or tag or throw football, they beat each other unconscious. AND THAT'S PLAYING!

Naruto in canon wants to bring "PEACE" to that kinda world? HOW? How would that be POSSIBLE without extensive mind control? ALL they are taught is violence, all their chakra is good for is VIOLENCE... All THEY are good for, is violence! Your not gonna have "peace" when your entire population is only good at beating each other to a bloody pulp. You need to give them SOMETHING ELSE to do (maybe advancing the tech beyond the middle ages) use chakra more PRODUCTIVELY, basically re-writing their entire WORLD. and that's not gonna be done by FIDO! He's a kick-ass combatant, (well he would be if he used MORE POWER) but peace time? He's just a BIG DOG with an angry growl and a hell of a bite! (not impressive)
Guest chapter 26 . 15h
I don't really understand why so many authors peter out at the exams.. YOU'VE GOT A TON OF CRAP TO WORK WITH, land of sea, star village, land of birds, land of snow, camelion castle (the "haunted" castle that's actually a summon), the ramin chef battle, the race (which has the rajin in it as a plus), the curry store arc (which has the kiba blades as a plus, and a big fight with a doujitsu user) It seems retarded to punk out at the exams that's JUST WHEN THE STORY STARTS PICKING UP! Up until then it's kinda been rather DRAB...

Yes naruto for the most part is an idiot (I mean it's kinda telling when you can make him have the mind of a house pet and it still doesn't take anything away from the story) But EVENTUALLY he's GONNA HAVE TO GET HIS MARBLES BACK, In shippuden he's nearly a FORCE OF NATURE and you don't want that kinda power in the paws of FIDO the wonder dog! Also while I don't have a problem reading bestiality, I think hinata would rather do the horizontal tango with a HUMAN(ish) naruto. (I don't think even in canon he's COMPLETELY human, I think he's at LEAST part kitsune, his mother WAS jinchuriki the ENTIRE time he was forming after all) I don't think there was ever another jinchuriki quite like that (mainly because MOST of them know enough NOT TO GET KNOCKED-UP)
Guest chapter 26 . 16h
Hinata needs to just let naruto CUT LOOSE, nine beats one everyday of the week, just let him go ALL OUT and garaa would be a sand stain on the floor! One IMARI and garaa quits sucking air! (as in DEAD) But you PROBABLY won't do that, you and every other ff writer seem to LIKE garaa (never saw the appeal...BIT character that really doesn't matter... ) I think killing him off in the arc would be hilarious, simply because it shows sand village that they STILL ain't really got crap... AND it throws the akutski's plans ALL DOWN THE TOILET. It's hilarious that ALL these "plans", and "hopes and dreams" can all BE CRUSHED so easily. If the akutski really wanted the plans to succeed, they PROBABLY should make sure all the vessels were out of orochi's FUMBLING. MORONIC reach. Nothing screws up a plan like a ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENT with an ego!
Guest chapter 26 . 9/18
Oh yes, such spectacular teaching... What did he teach naruto in canon other the the "blue ball of death"... ANYTHING ELSE?... What did he teach minato? Considering minato came up with the blue ball on his own AND the hairishin... So... I fail to see how he's a good teacher. Especially considering he needed to LEARN the blue ball from his own student! Isn't that a bit BACKWARDS to you? Minato and him NEVER made "sage mode" and naruto only did once he was DEAD! That cannot be good for credits as a teacher!
Guest chapter 26 . 9/18
Naruto is BASICALLY a W.M.D... he's more or less a NUKE personified... why can't the characters get that through their heads? He IS an engine of mass destruction... HE CAN TEAR APART ANYTHING, (that's basically why he was made a jinchuriki)... there is no WEAPON or JUTSU on EARTH that can stop him... (that was kinda the point in sealing the nine tails)... You created the UNSTOPPABLE, UNKILLIBLE, WEAPON... Now what do you do if it turns on you?
Guest chapter 20 . 9/18
You ought to just let the two have each other, I mean really who is it going to surprise? Anyone that reads the manga knows they are married and have three kids! They didn't get those by "holding hands"... ROFL... One even has whisker marks so I think kurama was involved. At least by way of a bloodline. What I find ODD is none of them have the byakugan even though it should be a DOMINATE trait. (you could go with the fact that kishi said in a very PUBLIC q&a that he FORGOT it.. but that's lazy writing, amazing how he and konoha SHARE MENTAL TRAITS).

I'm sorry but konoha, and the third were just REALLY BADLY WRITTEN... THEY are ALL morons that would survive ONE war, let alone 3! Danzo is somehow the spyKING when he doesn't even leave the village EVER? Root can't be identified by the MASKS THAT SAY "ROOT", printed right ON THEM? NOBODY NOTICES naruto looks EXACTLY like minato? (and they are trained ninja apparently, supposedly paranoid to the extreme).. Orochi walks in and out of konoha at ANY TIME? (it's been decades PLURAL, u'd think they'd upgrade security a touch) NOBODY NOTICED THE GIANT SHARRINGAN EYEBALLS ON THE FOX? They were bigger then most BUILDINGS! and how is Itachi a "double agent" if he never sends ANY intel back to the people he's supposed to work for? (that's a big one to me, everyone wants to make itachi a hero, but HE ISN'T.. he's just another BAT-SHIT insane uchiha)
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